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Luther season 4: release date on TV

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When does Luther come back on BBC? The show was renewed (two episode miniseries). Premiere air date scheduled for 2015! Let’s wait the start!

TV-channel: BBC One
Created by: Neil Cross
Written by: Neil Cross
Genre: Psychological crime drama

Season 2 Episode 1: 6.48 million UK viewers

Season 3 Episode 4: 5.96 million UK viewers

Immediately after completion of season 3 of «Luther» television series, it turned out that season 4 wouldn’t be produced. A little later Neil Cross, the producer, confirmed that the show wouldn’t be renewed, as the story would be continued in a feature movie.

Despite the given fact in November 2014 Idris Elba himself announced about the renewal of the television series, which would premiere in 2015 and he would play a role of Luther once again. Unfortunately, it was not about the full season 4 but about the miniseries, consisting of two episodes, the exact air date of the first of which was still a secret.

Luther season 4 start – [December 17, 2015] (UPDATE 1)

We will wait for the fresh announcements of BBC One and will inform you about the exact premiere date. Follow the updates!

UPDATE 1 (Nov.5, 2015): Idris Elba’s “Luther” Sets Three-Hour Special for December 17, 2015 (9pm ET).

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  1. Oreira

    More Idris is always a great thing. I’m concerned about Ruth Wilson’s return now though.

  2. Andrey

    When does season 4 start? Can’t wait!!!

  3. Gloria Offord

    Storyline and Idris is absolutely brilliant, it would be a loss to not see a continuation -I could even see a ” James Bond” series!

  4. Mary Ann Kopp

    A movie would be good but more seasons would be better. The whole idea of cop vs. Cop is revolting. How can a good cop do his/her job when their own people are against them??? I vote for more Luther AND MARY!!!

  5. Sexy Red16

    Can’t wait for season 4!!! Stop holding me in suspense!!! Can’t wait to see Luther and Alice!!! Announce the date please please!!!

  6. Lois

    Please more Luther and Mary pleasssssss,l love him in this movie when will season 4 start bring it back .

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