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House of Cards season 4: start date

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Will House of Cards show renewed for a season 4 by Netflix? What is known about the premiere air date of the new episodes in 2016? We are waiting for the start!

TV-channel: Netflix
Genre: political drama
Created by: Beau Willimon
Starring: Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright, Kate Mara, Corey Stoll
Executive producers: David Fincher, Kevin Spacey, Eric Roth, Joshua Donen

American TV series «House of Cards» pleases its fans with the new episodes for the third year already. Netflix is ready to renew this political drama till it is successful and this is quite reasonable as nobody is going to cancel the profitable TV-projects.

It should be noted, that the show has been nominated for the numerous movie awards and it is discussed by many famous critics and experts.

In anticipation of the third season the rights holders are expected to inform about the future of the show and if the start date of season 4 is announced at once, we will publish it at this article.

House of Cards season 4 premiere – [March 4, 2016] (UPDATE 2)

Just wait! Don’t miss!

UPDATE 1 (April 2, 2015): Netflix renewed House of Cards for a fourth season. Production begins this summer.

UPDATE 2 (December 15, 2015): House of Cards‘ fourth season will be released on March 4, 2016.

UPDATE 3 (January 28, 2016): Netflix’s House of Cards has been renewed for Season 5.

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  1. Allan F.

    This show can never end! Please renew House of Cards for season 4 and more. I will be looking forward to it.

  2. Colin Nunez

    I hope they make a season 4

  3. Adam UUU8P

    season 4 will be release on Netflix in February 2016… I hope )

  4. Derek

    We need season four to be released. Great cast! Best show ever do not cancel!

  5. Juventino R. Olivares

    I wanna see Frank Underwood get his comeuppance, slimy sewer rat!!!! If the series is not renewed, then we’ll never know if he pays the consequences! 🙂

    • abigal

      Really? What about Claire? All of a sudden she gets uppity, he was right, she is
      nothin without him. Her turn about made no sense.

      • Saundra

        I think in season 4 he will find a way to commit Claire to a mental institution until he wins the Presidency .

        • Francis

          Saundra is right. Claire one creepy broad and I always thought that. WAYYY too much drama WAYYY too often. If Frank is a jerk then Claire is worse.

      • R Schaefer

        Watch – she’ll run for president herself! All the clues are there even from the president himself! She’s not done!

      • Sima

        I think Claire is having mood swings because she is going through menopause. They show her opening the refrigerator to cool off when she gets hot flashes. Perhaps they will use this as an explanation for her sudden distancing herself from Francis and their leadership of the country. She might come back to the campaign after undergoing treatment and then she can start a new crusade for women’s mental health. I don’t think he has changed at all in terms of their relationship or in terms of who he is but she has definitely been going through mood swings.

        • Gail

          What? She is amazing!!!

          • Tracey


        • Vixvolv

          You might be right!

        • L. Versher

          I agree with her menopause problem. Also the abortion issue was very emotional for her. Knowing that Stamper is back caused her a lot of problems. The character subdues emotions in a way that has to be dangerous. I admit it! I am hooked……

          PS. If he puts Claire away, she will come back with a vengeance!!!

          Hurry Season 4

        • Jerry

          Sima…………..It’s fiction

          • George

            Or is it loosely based on bill and Hillary clinton’s political relationship?!
            we shall never know for sure!

      • Bungle

        I think Claire started feeling like the only chance Frank had to win was her. All she heard was without her, Frank never stood a chance. She gets jealous of the fact that Frank is leaving her in the dust and she has become a trophy wife.

    • thomas

      It is just a programme called acting I like the character

  6. Cheryl

    I think the acting is superb and I am addicted to the show!

  7. Tony

    House of Cards is Intelligent, Gritty, and extremely well written. It is one man’s lust for power that will stop at nothing and is willing to sacrifice everything. It is a sensational glimpse of a man’s dark side consumed by a twisted desire to win. Kevin Spacey is absolutely phenomenal.
    I’m looking forward to season 4.

    • Gail

      I as well, anticipate the Season 4 thrills. I literally watched all 3 seasons in 4 days recently while recovering from broken ribs! Friends had told me about it ages ago, and knew I’d love it as a politician and political junkie myself
      I am excited to see Heather Dunbar succeed!! And DeShawn become a college grad!!!

  8. Thomas

    Never have been into series television until Breaking Bad and H O C. This has to be one of the most superb television watching experiences I’ve ever seen. Absolutely addictive.

  9. Jane Crossley

    Waiting with baited breath for season 4. The end of season 3 was too much of a cliff hanger to leave us dangling. Some of the best drama I’ve seen on television.

  10. LivingOnPurpose

    O M F G…PLZ hurry w/season 4!! One of the Best series that I’ve ever seen…Hands down!!

  11. Kathleen

    As much as I LOVE this show.( Best series I have ever watched and sad to see it end) I think the ending is eloquent as it is. Claire is the foundation for Frank’s ‘house of cards’ He needs her far more than she needs him. The story is about their relationship and I don’t see her coming back to him. With her gone, he is finished. Our imaginations can do better than any writers at this point.

  12. LBJ

    He is on e of the most interesting fans in America. “i don’t always watch TV, but when i do I watch HOC”

  13. Grandma Lilly

    OMGosh! Can’t believe the cliff hanger on end of Season3. Francis is in trouble me thinks! Hope the have a season4 coming! I’m addicted to this show! Love it!

  14. Rich

    I love the show. I can’t help myself from binge watching it. It always keeps you on the edge. Shame there’s such long time between release dates. I say film more than 13 episodes a year.

  15. john

    One question : renewal or no renewal that is the question ? We know the answer will be yes.

  16. Erin

    What a divine show! Heard of the show, so a week ago I had the internet installed at my home, and Netflix. In one week I have watched all three seasons. The end at this time (sad as it might be) I think left her an even stronger character. Yes she walked a unique walk in life with her husband, but in the end she was able to still see her selfworth.That the power had taken over even an unconventional but strangly working married relationship.
    Nice raw drama. I hung on every word to see how it related to other shows.

  17. hss

    I am hopelessly addicted to this show.
    Excellent acting.

  18. Linda

    Does anyone know if there will be a season 4? and if so when? Can’t wait !

  19. Giselle

    Finally a show we do not be ashamed of. Superb acting and well written.

  20. Rosauro

    I am eagerly waiting for season 4 to start.More power to the show.Great performance by Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright.

  21. Kevin and Robin

    Kevin and Robin make a great team they left me breathless the show is just outstanding never seen anything like it both are the best actors and many others, I would love to see Robin be come the first women President show her husband she doesn’t need his help anymore
    or have a baby. I have so many story line to add to the show too bad I’m a nobody in the show business, we need more of Robin and Kevin outburst. Keep the show going I’m sure many people will get Netflix its worth the money thank you House of Card for the excitement entertainment.

    Forgot to mention actor who plays Doug should win best actor in house of cards
    he is so cute, smart, so kind but deadly we need to see more of him in the show.
    too bad he’s married and so I’m I kiss to you Doug keep up the good work

    please don’t think of taking him off the show by killing his character he makes the show exciting as well, get him a girl friend already LOL kiss for you Doug ( Michael Kelly )

  22. Nana

    season 3 ending is giving me a heart attack! how can I want another year to find out what happens next!!!!!!!

  23. g.m.

    Claire is going to run for President and leave the President who can’t perform!!!! Behind!!!! pardon the pun


    OMG PLEASE give us season 4!!!!!’

  25. Frank

    Hope we have a season 4. Both Spacey and Wright are awesome

  26. Mike & John

    We hope that season 4 starts before February 2016

  27. Doana

    When he grabbed her jaw and squeezed and told her off, she realized he wasn’t any better than the abusive husband of that housewife she has visited. I saw it in her eyes. That was her awakening! I hope she leaves and stays gone and he loses the race!! Scumball!

  28. marcia

    Surely, you already have the 4th season started, can’t you put them out 1 episode at a time, so we don’t have to wait for a long time? I binged on season 3 and was so into it that I didn’t realize that I was on my last episode, bout made me cry when I realized I couldn’t fast-forward to the next one. Wonderful acting, but more than that wonderful writing. Wilimon must be praised for how believable it was.

  29. S4

    GOOD NEWS!!!!! Thanks Netflix

  30. Chris

    I just finish watching all the seasons need more. Can’t wait till February!!! Love, house of cards.

  31. Nancy

    I think they have been equally dependent on each other. They have been together a very long time, and have grown more dastardly as the years have passed, I am sure. She keeps him on track and when he is weak, she is the strong one, and vice versa. While she at times shows a conscience, she is extremely ambitious as well, and they have common goals. He would possibly throw her under the bus, though. He is the more ruthless of the two. This story could go a lot of directions at this point!

  32. Shannon

    I’m so totally hooked!! Had heard about it, watched 1st episode, just couldn’t stop. Please hurry with season 4……soon

  33. Wendy

    I was starting to think that Clair was going to run for President herself

  34. Darren

    This show is awesome, can’t wait for season 4, just finished watching the finale. Will he get Claire back and have her run for Vice President???

  35. Eric

    I’ve watched all of House of Cards, mostly because of my obsessive-compulsive tendencies. I find it interesting, but I found West Wing much more captivating. Shameless and Homeland currently rank higher in my cue than HOC.

  36. Fred

    Claire needs to watch out for Doug Stamper. He will find a way to crush her. For me he is the show.

  37. Charlotte

    Have become addicted. Watched all of Seasons one and two in one week. Watched the original British Version with Ian Richardson a few years ago. Also beautifully done. If this series follows the British version I can’t wait for the President to be assassinated by his own security personal who know all his evil doings. Sorry if this is a prophetic spoiler alert.

  38. RickB

    In season 4 the self righteous Clair will re-unite with FU. All will be forgiven. Clair will transform into a close resemblance of Hillary. Much will be done to portray Clair (Hillary) as a strong first female president. Just in time for the 2016 Electrions. The underwoods (Clintons) will continue to lie, cheat, and steal while making the Phony appear normal and even preferred.
    Season 4 will be a media event to prop up the Clinton’s return to 1600 Pa. Ave. This season will become a huge advertising ploy for liberal democrats (industrial media complex) same/same, to promote Hillary’s campaign. The show will be ruined by their blatant and sanctimonious alignment with the extreme leftists while stifling liberty and honesty.
    It’s all too predictable.
    Another way for leftists to foist their socialist agenda on America.

    • Wow

      How does portraying Dems as ruthless killers get them votes exactly? If the Underwoods were Repubs, and Claire came back to run as a Dem challenger… MAYBE your delusions would hold a drop of water, but as is they do not.

      I recommend you step away from media for a bit and spend some time meditating.

  39. Alvin Rodgers

    literally the best show Netflix has to offer.undeniably great!!!kevin spacey and robin wright and the rest of the cast are AMAZING!!

  40. wilberforce

    Why is it called house of cards if Frank is playing chess all the time? Seems like the Queen is gone.

  41. bill

    Was told about HOC by my neighbor a few weeks ago, never watch TV except BBC news,but having just subscribed to netflix,gave it a try.Got addicted to this remarkable well acted and produced show.Devoured All 3 seasons in a week.AND now awaiting Season 4 to be released in Nov 2016. reminds me of DALLAS,What will she be up to NEXT?????

  42. Iliana C

    Wonderful show. Can’t wait to see if Claire runs for President. Wouldn’t that be fun?

  43. Jettenette

    I tend to be the last person to watch the shows “everyone” is talking about. For example, I didn’t watch Breaking Bad until the marathon before the final episode, and was blown away, of course! I decided to binge-watch HoC over a two day period, and Kevin Spacey is a most delicious villain to watch! I can’t wait for season 4…this is hands down one of the best show I’ve ever seen!

  44. Savannah

    I too watched all three seasons in four days. Feel like I lost a member of the family when I thought the series was over. So happy season four will be here soon. One of the best series I have seen. Keep it going Netflix. Got to see what happens to Francis and Claire. Love this program.

  45. Judy

    After giving up TWC and getting DISH I was given a year of Netflix and started watching House of Cards. I binge watched all three seasons in three days, and since my Netflix is only free for a year, I will have to subscribe to it because it has sooooooo many great shows that I know I will have to visit, and HOC is the best show I have ever seen!!!

  46. George

    I’m new to Netflix but have seen the past 3 seasons. Will I be able to see season 4using my Roku? Will it be seen with weekly episodes or all at once?

  47. caroline

    LOVE, LOVE House of cards please do more season

  48. Donna Given

    the ending of Season 3 was incredible. Can’t wait for Season 4!

  49. jonel peterson

    WHAT’S all this pick on Claire , She drops her job as a lobbyist to help his career move on. what’s he do? throw her under the bus

  50. Don Juann

    Keep in going, I love that they are closely portraying the Clintons……

  51. Arlene campbell

    I love this show.

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