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«Suburgatory» season 3: premiere date

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When does «Suburgatory» season 3 premiere? Renewed or Cancelled? What is known about air date of new episodes?

TV-channel: ABC
Pilot episode: September 28, 2011
Creator: Emily Kapnek

Season 1 Episode 1: 9,81 million U.S. viewers

Season 2 Episode 22: 5,45 million U.S. viewers

After the final episode of Season 2 (April 17) of the TV viewers of television series «Suburgatory», many questions concerning the further development of the storyline have been risen. The discussion concerning possible renewal started the same day, since the given story isn’t supposed to be over. According to statistics, the television series will be renewed for Season 3. Its first episode will premiere in 2014, but the official announcement of ABC management is to be made only in May.

«Suburgatory» season 3: premiere – [January 15, 2014]

Will the sitcom be on the list of the most popular projects? – Numerous fans of the television series, whose amount comprises about 5 million people only in the USA, are concerned about the given question. We will publish the decision of ABC right after it is made. Follow the news!

And do you like Emily Kapnek’s works?

UPDATE 1 (10.05.13): ABC has renewed «Suburgatory» for season 3!

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  1. M. Flannery

    Hoping this show gets renewed for a Season 3… Season 2 ended on a huge ‘downer’ of an episode (still depressed). I really need to see things in Chatswin swing back to the funny side of life!

  2. Bremarie

    I love this show!! I want to see what the writers wanted to do with it and see how the story progresses. The characters are crazy and lovable, but the story took such a negative turn at the end of season 2. I hope ABC renews this!

  3. Big P.

    please cancel this s*cks!!! should have ended after 1-st season!

  4. Mirjam

    Season 3 is so great news!!!! I was worried I never would see how these characters I love find out of the mess which was created in the last episode… Poor George, felt so sorry for him!

  5. Tilde Jonassen

    I love this show! So exited for season 3!!

  6. Lily S.

    So excited for the third season!!!!!! there are only two abc tv shows that i watch and THIS is one of them so I hope they would make season 3 rockin’ . just so sad that lee and tudyk won’t go back as regulars. But heck, looking forward for season 3!!!!!


  7. Maria Howard

    When does suburgatory come back on I thought the season 3 started September of 2013. I love this show so funny please give feedback.

  8. Colleen and Ed Mahoney

    We really looked forward to watching Subugatory! Sometimes
    it takes awhile for people to see a show! Just look at Mash!
    Please try it for one more season, the characters are priceless!

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