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Into the Badlands season 3 premiere date

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Into the Badlands season 3 premiere date 2018

We are still waiting for the premiere of the Into the Badlands season 3 in 2018. AMC renewed the series for the 16-episode third season.

Every fan of the series Into the Badlands knows that in 2018 there will be a 3rd season. Is the exact date of the premiere already announced, or are the AMC representatives not yet ready to report it?

At the moment, it is confirmed only that financing is allocated for 16 new episodes that is great. As for the exact start date in 2018, there is no official information yet. Experts predict that the release will take place in the spring, but this is only speculation and no more.

We are following the news from AMC and will periodically update this article.

In the center of this series is a powerful warrior, who throughout his life honed his skills and almost has reached perfection. He will have a difficult and very dangerous journey through the wasteland, where he expects to find enlightenment.

Into the Badlands season 3 premiere date – [April 22, 2018] (officially, updated)

His companion in this journey will be a young boy who also has to go through this path full of dangers…

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