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Houdini and Doyle season 2 ?

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Houdini and Doyle season 2

Do you like the Houdini and Doyle series? Will there be Season 2 of the show on ITV and Fox? Let’s wait for the premiere in 2017!

Original network: Fox (U.S.), ITV (U.K)
Created by: David Hoselton, David Titcher
Genre: Crime drama

The new British-Canadian-American television series called Houdini and Doyle started on ITV channel (U.K.) in March 2016, and two months later was the premiere for the USA (Fox) and Canadian (Global) viewers.

In the center of the crime drama events there are two the greatest men of the time. The illusionist Harry Houdini and the world-famous writer Arthur Conan Doyle decided together to solve crimes, which involved the supernatural.

In Britain, the first series was being watched by more than 2.6 million people, and it is an excellent indicator for the series of this genre (those numbers fell to 1.77 mil with last month’s season finale – *UPDATE 1). Now it remains to wait for statistical data from the USA and Canada , and then we will know about the chance of Season 2 of the show Houdini and Doyle.

Houdini and Doyle season 2 premiere date – [status: cancelled]

We are waiting for news! Don’t miss the update.

UPDATE 1 (August 2, 2016): Bad news… FOX has cancelled the series after one low-rated season.

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  1. Manuel

    Season 2? please stop it. So very boring. The acting very bad, as was the scenery.

    • ronald

      agree… fine acting, great sets and generally poor scripts…


      Loved the show…I beg you not to replace it with yet another lame and tortuously BORING “reality” show!!!!

    • Amir Roman

      there is no satisfaction is history and what you did not know is quite a bit of the show is based on actual facts. Wake up and smell the coffee

  2. Robyn Watkins

    Like it. The sets and costumes are great. Please make series 2

  3. Luis B.

    This show reminds me of the Sherlock Holmes movies. Well done! I hope it is renewed.

  4. Christopher Jones

    Please renew this show; I like the interesting depictions of the era, the historical references, the costumes and set designs, and more. Let’s see what they can do with more year.

  5. Kevin T

    Renew show.A new favorite.

  6. sue

    Love to Danny and Doyle, please make a season 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Anna Kwan

    The show is great to watch. Please make
    a season 2 please.

  8. Shawn

    I love this show!! No season 2?

  9. Cindy

    ReNew! One of the few shows my entire family will watch together!

  10. cindy

    I was very much looking forward to season 2, what a shame it was cancelled.

  11. Jack

    Loved the show ….. RENEW it for 2 more years …..

  12. LuLu

    This was one of the few shows that I made a point not to miss! Why do they renew cr*ppy “Bachelor” shows and cancel something so interesting and well made as this show? I’m so very disappointed!

  13. Sarah Saltzman

    I really liked the show and hope there is a season 2

  14. pitou9

    I agree with LuLu….//They leave a bunch of cr*ppy shows on the Air, but good family shows
    that everyone can watch, they remove after one season, maybe we should quit watching TV
    all together. They did the same with Star Trek and it turned into the best of the Best…

  15. helen

    nobody thought alf would be good and they were wrong about that one. I hope they renew the show Houdini and doyle I love that show someone start a petition please.

  16. chris gill

    enjoyed the show. Sad it will not return. Hope some other network will pick it up

  17. jane marie

    This was the only show on Fox that I watched and loved. If they had given it more publicity, itn would have helped. I hope another channel will pick it up.

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