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Homeland season 5: premiere date (2015)

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Showtime renewed Homeland show for a 12-episode season 5 to premiere in 2015. We are waiting for the exact air date! When does fifth season start?

TV-channel: Showtime
Genre: Political thriller
Starring: Claire Danes, Damian Lewis, Morena Baccarin

Season 4 Episode 1: 1.61 million U.S. viewers

Season 4 Episode 9: 1.77 million U.S. viewers

The information on the extension of «Homeland» television series for season 5 has been confirmed. According to the official announcement, 12 new episodes will be financed, the premiere date of the first of which is scheduled for October 4, 2015 (UPDATE 1).

Showtime president David Nevins noted that the TV-project proved to be worthy and attracted a decent auditory in the current season. This fact couldn’t go unnoticed, that’s why the decision about the extension of the show was taken quickly enough.

The discussion on the show plot on the Internet and both critics’ and viewers’ constant attention only prove the TV-project popularity, David Nevis believes, so why not give the viewers a reason for reflection?!

Are you also waiting for season 5?

UPDATE 1 (July 23, 2015): Showtime has set a Sunday, October 4, 2015 premiere date for the new season of Homeland.

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  1. Polina

    Good news! Nice move, Showtime! The show is much better this season than last year. They ran the Brody stuff into the ground… Fresh start this year and its a big improvement. Can’t wait season 5 in 2015!

  2. MerSers

    In my opinion, this season of Homeland really bounce back after a disappointing third season (RIP Brody) but I’m happy to see the series returning for Season 5.

    • Tracy

      I agree with you on Brody. After Brody died such a horrible death, it was riveting, the series went flat for me. The last episode about the baby was terrible!!….I may have to rethink watching the series.

  3. Basta4(R.J>)

    Loving this show at the moment! Why only 12 episodes in 2015 ? Need more!

  4. Barbara S.

    Why waste the last episode on the mother. How could they leave us hanging with Quinn leaving. Twelve episodes is not enough !!

  5. Sonia Balderas

    Agreed why waste the last episode on the mother? We need more! Love this show and can’t wait for the new season! Please give is more than 12 episodes. Just can’t get enough.

  6. Cecilia

    I cannot believe we have to wait until Sep 2015! Fantastic series.

  7. Maryam

    Can’t wait for season 5, but is there any miraculous chance that Nick Brody could be alive & make it back to Homeland? Isn’t there some 0.0000000001% chance that one could survive hanging? :/

    • Pquinn

      No seriously, show is better off without him. plot is pure and so interesting now .

    • Maria

      I am personally hoping Brody will come back in the future….does not have to be in Season 5 but way farther in Homeland’s life. A twist that he had always been for the Americans to begin with will be believable (although might be somewhat predictable). showtime….am I ruining the plot? this was just my guess.

    • Eleonora

      Estoy de acuerdo sería muy bueno que Brady regresara de alguna manera
      Y espero que la premier sea lo más pronto

  8. Marguerite

    By far the best TV series ever- so current with the Middle East crisis and the back room politics of US/foreign governments! Keep it coming!!!!

    • jmkmini

      Ya!..except now David Nevis is talking about changing it out of the Middle East because they don’t want to upset the muslims! Geesh!

      • Disappointed

        Now why would would we start worrying about the middle environment at this point in time ?

  9. Joan

    Love this show and can’t wait for Season 5. Thrilled that it will be back on the air. Glad Brody is gone!

  10. shirleygirley

    I must be the only person in the USA who has never seen it………

    • Maria

      Try few episodes of Season 1 and let us know what you think!

    • Pkc

      I almost wish I’d never started watching it…’s so addictive

  11. Bibi

    I can’t wait until September to see it come back. Come on, we need more episodes
    Any chance Brody will come back?

  12. pamela

    i hope homeland doesnt go obama PC on us.

  13. Laura

    can’t wait for season 5 !!!!

  14. Maria

    Homeland is the only reason why we subscribe to Showtime…..Highly recommendable to adult audience, especially if you are or were a member of the military forces.

  15. Kathy

    I started watching Homeland on DVD’s and got totally hooked – great show! I was actually relieved when Brody was removed from the story line – there really wasn’t any logical way they could continue to pursue that storyline. But I do hope the writers refrain from showing Carrie in bed with almost everyone – enough is enough. I agree that the last season was again exciting and well written, better than the previous season. September is very far away – will be hard to wait that long for such a good show.

  16. Janice

    Watched the first 3 seasons on DVD. Subscribed to Showtime just to watch season 4 because we just could not wait for it on DVD. My husband and I watched 4 back to back episodes the first evening we got Showtime activated. The next evening we stayed up til 4:30 am to finish the other 8 episodes! We just couldn’t help ourselves from clicking on the next episode. So glad it was the weekend and not during the work week! Great series. Looking forward to September. keep it real

  17. Nassau

    Good show love it still waiting on some of season four on dvd

    • Al

      rent Showtime for a month and watch it all, much cheaper than DVD

  18. Judith Chazin

    I love the way Quinn character has evolved into the moral conscience of the story. I hope you writers don’t kill him off before he brings Carrie into adjusting her moral compass too. What is happening to Saul? Will the “evil” Nadal prevail — the mission uber the people??? Looking forward to 5

  19. Joyce Taylor

    Can’t wait for next season. I hope this continues just as our involvement in the Middle East and terrorism has continued. I hope this show never ends.

  20. Kathy

    My only reason for subscribing to Showtime is also for Homeland. Love every breath taking part of this show. Pllllllllleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssseeeeeeeeee Showtime keep it coming! Lots and Lots of episodes. Would love to see season split like AMC does Walking Dead.

  21. Tony

    This show is the product of genius and brilliance on the writing level, directing level, acting level, music level and lighting. I have rarely seen acting so powerful as portrayed by Brody, for example the detail and nuance in his eyes and face when he was in the secure bunker with the vest in S1. Additionally, Clare Danes has proven to be part of Hollywood elite, a true actor, one who transforms into the character and not just pretends to be a character. Saul’s character is also perfect, a study in the powerful effect of subtlety and reservedness in acting. These three actors top off the carry forth the genius foundation laid by the writers. It’s truly amazing how every now and then the right kinds of talent come together to form a project. The ingredients of every form of Renaissance. I bow to everyone involved in Homeland (all seasons). And, thank you, for providing such therapeutic entertainment. My mind travels far, and for this I find comfort from my own life.

  22. DLB

    Watched the show after friends raved. Seriously hooked, completed 4 seasons in 2 wks. Love tough guy, level headed, handsome Quinn. I hope he stays around for awhile. I guess writers could hit the home grown terrorist in a season… sadly enough there is enough to write about.

  23. Mike

    Series for me took a dump after Brody and his stunning wife went to the cr*pper!

  24. Phyllis

    I love Homeland since it started but I hope Carrie stays out of bed with people she is trying to recruit. That kid was too immature and it was uncomfortable to watch. Now Quinn maybe…

  25. Sharon

    Homeland was my favorite TV show ever….until Brody died. The romance between Carrie and Brody was so hot and tense. I will never feel the same excitement about the show, but of course I will watch it. I keep hoping Brody will somehow come back to life, that he faked his death. It has taken me a long time to believe he really died. I wish he hadn’t.

  26. Jerri

    I think Brody was the show. Without him, it is nothing. I was shocked with the hanging. I thought maybe it was faked too. Like they wanted people to think he was dead by putting a harness on him. That way they wouldn’t be after him anymore. I was waiting for this to be revealed, but no. When he came back in her drug induced state, I thought he was really back and was so happy to see him. But then you took him away from us AGAIN. So disappointing~

  27. Arthur A. Fiore

    Hi all,
    Just some random thoughts:
    1) Evidently, some viewers failed to understand the fact that Carrie’s discovery of the real reason why her mother left the family is what led to her realizing that she can be involved romantically with Quinn, after all. You really shouldn’t be watching stuff that’s this far over your head. Don’t worry — there’ll be plenty more shootings and explosions to keep you interested and excited.

    2) When this series began, it was about Brody. But all along, it was really about Carrie, and it continues to be. The Brody part of the story is simply over. He is gone and he is not coming back. Accept that, please.

    3) Despite Quinn’s feelings on the matter, Carrie wasn’t screwing a “child” last year. Aayan was a medical school student and therefore an adult.

    4) Saul’s buddy Dar making deals with the enemy and Saul going along with it for personal gain opens up countless possibilities for all sorts of interesting plotlines. The show remains top-notch!

  28. Alfredo

    Love the plot.
    In general it is written with very good attention to details. Was kind of surprised by the way the deal between Dar Adal and Haissam Aqqani was presented: took only hours, and was “cooked” not involving the Boss of the CIA, nor the US Ambassador, nor the local CIA Agency. Not very credible at all !!

  29. Reaper-1

    Hi just wanted to say love homeland carry is so amazing best show ever love to escape life for a while have every episode thank you pirate bay hope the breathtaking Mrs brody

  30. Tara

    Big fan! Love this drama! Very picky on what shows I watch since little tv time… This one is a top favorite! Love Claire’s character!!! Keep up the great writting Showtime!

  31. Diane

    By far one of the best series I’ve ever seen. The writing, acting, etc is superb!!!!Claire Danes
    Damian Lewis, Rupert Friend,Saul (can’t think of his real name)are terrific.

    I hope Carrie & Quinn will find their way back to each other…..
    Love the adventure & intrigue that Homeland brings.

    Keep up the great writing!!Carrie’s character pulls u right in…..

  32. Ayodele

    Pls, bring Brody back.

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