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«Intelligence» season 2?

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When does season 2 of «Intelligence» come out on CBS? Will the new episodes supposed to be produced? We need more episodes in 2015!

TV-channel: CBS
Pilot episode: January 7, 2014
Creator: Michael Seitzman

Season 1 Episode 1: 16.49 million U.S. viewers

Season 1 Episode 8: 5.41 million U.S. viewers

The debut season of «Intelligence» television series managed to win the attention of about 6,5 million American viewers. A good start was noted not only by the rights holders, but also by the independent experts, who have already predicted a long life to the show.

The creators aren’t ready to announce the premiere air date of the second season yet, as well as haven’t confirmed the new episodes having been financed.

However, they believe the show won’t be closed. The ratings of the television series are very high now, that’s why the extension of «Intelligence» is only a matter of time.

Let’s wait for the CBS official announcement. Let’s support the show in comments!

«Intelligence» season 2 start – [cancelled]

UPDATE 1 (May 10, 2014): CBS on Saturday cancelled five of its freshman series, including cyber-themed action-adventure Intelligence.

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  1. Stella L.

    I hope Intelligence doesn’t get cancelled! Really great cast and nice writing.

  2. Postal

    This show is excellent. Great production. CBS, dont stop!

  3. Yuniper

    Great show! Keep going! My favorite types of shows are Sci-fi, supernatural, fantasy, and crime-solving with a twist. This covers 2 out of 4. Plus it has a great cast!

  4. Kayla

    I love the dynamic btw the characters! Hell I LOVE it all!

  5. Kurt

    I love intelligence. Dont stop. I have full season on my recording.

  6. party0929

    Well if CBS’s track record is anything to go by ie Jericho don’t hold your breath they seam to cancel the decent shows and keep the rubbish

  7. Rodney

    That s*cks.. everytime you get into a show the networks pull the plug

  8. Nelson

    Very good show I hope it doesn’t get cancelled

  9. clarice


  10. mat

    Plz un-cancell season 2. Is the best show ever. Great cast great plots….

  11. Tatoodone

    REALLY?????? Under the stupid dome is coming back, and ALMOST HUMAN and INTELLEGENCE was cancelled- is the air thinner where you live? Wow why don’t you just force another reality show on us? lets cook them up and jam 40 people in a little hut on the beach! Idiots!

  12. May

    Please, Do NOT cancel this show!
    We love this show!!

  13. sherri

    I Can’t believe the network cancelled Intelligence and kept the rubbish always the way it goes!!!!!

  14. Pauline Mangold

    Please don’t cancel. This was a good series. Thank you for producing it.

  15. Kate

    What is wrong with CBS? Intelligence was the first new show that was worthy watching? Very disappointing…

  16. Debra Smith

    Anxiously awaiting the return of Intelligence!!!

  17. Diane

    I am here looking for season 2 permiere date and see it has been cancelled… I can’t believe that CBS would cancel a quality show and keep the junk…. there is so little to watch on TV and this show was a tremendous improvement! Very disappointing… where was the intelligence of this decision – maybe they need new jobs….

  18. Ashley

    intelligence is one of the best shows why would u cancel it!!

  19. Nazir

    if you are starting a very nice TV shows then i dont know why you people discontinue it, its really hurt the fans and they will stop watching the channel please we want this tv show back.

  20. Anna

    Please don’t cancell intelligence. Its sooo good

  21. Dees

    Please please please DONT CANCEL INTELLIGENCE!!!!!!!!!!!
    It’s a very good show!
    I enjoy watching!!!

  22. angel

    its bad enough that they cancelled the show… 🙁 no more gabriel vaughn… i enjoyed watching the series, couldnt get my eyes off it, and had not sleep for more than 24 hrs just to finish the entire show in one sitting. i wanted more, but as i look for season two i stumbled articles saying it was canceled, im not sure why people didnt like the drama cause if you ask me it was really good, imagine a person who could access everything… its to die for! i really wish they continue it..

  23. naj

    this season was awsome , why dd cbs cancelled i

  24. charles

    Please don’t stop I love this film

  25. Kenneth iniomon

    Please don’t cancel the series INTELLIGENCE
    It’s so interesting

  26. Andrew

    Please do not cancel the show because it just got interesting

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