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«Hart of Dixie» season 3: premiere date

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When does «Hart of Dixie» season 3 start (premiere)? TV series renewed or cancelled? Where can watch new episodes?

TV-channel: The CW
Pilot episode: September 26, 2011
Creator: Leila Gerstein

Season 1 episode 1: 1,88 million U.S. viewers

Season 2 episode 1: 1,53 million U.S. viewers

Most probably that the fans of comedy-drama television series «Hart of Dixie» won’t see the next Season of the show, since there are some doubts concerning its renewal. Of course, the situation isn’t critical, but the project really needs to be supported. Soon The CW authorities will consider funding of Season 3.

Positive results are possible only if the number of American fans will rise to 1.4 million people or more. The official decision will be published immediately after it is announced.

«Hart of Dixie» season 3: premiere – October 7, 2013

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UPDATE (26.04.13):«Hart of Dixie» Renewed for season 3! (The CW)

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  1. Horror

    it is the only one I watch. Please don’t cancel it!

  2. Amanda M.

    Of course!!! CW must renew this show. It’s my only entertainment!

  3. Shayla Smith

    OMG they can’t cancel this show! Im so addicted I watched season 1 in 2 days on Netflix and caught up with season 2 on mega share in 2 days! This can’t be it! TVD & HD are my favorite shows!!

  4. solom

    Glad for the third season ! great news!

  5. Judy N.

    I love the show but … too long to wait, how about summer? 🙂

  6. amb

    It better! It’s my favourite show on TV at the moment! cant wait season 3

  7. Alb

    I don´t usually watch dramas but this one is an exception! There has to be a third season!! O:

  8. destiny d.

    we all love Hart of Dixie and looking forward to season 3 its the best show eveh

  9. Amanda

    This show is awsome please do not cancelle it,i look forward to it every tuesdayits my quiet time without the kids.

  10. Taylor

    I am so glad glad they are renewing it for a third season I cannot wait!!! I purchase every episode on Amazon because I work on Tuesdays so it is very hard for me to watch it at the original air time so I buy it. It is the only show I watch religiously and I don’t know what I would do if it ended!! I love it so much and I really hope I get to watch it on real tv next September even though I will still end up buying the season lol.

  11. Misty

    Love this show!!! We have never missed an episode! So glad it’s been renewed!

  12. Liz

    I love this show, I watch it every Tuesday, never miss an episode. I can’t wait for season 3, hopefully there will be a 4th season too!!! 🙂

  13. DIANA

    I’m hooked !! This show is awesome – I can relate to Zoe I’m a city girl from NY.. Living in a country side lol.. It’s too long to wait I want to kno what’s next :-))) can’t cancel this at ALL!!!!

  14. jenni

    U already took off one good show Emily Owens M.D and u might possible take off Hart of Dixie, which is bull crap. U put these other retarded shows on and they should never have been produced. U say you want whats best for the public eye, but its a load of garbage. Start leaving shows on and quit ruining the peoples hopes of watching a show they actual like. Give the show a chance, my god u have the money to do it and it pisses a lot of people off when u do that. I love both of these shows and they should continue to make us happy. Remember that is what matters the most.

  15. Patricia

    It is not a way to finish a show,glad to know there is a 3 season

  16. Steph

    This is one of my favorite shows I really hope is isn’t cancelled.

  17. do not cancel

    Do not cancel, this show is one of my moms and of course my favorite show!!! Cant wait for season 3 we are counting down the days!

  18. cienna

    NOOOOOOOOO. you can not and will NOT cancel it, i forbid you!!! This programme is my favorite ever ever ever. I wan’t it to continue up to season 10 or something ridiculous, i need it 🙁 Only show i watch religiously don’t know what i’d do if i came home from exams every tuesday and it wasn’t here

  19. Beth

    Love Hart of Dixie would love to see Wade and Zoe back together in season3!

  20. quinn

    they cant cancel it on a cliffhanger I need zade to get back together he told her he loved her she must take him back

  21. Bethany

    This is the best drama I have ever seen, especially since I’m not a big fan of drama shows. The other ones I have seen are nothing compared to this show! I just want it to keep going and going! Once I started watching it I couldn’t stop until I had seen both seasons and wanted more!

  22. Lynex

    Literally the only show that i even bother to watch on the cw… Cant wait for season 3. 🙂

  23. Brittney

    When does season three start?!?!? This is the best show!

  24. Randi

    I want to know the same answer, when does season 3 start?

  25. kaylah

    I love this show! Hope it is never cancelled! Can’t wait to see what season 3 has in store

  26. Jeri

    The show must go on!!! I need, want, love this show!! Season 3, that’s what I need to see!!

  27. AJZ

    It’s a great show…!!!!!!! When the 3 season start…?

  28. chrissy

    i love this show so much! “zade”<3 cant wait till september!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Christina

    Omg they have to renew this show it is so good as loyal viewers they owe it to us to finish this show out at least give us a finale farewell so we know what will happen to the zade and zorge relations will there be a zonah come on at least dont leave us hanging you owe it to us we made that show thrive as loyal viewers..

  30. jennifer

    this is the only show I watch on tv.i am the hugest fan.and have been from season 1.i just have to know what else is gonna happen.

  31. Debbie

    So glad for the renewal. Love this show and the interesting characters. Fun and funny with some serious moments. What a great combination. Especially love Zade—what natural chemistry–WOW!!! They are the reason I watch, can’t wait for them on screen. Love the antics that happen to all in the town, but I miss Tansy and George. She was good for him. Waiting ’til Sept. is too long……..

    • naomi

      I totally agree with you…ZADE
      Cant belive wade told zoe he loved her…she have to say it back
      i’m just hoping that she loves him to….don’t want her with lemons brother,he isn’t so serious as wade

  32. mm

    So way, don’t drop this show. One of the only couple I watch.
    Bring it back pleeeeeeeease.

    • Heidi

      I love to watch hart of dixie it is a great show. I could watch it all the time. It is something to look forward to on a Tuesday night. Can’t wait to see season 3.

  33. naomi

    I really enjoy hart of dixie,it’s so real and not to mutch drama and i loved it.It have to be a 3 season….can’t wait 🙂 OMG
    But please it have to come out earlier……i know that it maybe isn’t possible but you guys have to do it…and you also can !!! You say it’s coming out in september but why not in the end of july ?? 🙂 It’s to late but,i dont agree with september i agree with july !!!
    /Big fan of the show and to the characters
    i also agree with Debbie

    • adrian

      cant belive that all you guys preasure them…..if they say that its coming out in septemper than respect that….
      it’s something to lokk forward to
      go ZADE
      love u guys….rachel bilson and everyone

  34. Christina

    No!! I became a fan of Hart of Dixie by just going through the channels. One night I could not sleep and I came across this show and instantly I fell in love!! I hope to continue watching it. Love it!!

  35. Shanea

    I luv this show! I can’t wait for season 3

  36. Shanea

    I think lemon and Wade might hook up

  37. shirley

    love it its absolutely impatient for season 3

  38. heather

    Please Start A Season 3, You Can’t Leave Us Hanging..

  39. Mary

    Love this show, Please do not cancel this show!!!

  40. dax

    I have cable for the first time since I have moved out on my own and that is 20 years ago.

    I loved The Finder (canceled), Big Bang Theory, Two Broke Girls, Hart of Dixie and Once Upon A Time and Murdoch Mysteries.

    Truly good television is a rare thing, just because something is widely watched it doesn’t make it truly good programming. Heraldo and Jerry Springer used to be popular, entertaining it was but mind numbing for the viewer.

  41. Lisa

    This is the only show my husband will actually watch with me! Please don’t cancel it! We love this show!!! We have not missed one episode!!!!!

  42. Amber

    Found this show by accident one night. I have since watched the 1st 2 seasons via Netflix & am eagerly anticipating season 3 on the CW! Love this show!

  43. Jen

    I would be SO upset if this show gets cancelled before it’s time to end it! I seriously love Hart of Dixie. Like, a lot.

  44. gloria

    can’t wait for season 3 please don’t cancel

  45. Robin

    Cant wait for season 3!!!!!
    To cancel this show would be just wrong!!!

  46. Jaclyn

    I randomly came across this show on netflix one night while trying to find something new and interesting to see. I was browsing through, it caught my eye and I read about it then after the first episode, I was hooked and was even more so as the shows continued. This show is the best drama I have ever seen produced and cannot be cancelled. I tell everyone about this show and I have a bunch of family and friends hooked as well. This show must continue for several more seasons and my suggestion to boost your guys’ ratings is ADVERTISEMENT! I rarely see much advertising and like I said, I randomly came across this show when season one was done on netflix. Please do whats best for the public and continue the show as long as possible, I am addicted lol.

  47. tammy

    please do not cancel hart of dixie…. You get a good show and cancel it. Love the show

  48. Swedish girl

    It’s have to be another season!!! I really love Hart of Dixie.

  49. Eva

    I follow the series from Spain. I love it. Please do not cancel it. We need to know what happens between them!!!

  50. DarleneT

    Ooh No please don’t I love this show, I watch it faithfully every week . I live in south Florida and my sister lives in north Florida( Pensacola) and we call each other to talk about the show and I see things in the show that remind of living up there in that part of Florida, Alabama area.

  51. ishi

    I really love Hart of Dixie.. This is my happiness.. Hehe!!! More seasons please

    • Rita

      I am really glad this show is coming back. I feel that each of the characters pull you into their dramas with humor, wittly lines and roller coaster emotions. Truly enjoy the writing and plots in this show. Good job! Thank you CW.

  52. Wanda

    OMG, please continue Hart of Dixie session three! Love the show & the characters.

  53. Debbie Dirago


  54. Emma

    I really do hope they do have a third and so on many seasons because I just finished the complete season and I REALLY would like to see WADE AND ZOE BACK TOGETHER!!! because they are made for each other( and I hope they use the same characters) and it would be a shame if they canceled the show right after wade told zoe he loved her and just stop it there and I don’t think Jonah and zoe belong together because wade is much hotter and sweeter but I really do hope they make another season!
    I would be SO PISSED if they used different characters and wade and zoe never got back together
    because wade declared his love for zoe and she loves him to but does not admit it

  55. Linda

    I’m in the uk and I love hart of Dixie please dont cancel the programme it is hitting viewers all over and becoming a addictive must watch programme

  56. Nels

    One of the best shows going……StarTrek was not popular to begin with either..look what happened!

  57. Rae Woodward

    Whenever my day has been hectic, I say to my husband, “let’s take a trip to Bluebell”. This show is the Mayberry RFD for this generation!

  58. Lynn

    This show is AMAZING! Watched season 1 and 2 on Netflix and currently watching season 3 on CW. Please don’t cancel. This is one of the best shows I have ever seen. Great cast, great storyline, GREAT SHOW. Love it!!!!

  59. Auro

    Nooo!!! they can’t cancel this program, it is my only entertainment before going to work while taking a break of my homework. I can’t see the shows at CW, but I see them at Netflix which is better because I can get to see each episode at whatever time I can. I LOVE THIS SHOW AND I AM STILL LOOKING FOWARD ON WATCHING THE NEW SEASON AT NETFLIX!!!

  60. Ashley

    This show cannot be cancelled I’ve paid good money for the first 2 Seasons. I NEED to know who Zoe gets with!!!!

  61. missy

    Please don’t cancel I love this show!

  62. April Bryant

    please please please please please don’t cancel this show.

  63. jan

    i love this show! it must be renewed for more than 1 0r 2 seasons.

  64. Chris Trahar

    oh my gosh I live in Australia and need to know wen we will get series 3 on DVD.
    got series 1 for Christmas and watched it in a 24 hour period then went straight out a got series 2 now need series 3 because I am sooooo hooked

  65. Jessica Tyson

    I totally live and breath for Heart Of Dixie Don’t cancel the show… If you do send me an email where I can purchase the Series. I just can’t get enough, I wish I lived in Bluebell just to live in a town where everyone is hilariously honest and getting close to wade at the “Rammer Jammer” wouldn’t be bad either.

  66. Lorna

    No way they always cancel the best shows, love hart of dixie

  67. Phyllis Huff

    I love this show. I don’t have cable so I have to wait for it to come out on DVD. Why would you want to cancel this great show? Please don’t cancel. I’ve been waiting for months to see seasson 3. Big misstake if youdo cancel.

  68. Denise

    I love this show! I have watched in from the beginning, I felt the previews were great and caught my attention!. I would like to see Zoey with Wade they definitely belong together. George can be rather pathetic at times. Lemon should hook up with some hottie, perhaps a new character. The Part that I don’t know is why it can’t be written in stone that this is a good series and that viewers really enjoy the fact that their is no violence, sci-fi, vampires, and such. It just makes me feel like watching it! Don’t get me wrong it can be a get goofy at times but overall I think it should be a hit and programmed accordingly so that every season we don’t have to wonder whether it is coming back. If you need help let me know!

  69. Jane

    When does season 3 start in the UK – does anyone know.

  70. Robbin

    All of my friends watch this show for the fun natured, sweet old school type of content. I love the characters and silliness. This show should always renew and Wade and Zoe definitely need to reunite! Haha

  71. Natalie

    brilliant show whens it back

  72. Adam

    I’m going to cry please come back I love this show I feel like I’m apart of this show just watching it. It’s the essence of small towns like where i live now. Moved from Miami to new Iberia la. I’m a big city person with small town values and l love this show.

  73. Scottishviewer

    Can anyone in the UK tell me when Season 3 is going to start in the UK. Asked Sky away back in March and they told me after Easter, it is now nearly July.

  74. Renee

    Please come back!!!!!

  75. debbie

    My boyfriend and I both love this show. When will it return to scottish viewers. You can’t cancel it. There is a big following. We want it on.

  76. Rhonda

    Best show on CW…the only show I watch on CW!! Please renew!

  77. Brandy

    My whole little family loves watching Hart of Dixie!!!! Can’t wait for more!!! So hoping it stays on the air we look forward to watching it together!!!

  78. Delores

    I really like this show please please show it

  79. Roberta McMahan

    Please don’t cancel. My daughter and I watch together.

  80. Louise Murray

    Can you please tell me when hart of Dixie is coming to the uk as my mum and I ave been waiting for it to come back

  81. Miche G

    Please can someone confirm when the new series is coming to the UK as it’s one of the best drama’s I’ve seen for years. Thankyou

  82. karen farrell

    Please continue the series. it is my favorite. thank you


    I was wondering if anyone knows if season 3 and 4 are going to be aired in the UK, there is so many of my friends who watch this and its not been renewed but we have the reruns of season 1 showing.

    Thank You
    Kim 🙂

  84. delanew walker

    Please please don’t leave it at season 2.. there is so much I need to know you can’t leave the fans like this … please I need this

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