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Manhattan season 2: premiere date

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The Manhattan period drama will return for a second season! When does the new episodes premiere in 2015? We are waiting for the start air on WGN America.

TV-channels: WGN America
Pilot episode: July 27, 2014
Creator: Sam Shaw
Genre: Period drama

Season 1 Episode 1: 0.94 million U.S. viewers

Season 1 Episode 12: 0.41 million U.S. viewers

Already after the first episode of «Manhattan» television series was broadcast, critics started to talk negatively about the future of the given TV-project.

The fact, that the premiere was being watched by 0,94 million viewers and during the broadcast the given number dropped to 0,34, couldn’t be considered positive for the show, as such a decrease of the interest always results in the closing of the television series. But not this time…

The rights holders have decided that the show is worth being renewed for at least for season 2, that’s why the new episodes, the first of which is to premiere in July 2015 (UPDATE 1), have been ordered.

Do you support such a decision of WGN America management?

UPDATE 1 (July 15, 2015): Season 2 of Manhattan will premiere Tuesday, October 13, 2015 (at 9/8c).

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  1. Ana Watson

    YEAAAH! Glad Manhattan is coming back for another year.

  2. GoP

    Great show if watch from Episode 1 and have a curiosity about that time and history.

  3. Melanie W.

    It’s a great show, and a real shame that it has such a small viewership.

  4. Er1ck

    I don’t understand why more people don’t watch this show. It’s great drama!

  5. Alexander

    I’m happy it was renewed because I really do enjoy this show.

  6. Nettie88

    I am glad that Manhattan was renewed for the season 2. Love this show!

  7. Pat

    Great show – not well advertised. I’m so glad it as been renewed. Can’t wait for the new season!

  8. Barbara

    So very happy it’s coming back! With all the garbage reality cr*p now it’s great to be able to watch quality TV!

  9. elvira

    excellent show…too bad people do not know about WGN and a lot of folks i know who would watch do not get that channel…hope it goes beyond a 2nd season…

  10. Kelly

    Yes. My husband and I really liked this show and are glad it’s been renewed.

  11. Ray

    A riveting series. Can hardly wait for Season Two to get here.

  12. Kate

    I thought the story line STARTED a little slow…but after about 4 or 5 episodes it really starts getting interesting. I’m just glad I watched it on Hulu after the 1st Season was done, so I could binge watch. Otherwise I would have hated having to wait an entire week for the next episode.

  13. sean

    The show show itself is really well-made ,it’s just sad to see how many people have fallen for this cover up though. It is well documented that the Manhattan project was actually an attempt to reverse engineer an alien engine technology recovered from the Roswell crash that was able to open wormholes for travel to distant galaxies. When the attempt ended in an explosion unlike anything we had ever seen it was decided to weaponize this power source to conquer the world powers that wouldn’t fall in line with American interests. Also there were no women allowed on the project because it was believed that the truth of this project would be too much for a female mind to process without a psychotic break.

    • e.stiens@fbi.secret

      Great show and the information given is the absolute truth and nothing else ever happened.I have to reiterate that this never officially happened nor is there any “alien technology” currently in the possession of any govt agency.You should expect to receive a visit from my colleagues and a one way ticket to our world famous black site open to you or any other member of the public that ever repeats this information to ANYONE including family,friends and hell even your pets.This msg will self-destruct in 30 seconds.

    • John

      Sean, Roswell was in 1947, after the atomic bomb was dropped. You are mistaken. It is sad that some people do not know their history.

      • Ronny B

        Thanks for that! May their learning start here.

  14. Jed

    Absolutely finally a show with historic value and written for adults.

  15. John

    I don’t understand how they could even consider canceling a great show like this. I truly enjoyed every episode. More shows like this are needed. Enough reality shows already!

  16. Margie Anderson

    I just happened upon this show last year, late in the year, looking for something different than what I was finding on tv these days, which isn’t much. I had lived in New Mexico at one time and had been to Los Alamos and I liked it right away. The actors are all good and the writing is really good also so I am looking forward to its return this summer. I am sorry more people are not seeing it and I think there has been little information out there about it. I tell people.

  17. Judy

    It is an intelligent and multi-layered series. All of the intelligent shows keep getting cancelled. Thank you for renewing this show for those of us who have brains and like to use them.

  18. linda j

    LOVE the show! Cannot wait for season 2!! This show is awesome, interesting, exciting, informative and so much more!!!

  19. James Burnette

    Awesome show good attention to detail with a period piece. Great depiction of the science and the personal struggle the scientists and all the people endured to help end the war. One of the most significant events in the history of America. Can’t believe more people aren’t digging it.

    • Ronny B

      My dad was a physicist, inspired by these guys no doubt. Dad was 17 when their gadgets killed well over 100,000 people and arguably ended the which began when he was a 13 year old Boy Scout. I can only imagine how scarey those days were for him and his younger brother, and fatherless after his dad’s deployment to the South Pacific for that time span as well. I can tell you from experience, the actors nailed their roles as cerebral and independent physicists bucking under marshal law of that hidden city.

  20. Doug Huegli

    What little I know, this show is very true to life. The characters have depth and the plot line is NOT predictable.

    With that said, the advertising is lacking. This network as a whole does have the best of ratings to begin with. Summer shows tend to be smaller viewers. I don’t feel it’s time slot was good.

    I have had many of my favorite show cancelled for the worst of reasons. This is a GREAT series and it needs to continue. It has huge potential.

    • susan

      why are the most of the section leaders and most of the scientists portrayed as Christian, when–in reality–the theorists were almost all jewish.

  21. Randy

    Season 2 is getting close and I’m ready. It’s been away too long. I’ve already watched it twice on HULU.


    • Ronny B

      Best reality-based fiction I’ve seen in my half century so far.

  22. Ronny B

    If this show was aired on The History Channel, the viewership might be 5-fold or more. It’s lure is self-evident for history buffs, and others who simply want to know what ended WWII and changed the world in to this place we are accustomed to, as M.A.D. as it is.

    • jackie williams

      So well said

  23. Carter Shore

    Great that it’s renewed, a terrific show on all accounts.
    For some interesting background, read the book ‘At Last it Can Be Told’ by General Groves.

    For better or worse, those folks really were fighting to save all of our lives.
    Frank’s nightmare scenes of nuclear destruction were going to happen, only question was whether on soil of US, Germany, or Japan.

  24. Larry

    It is a shame that more people aren’t watching it. If only they remembered that what it was and what it accomplished changed the world and everyday since then has affected our lives, our politics, our hope for the future.

  25. jackie williams

    I have been waiting for the next series for manhattan. It’s been changed to 10/13.2015. what a great series. I don’t get WGN, but because this series is done so well , I paid the extra 15.00 a month to watch. I will do so again.

  26. Matt

    I agree with all the other sentiment. I really think this is a great show, the ending of that first season was pretty amazing. I think one of the issues (at least from some that I have talked to) is that they don’t want to see television where the know the ultimate goal/end result of the show. In this case, presumably, they create (and drop?) the Atom bomb. Either way, it’s a finite outcome. Some are less persuaded by the road there, so as long as they know where there is.

    From my standpoint. I can assume the ending, however, that is but one small part of an entire show that builds up and tears down a cast of actors. It is far more than the culmination of its smaller parts.

    I have enjoyed the ride thus far, have been waiting and waiting, finally checked to see that it was moved to Oct. glad it will be back, was looking forward to seeing it soon.

    Perhaps the network thinks they can attract a larger audience with a wintertime showing as a July showing people are still more outdoors. The audience suddenly becomes much more captive to the network in the early stages of winter.

    Just a few thoughts on perhaps why this show has not gained as much traction as many feel it deserves. It might also be of note that WGN has not been known for innovating television. More known for a rerun channel. Not w/o great reruns mind you (Designing Women and all). It might take time for people to skim WGIN on their guide or catch word of this show unless say, it had aired on NBC or something.

    At any rate, I couldn’t imagine this being more than a 2 season series. I mean how long can they really draw out making the bomb? Then I supposed they could drop it and take the show into a political standpoint from the US perspective. Really though, that would cease to be the show that it is and just morph into something entirely different.

  27. Chris

    It’s nice that it won’t be on up against Sunday Night Football this year. Last year, after the football season started, the ratings tanked.

  28. Alice T

    Looking forward to the second season. I am a fan.

  29. Eileen K

    Loved Season 1. It is under the same category as a book I am presently reading called
    “The Girls Of Atomic City” a New York Times Bestseller by Denise Kiernan
    It is the untold story of The women Who helped Win World War II. USA today said that it is a fascinating story about ordinary women who did the extraordinary.
    I really am excited about seeing Season “2 of Manhattan. I also feel the acting is excellent.

  30. patty

    my father ran rocky flats for a time. we lived the sequel to the manhattan project. all the secrecy, nuclear accidents, contamination of surrounding areas, illness of employees, etc.
    seems to be historically accurate. i attempt to compare the show with historical records.
    wgn needs to promote the show as a way for regular americans to understand the history of nuclear arms.
    and, why the iran deal is a moronic, highly dangerous stunt.
    an arms race in the middle east will commence now.
    a weaponized middle east will not turn out well.

  31. Ruby

    Excellent Show, Thanks for the New Season, I Love every minute of it. I grew up in New Mexico and know the history of it, my parents as well, though they are gone now, they would love to
    have seen it.

  32. Neil

    Look forward to each episode.

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