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«House of Cards» season 3: air date

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When does «House of Cards» season 3 come out? TV show renewed or cancelled? Premiere air date is known! Show must go on!

TV-channel: Netflix
Pilot episode: February 1, 2013
Creators: Beau Willimon
Starring: Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright…

Before the second season of «House of Cards» television series started, the creators had announced about its renewal for another «portion of episodes».

The experts believe such a bold decision is connected not only with its high ratings, but also with received Writers Guild Awards and attention of U.S. President, who is a fan of the given Beau Willimon’s television drama.

«House of Cards» season 3 premiere – [February 27, 2015]

The release date of the first out of ten ordered episodes is scheduled for February 2015, which is confirmed by Netflix channel representatives.

Will the series be able to keep its fans in the second season or the upcoming episodes may be disappointing?

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  1. Albert

    great show! great a start season. I hope that the second season will be interesting!!!

  2. castmember

    I’m so looking forward to this (s2 and s3)

  3. gkmb

    My boyfriend and I are hooked on this show!

  4. Rickyboy

    Season 1 & 2 will be hard to bet. Both my wife and I are hooked, Netflex please don’t let us down.

  5. Yvonne

    Love the show….Discovered it on Netflix and watched all of Season 1 and 2….Only objection is the long wait for Season 3……7 months is a long time to wait!!!!

    • bec

      so agree – the wait is excrutiating

  6. TotallyHooked

    Season 4,5,6,7….. Keep ’em coming !!! My hubby and I LOVE this show !! With usually nothing to watch on TV — House of Cards is entangling and intriguing. Please make more episodes !

  7. Stacy

    Bravo amazing awesome…… Keep them coming please brilliant

  8. Ruth

    I wish Season 3 would be starting much sooner but the more time that’s allowed to produce the show, the better the show will be in my book. At least, that will be my mantra until the season premiere in February. lol I’m glad that we’re getting a start date now, though, because this way we can plan so that we’ll have Seasons 1 and 2 freshly under our belts before the new season starts. 🙂

  9. barbara

    Just got finished watching all 26 episodes!!! Started Sat afternoon and finished the last episode Sunday afternoon. Wonderful series, can’t wait for season three.

  10. Pat


  11. Brian

    I can’t believe they are only doing 10 episodes in season 3! That is ONLY 2 1/2 months! THEN we will have to wait 9 more months for season 4. Oh, the torture……

  12. ck

    beast series!!! DEF. CAN’T WAIT!!!

  13. Debbie

    This is one show that my husband and I not only agree on but also cannot get enough of! We are certainly glued to the TV when it is on! Looking forward to season 3 with great anticipation! Very well done and intelligent show!

  14. Margaret

    Only a fool would believe that Washington D.C. is filled with well-meaning politians that only want the best for the public. If our needs happen to coincide with those that the powers-that-be are working toward…lucky us. This is a great show, and although it is disheartening to see how “big business” is really running this country and we must admit this is true, it makes for great T.V.!

  15. Lourdes Ballara

    This is one of those series where you don’t want the villain to get cut. Keep them coming! we can’t wait!

  16. jackiella

    Just finished a marathon watch of seasons 1 & 2. Feb 2015 huh! i’m 75 years old, don’t wait too long! Wonderful series. Kevin Spacey is one hellava bad guy.

  17. Meg Bolton

    I’m with President Obama! I can’t get over the fact that Kevin Spacey’s character is such a rat and yet, I’m rooting for this guy!
    Now that I finally saw that he has achieved his goal that two knuckle rap at the end bowled me over!

  18. Kathy

    You have never made this city SO exciting! Can’t wait. Thank you!

  19. Imhotep

    One of the best and most compelling series ever made for television. ti is a like reading a novel and being able to go back & forward whenever you want and pick it up when & wherfe you choose to.Brilliant! That musical theme is truly classic.Production values awesom.Extraordinary in every way,Spacey & Wright have the “Macbeth-Lay Macbeth thing down.Takes you into THE political process in a unique,entertaining and educational way to see the “behind the curtain view” ” Suggestion:When season 3 airs.Start writing & producing the next season during the run of show so we dont have to wait so long.LOL.(What do you mean they need time off?:)

  20. michael

    I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!

  21. David

    I love the rare times of characters being decent people. Such a surprise, so it makes it harder to guess what will happen.
    Notable that Spacey is considered a friend of Bill Clinton.

  22. Harwood

    I’m betting season 3 will be a letdown from the first two.

  23. p dack

    If you can’t wait try watching the original UK version. Even better!!!

  24. Oriam

    Have watched the first and second season twice. Can’t wait for the 3rd to come out. I’m confident Francis will not disappoint us in all future seasons, he is an amazing actor-thank you Mr. President!

  25. DAN

    Just got hooked on this show on Netflix and simply could not put it down…. Season one was excellent, season two has been a little slower but now I can hardly wait for season three to start. I can only think that things like this actually are going on right in front of the USA public.

  26. ed white

    Absolutely fantastic. Kevin Stacy’s facial expresses before he talks to the camera tells it all.
    Robin and Kevin are just simply great. Well written, produced and directed. All time favorite.

  27. David Fercho

    I can’t seem to get enough of this show! I just finished a Season 1 & 2 marathon only to discover I have to wait 3 weeks for Season 3! The suspense is riveting and can’t wait. I can only imagine what plans he has in store now that he has become POTUS!

  28. Jason

    This is a compelling show. This is no THE WEST WING which is and always will be the greatest political drama on TV let alone the best show period, but Kevin Spacey is a master at this character and it is a well written saga of deceit and power. It is a bit sexually graphic which I could care less about and the language not too good on the senses, but getting past all that makes for great entertainment.

  29. bec

    This show is amazing. I’m from Australia and hardly understand the ways of your government as it works very differently to ours. Yet i love this show more than any show I’ve seen. It comes in a close first over Homeland which I thought no show could rival.

  30. PhDSaab

    My son, my husband and I really are impressed with this show. We love it!! Kevin Spacey is a perfect fit fort this role. Only Michael Douglas could possibly have done as well, in my opinin. Its difficult to sit back and wait for Season 4. But we will!!!

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