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Hemlock Grove season 4

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Hemlock Grove season 4

When will Hemlock Grove season 4 premiere in 2016? Will there be the fourt season on Netflix? No premiere start date. Series Ended.

In April 2013 Netflix presented its new show Hemlock Grove. Brian McGreevy developed the TV-project, and such well-known experts as Eli Roth, Charles H. Eglee, Eric Newman and Lee Shipman are in the list of executive producers. Gaumont International Television together with ShineBox SMC was working on the production, and Netflix is broadcasting the show.

The action takes place in the small American town Hemlock Grove, which residents find the bitten corpse of a young girl. They realize that a brutal killer works in a town. During the investigation it has been concluded that the murdered couldn’t be a human, but rather a werewolf! Every resident has his own secrets and practically any could turn out to be a murderer…

The first season was criticised by critics, who remain unsatisfied with the show style, plot development and acting. Despite this, the rights holders renewed it for the second season consisting of 10 episodes and presented it in summer the last year. On September Netflix announced about the ordering of Season 3 of the show, comprising 10 episodes. The release date of the new season is scheduled for summer 2015. There was also bad news, as the rights holders confirmed that the fourth season wouldn’t be produced and we shouldn’t wait for the premiere in 2016, as the story would be over logically at the end of the third season.

Hemlock Grove season 4 no premiere date – [series ended]

The creators promised the culmination would be really exciting and it would give the answers to all the fans’ questions. They reluctantly put up with the thought that Season 4 wouldn’t be produced and even asked Netflix to renew the show, but the rights holders’ decision remained the same. Do we need one more season? What do you think?

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  1. Ana Mikelson

    Please, don’t stop! My soul is broken.

  2. Marlen N.

    Is there any way Hemlock Grove could survive possibly on another network? This is my favorite show!

  3. Lulu

    Really hating season 3 will be the end of series. We need more!!!!

    • ClauS

      It’s only based on one novel. A second book is on the way…

  4. Emma Lurie

    If netflix don’t want to make anymore seasons i hope somebody else picks it up. I’d be happy with 6-7 seasons.

  5. Victor

    Very sad to see its ending… I hope they change their minds and keep it going!

  6. werner

    don’t stop at season 3! The show is great.

  7. ShaunnaLiu

    really disappointed. This show is great and should continue.

  8. Eric

    There you have it NETFLIX, your PUBLIC wants more!

    It is in my semi-expert opinion that there is still a lot of life left in “The Hemlock Grove Franchise.” I can easily see 10 plus seasons in your future!

    This being a NETFLIX ORIGINAL, it would be in your best interest to dig in and enjoy the ride, for it is not very often that a #1 show is created, and you guys have a #1 show here!

    • Tammy Sanchez

      I couldn’t agree more with so many of the comments here. This deeply intense show deserves more seasons. I am so sad to see it end.

      Please reconsider and bring the show back for more!

  9. J.

    The “Twin peaks” of this era. keep it going.

  10. C

    If Netflix cancels this series, I will have no hope for their future shows. My favorite series they have.

  11. Monica

    Please have more seasons! Don’t stop at 3! Love this show!

  12. Kim

    Really hoping there is a season 4!!!

  13. Mary Ann

    Most of the characters we love are dead. Shelly & Nadia have a good ending. I think we just need to say goodbye.

  14. Guy

    There should be a season 4….Peter can’t spend the rest of his life like that….there’s still so much they could come up with!!

  15. greedster68

    Please don not let yet another great show be lost!!This is way better then many out there..awesome blend of great actors and acting,horror,suspense and amazinG plot with such twists..keeps you soo engaged and intrigued!love it..please step up and start up!

  16. Emily Holmstock

    yes we need season 4 you cant end the season with questions not answered.

  17. Mary Garcia

    I was hoping someone would say yes to season 4 loved the show.

  18. Autumn

    I’m really mad I just came across this. we just started watching this show and love it. We have watched all 3 seasons and thought there would be more! 🙁 please make more!

  19. vigi

    if keeping streams of ideas going is the basic problem , I would love to collaborate with other screenplay writers as well as the author to move it along. This would be a big loss for this genre on creative horror/drama stories. all the characters so well blendes with room for som much growth…reaching many spectrums of an audience

  20. greedster68

    With soo much cr*p shows on tv..regular channels and other..its demented to think to cancel Hemlock Grove!!!WPIX has lameA vamp romance cr*p…and excuse me but Sleepy Hallow now s*x..we neeD a real,sink your teeth into show..great acting,fab plot,keep you on the edge of your seat..and ohh yess..thinK..its all there in one show..and the creatures are tooo die for!dont give in or up on this show..its a true winner!Just like the movies “jeepers Creepers” and “wrong turn” were noT on anyone radar..they are now up there as top movies..this show is outstanding and I have told many about it who noW,after watching it,are hooked…

  21. arn

    yes we need a season 4,5,6 & 7 we also need more seasons on DEXTER!!!

    • Patti

      Totally LOVE this show n would hate to see it end!! So hoping to have a season 4…. Really would love to see where this awesome series would go next!!

  22. Dawn S.

    I would really love to see a season 4 of Hemlock Grove! I loved this series and was really bumbed when they chose to end it! Please bring on season 4 of Hemlock Grove!

  23. alessandra spivey

    WE NEED MORE THEN 4 SEASONS!!! I hope they come out with season 4 soon!!!! because I have been waiting forever!

  24. peggy

    definatly need more of this best werewolf vampire show in a while. i have loved the concept in this serires and they really made it feel different to others and not just another copy style. more with more twists and turns just MORE of this awesome show

  25. Christina

    Please let there be a season 4, I want to see more of Hemlock Grove, don’t leave me hanging!!

    • Christopher

      I know right!?

  26. Marti

    Bummer!!!! I need more!


    Agh cuzz!!! Everybody in da hood loves this show!give us season 4 so we’re distracted from kilary Clinton, Trump,Obama and Isis. Lmao

  28. Christopher

    We need more . Make that shit now

  29. Jason

    how dare u stop this show y u cheap bastards!!!!

  30. Anhie

    I’ve given up primetime tv to watch Hemlock Grove. I need another season please. I’m a Netflix junkie due to Hemlock Grove and need more ❤

  31. Paul B

    The questions were not answered,if you need 90 or 120 miniatures to wrap it up then do it. Leaving it and the fans hanging is not cool. I will think twice before starting to watch another Netflix . Original.

  32. Scooby Key

    WTF…everytime a good show starts…yall drop it and leave everyone hanging…you need to finish it up instead of screwing us around… it was a great series…bring it back

  33. Lamar Bolden

    I am in love with this show don’t take it away

  34. Tito Ortega

    I was surprise to see so many good actors in one serial,this young vampire was superb so his mother,I thing due to that dull finale that they may cancel.is it’s imposible to try to fix it, nobody can.Exellent show.

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