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Hindsight season 2: premiere date

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Hindsight has been renewed for a second season by VH1. We are waiting for the new episodes premiere in 2016! What about the exact start date?

TV-channel: VH1
Created by: Emily Fox
Genre: Romantic comedy

Season 1 Episode 1: 0.37 million U.S. viewers

Season 1 Episode 10: 0.25 million U.S. viewers

Debut season of «Hindsight» show got many positive reviews not only from viewers, but also from the famous experts. Emily Fox, the series creator, noted that she has had great plans concerning the further development of the storyline, that’s why the story isn’t planned to be over yet.

After the broadcast of tenth episode, the rights holders said that the project was officially renewed for season 2 (UPDATE 1), the premiere date of which has been scheduled for early 2016.

More exact terms of the launching aren’t set yet, but as soon as they appear we will publish them in this article. Let’s wait.

UPDATE 1 (August 28, 2015): The network has reversed its March decision to pick up a second season of the show. Hindsight cancelled by VH1 after one season.

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  1. Mabel W.

    I find this how really original. So glad it’s renewed!

  2. Dora

    So glad Hindsight is coming back! Really hope the second season can match the brilliance of season 1.

  3. MuSTbe

    Great show with a great cast. Love it!

  4. Chester

    Good move VH1. Finally some amazing programming. Can’t wait for the next season.

  5. Archie Todd

    My favorite show! Glad it’s renewed. I was worried a bit over this one.

  6. Jan23

    Good! It’s a show about character and ethics… And I am glad it will be back to explore it more.

  7. Kelley

    This show is perfect and different, funny with lots of drama. Thanks VH1

  8. T.L.

    Yay, this made my day. Its just a really great show. Thank VH1 for renewing it.

  9. janet


  10. Meghan

    One of the best shows I’ve ever watched! This show got me watching VH1 again, which I don’t think I’ve been interested in since HS. Throughout every episode I sit with pen and paper so I can frantically download all the songs from the 90’s I hear during commercials. The only complaint I have is having to wait so long for Season 2!

  11. SteLLa

    Nooooo!!!! I can’t believe they would cancel this after already renewing it. I have no desire to watch anything else on VH1.

  12. LKuiis

    I need this show!!! They shouldn’t be able to cancel something when they’d already announced that it was renewed. VH1 S*CKS! Come on Netflix ! Step up!

  13. Aida

    Why would they cancel it? Never ever watching VH1 again.

    • Jess D.

      low rating (

  14. Melissa Luis

    I really need to know what happens next…

  15. Chris


  16. Sue Galewood

    What a mistake to cancel this show.

  17. Corinna

    No season 2!!! This really stinks VH1!!!!!! So bummed…. 🙁

  18. Paige Wells

    Very Disappointed that Hindsight is cancelled. It’s a Great Series, I thought would be around for many years. Not Months…… Please reconsider the decision to cancel. Please have a Season 2

  19. Anna

    Are you kidding me??! Please have a season 2!!! I even have my husband addicted!

  20. Deanna

    This is such a great disappointment. I agree with the many comments above, this show was so original, so raw, and very entertaining! Please VH1 reconsider your decision, if not, can someone else PLEASE pick it up! Netflix, Hulu?? Better yet make a dvd series! I would buy it in a heart beat!!BringHindsightBack!

  21. Becky

    I’m SO upset. Whomever took over the leadership role at VH1 and made this boneheaded decision needs to rethink it. It’s wrong to leave us hanging. Please reconsider your decision and bring Hindsight back for another season.

  22. Ann

    So disappointed! I HATE when shows get cancelled with such a cliffhanger at the end! Arg!!!

  23. A

    Noooooooooooooo! No reason to watch VH1 without this show. BIG MISTAKE canceling.

  24. MimiB09

    The show has a lot of forethought Really like it and look forward to the next season

  25. Rebecca

    Totally disappointed! I saw that this was renewed back in March and now it has been cancelled! I really looked forward to watching this each week. I have rewatched the first season 3 times already getting ready for season 2! I think it speaks to all those people out there who wonder “what if”, including myself! I can’t believe one of my favorite new shows was cancelled! I hope that VH1 or another network takes another look at this show and sees it’s true potential! I NEED MORE HINDSIGHT IN MY LIFE!!!!

  26. Cy

    This is why I usually wait until a show has had two seasons before even watching it. But this one looked so good I couldn’t wait. I should have known. It was such a good show. Booooo

  27. Gabrielle

    I NEVER watched VH1 until this show and now it’s cancelled. Boneheaded move VH1.

  28. Ace legoman

    Bummer! Such a fun show!! Too bad you don’t have anything entertaining on your VH1

  29. Ape

    This was an awesome show!!! I never watched VH1 before til this show and I have been anticipating season 2 since season 2 ended. It’s really shitty that now you decided to cancel this show after saying you were going to renew it. Please reconsider renewing it!!!!

  30. LEE


  31. Lisa B

    I can’t believe that the show Hindsight has been Cancelled!?! I have been looking forward to this since the final episode of Season 1. It is the only reason I have watched VH1. For me this was very fun to watch. Please reconsider renewing it. It is such a cliffhanger we really would like to see where it can go from here.

  32. Debbie

    I was just checking to see when my favorite show Hindsight would be back, cancelled!!!! What the heck is that about?? Please reconsider that decision.

  33. Susan

    I have been waiting and waiting for the second season. Please reconsider renewing it. Original and entertaining. Netflix?

  34. Amanda

    Like many others I have been looking forward to Season 2. I can’t believe they keep shows like Love and Hip Hop and Mob Wives that are so stupid and dumb down our society and so little of us can relate to, then get rid of something like Hindsight that has a great cast and Great music. I really hope it is picked up by another network. Worst decision ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will not be watching VH1 anymore not that I did very often anyways. Such stupid shows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Tiffany

    I really loved Hindsight and it quickly become my favorite show. I was so happy to hear that VH-1 had renewed it. Finally, a show with great music, intelligent content, some witty humor and talented actors. The writing for this show was amazing…Something most shows are lacking these days. This show had quite a following and an audience that could relate different parts of the story. Now, the decision has been made to not renew it…Why? (rhetorical question) It seems VH-1 wants to cater to the trashy crowd who thrive on ghetto shows and ghetto behavior. Keep it up. See how well that worked for MTV? If these are the kind of viewers you are trying to attract then I guess I can stop watching your channel. Last year, I said on more than one occasion “right show, wrong channel.” If something of this caliber had appeared on a better channel, it being renewed would not have been an issue. This was the only decent thing VH-1 had going for it.

  36. M

    Really pissed off that you would cancel this show! VH-1 really screwed themselves for not renewing! I will never watch VH-1 again! I hope that Hindsight gets picked up by another station. It was the only thing good on VH-1!

  37. Paula

    I love this show and I’m a 60 year old woman. PLEASE KEEP THIS SHOW RUNNING!! It is so well written and the cast is great!!

  38. Rachel

    This was my favorite show while it was on…I’ve been waiting and waiting for season 2 only to find out now that it’s been canceled. As many, many people have said it’s a stupid decision. VHI used to be great like in the 90’s, sad that the caliber of programming has gone down so much just like MTV. i would love if another broadcaster picked up this show!!!!!!!!!

  39. Leanne

    KEEP IT GOING for us pleaseeeeee…I love this show!

  40. Cindy

    I agree with all the above comments. I keep checking to see if Hindsight has been renewed by another network. This show jumped to the top of my favorite list. I have never been so upset by a cancellation before. Please someone pick up this show, at least give us a proper finale and let us find out what’s in store for all the characters now.

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