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Looking season 3?

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Will the Looking show renewed for a season 3 by HBO? When does the new episodes start in 2015? We are waiting for the premiere air date!

TV-channel: HBO
Executive producers: David Marshall Grant, Sarah Condon, Andrew Haigh
Producer: Kat Landsberg
Production company: Fair Harbor Productions

Season 1 Episode 8: 0.42 million U.S. viewers

Season 2 Episode 8: 0.303 million U.S. viewers

Uncertain start of Season 2 of «Looking» television series gave rise to the discussion concerning its closing. Many critics reacted negatively to decrease of the auditory from 425 thousand people (the final of Season 1) to 183 thousand people (the start of Season 2) – this calls into question the renewal of the show for Season 3.

The rights holders haven’t expressed their opinion concerning the criticism that only adds to anxiety.

At the moment there is no official announcement of HBO representatives on this respect, that’s why let’s support the show in comments and wait for the official verdict, whatever it may be.

Looking season 3 start – [cancelled]

Follow the updates of that article and you will be the first to know the future of the show.

UPDATE 1 (March 25, 2015): After two seasons, HBO has cancelled comedy Looking, which will be able to wrap its storylines in a special. “Looking: The Movie” will air Saturday, July 23, 2016.

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  1. Dewey

    Looking makes my heart jump. I really love the cast and music. Hope for season 3…

  2. Homer B.

    Looking is a great show. I really hope it gets renewed, because it keeps getting better and better.

  3. Rod

    I love this show. pls renew HBO

  4. Darin Perez

    Great show and I’m sure if more people knew about it the ratings would be better.

  5. archie

    I’ll be really sad if it’s cancelled.

  6. Fred

    I agree with other comments…it keeps getting better. Worthy of renewal!

  7. JeffG

    Love this show! Great writing, directing, acting and music. Hope it’s renewed for season 3.

  8. leloir

    looking j’adore je suis fan, j’aime les acteurs,
    vivement la saison 3

  9. JOEY

    This is the BEST show on television–I hope HBO will renew it and give it a chance to catch fire!

  10. Mark

    Love the show. A change from other shows on TV.

  11. Lou

    Fantastic Show. Kevin and Patrick Make it. Always waiting for Sunday to come. I hope for a season 3

  12. Tom

    I describe this as Gay San Francisco Sex and the City only better. HBO you absolutely have to renew for Season 3 thru 10, at least. This show is so real and so groundbreaking. It’s a show whose time has come….

  13. Peachie

    As a straight woman, I can honestly say that I’ve become a fan of the show as well. Love the roller coaster ride each character takes me on. Waiting eagerly & anxiously for season 3!

  14. rey

    Very good series from HBO. Will be grateful for Season 3. Will definitely tell my friends to view the series. Excellent script, tasteful – not offending – sex scenes, excellent character developments. Keep it up!

  15. Mike

    I really liked the way ”looking” was developing. It could have went on for a long time, but at least we will get a special ending. =)

    I wonder why it was cancelled? HBO put out enough episodes and developed characters, and then poof!

  16. Manny

    I just discover this show, and I am disappointed to learn it’s cancelled. I believe the lack of advertising may have lead to the decline of viewers. If I know existed, ass I am sure is the case for many unaware people, would have signed up for HBO sooner to see the show.

  17. ColinLu

    I really love this show… I don’t know what we can do to make HBO keep making new season!
    But I really appreciate that you guys showed us a great tv show! I love it very much!

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