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House of Cards season 6 release date

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House of Cards season 6 release

Will there be House of Cards season 6? Be strong and wait patiently for the release date on Netflix in 2018. Is the series renewed already?

The series House of Cards has had a weak 5th season, but does this mean that there will be no 6th season? When will it be announced the release date of new episodes on Netflix?

Indeed, in 2017, there was no special excitement around the new season of this television project. The number of fans has decreased slightly, and the rating has also fallen slightly.

Of course, right holders did not like such a tendency, as they hinted in their interviews, but hardly anyone is ready to put an end to this story. At the time of writing this article, Netflix has not yet renewed the series House of Cards for the 6th season, so its release date remains questionable. We are following the news and below in the updates we will publish new information.

Remind that the series now has new showrunners, because Beau Willimon has left his post in 2016. Perhaps this fact was the reason of the falling the rating of the show, or is it just a coincidence? What do you think?

House of Cards season 6 release date – [fall 2018] (will be updated)

We are waiting for the answer in the comments.

UPDATE 1 (October 30, 2017): The Netflix drama’s forthcoming sixth season will be the series’ last.

UPDATE 2 (October 31, 2017): Netflix is hitting the pause button on House of Cards‘ final season.

UPDATE 3 (November 3, 2017): House of Cards has dealt Kevin Spacey out. Netflix has announced that the drama will not be moving forward with him.

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