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Marco Polo season 3 ?

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Marco Polo season 3 release date

Will there be Marco Polo season 3? Are you waiting for the exact release date of the third season on Netflix in 2017?

Original network: Netflix
Production companys: The Weinstein Company TV, Electus

Is Netflix planning to renew the series Marco Polo for season 3? This question worries a huge army of fans around the world, but right holders are in no hurry to make hasty decisions.

Netflix often makes the viewers worried about the fate of their favorites TV shows and now this is the same case. Of course, the chances for the renewal are very high, because the creator John Fusco has already demonstrated his expertise in the development of historical dramas, and Lorenzo Richelmy does not stop to amaze his viewers by an incredible acting.

The project production is quite expensive, but we hope that there will be money for the company The Weinstein Company TV and Electus and they will continue their work.

Marco Polo season 3 release date – [cancelled] (UPDATE 1)

Looking forward to a decision from Netflix about the 3rd season!

UPDATE 1 (Dec.12, 2016): Netflix has cancelled the Marco Polo drama after two seasons.

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  1. Ella22

    Hope for season 3 and 4. We will be here don’t you worry ))

  2. Michael K.

    Love this show! Please MAKE season 3

  3. ELF

    So looking forward. BEST SHOW EVER!!!

  4. paul

    Come on now shoot. We already had to wait so long for season 2. You can not stop making it now. I got 5 bucks I can throw towards the cost. Plus I was an actor in middle school so I don’t mind helping there either. LOL

    • Allan

      Are you sure you are an actor in middle school or were you acting out?

  5. john

    better than game of thrones there has got to be season 3&4 hopefuly more great stuff keep it going

  6. Misty

    Just finished season 2 and I love this show.Please get busy on season 3!!

  7. Sharon

    Please finish this incredible series!!!

  8. Carina De Wet

    Marco Polo season 3 and possibly more needs to get out there, it’s potential is absolutely overwhelming! It might be called one of the best historical dramas ever and definitely as potentially popular as Game of Thrones and Vikings! Thumbs Up!

  9. Vicky

    I know so many ppl who love Marco Polo!
    Please please season 3

  10. Jacqi

    Awesome series…I love one hundred eyes and Khans Bastard prince son.(lol)
    Please make a SEason 3….The best historical drama EVER !!!

  11. Loren

    Come on don’t leave us hanging out there? More please (Season 3, 4, etc.) as many as necessary to keep the story line going and the plots to flow smoothly.

  12. Elaine Misner

    This is an absolutely excellent series. It IS a wonderful historical drama!

  13. S. dutra

    Very very well done. There is little to match this series. A visual feast.
    Please do not make us wait too long for season 3!

  14. Jamie

    Can’t wait for the next season

  15. Mike

    We need a Season 3 & 4. You can’t leave us hanging like this!

  16. Lori

    Absolute Genius! Not only are the story lines brilliant, the costumes are incredible… Hope season 3 is on deck. You might want to try shooting 2 seasons at once..

  17. Oz

    Yes…rich and beautiful work in Seasons 1 and 2….please make at least two more seasons!!

  18. Scm/USA

    I’m hooked.. Season 3… This is quality entertainment ..

  19. Terry Boettcher

    Love this show! The characters are awesome, costumes, fantastic, and the story lines have me craving more. There is still so much to tell! Please keep it going!!!

  20. Omar

    Best show in long, long time!!!! Please finish the story!!!

  21. Curtis

    Definitely a awesome movie love every minute of it can’t wait and hope for season 3 and more

  22. Albert

    this show have me up all night i could not stop watching.we need season 3 please

  23. Jason

    I was curios and thought I would give the show a shot..
    And was hooked from the 1st epsiode I watched both
    Seasons in 3 days. I hope the 3rd and 4th seasons come

  24. Olivia P.

    I binged watched over the weekend just to find out the show was cancelled. :'( So saaaad.

  25. Roydell Hughes

    Please continue Marco Polo.It is so much better than a lot of trash you renew for 3 or 4 series.Come on guys. At least 3rd season.And not a cliff hanger at the end.

  26. Deb

    Why is this being cancelled! Such a great show! Can’t believe they’d leave us hanging! So sad!! Please reconsider for all the fans that love this show!

  27. Steven

    That sucks, cancelled! This was a great series, sad they don’t see that the veiwship loved this show!

  28. Brian

    Very disappointed to find out it has been cancelled. This show was better than 90% of what is out there. I hope they change their minds and give us at least one more season.

  29. Sherry Geo

    So disappointed in the decision for Marco Polo to be cancelled! Reconsider as this show was very good!

  30. Nym

    I have consulted a wise foreigner in my land to construct a war machine larger than any ever seen to tear down the walls of the magnificent city of Netflix…if they do not produce a season three!! 😉

    Seriously…At the very least, finish it off with a movie! Don’t leave the loyal fans hanging. This was such an exquisitely done show and a pleasure to watch. Even the opening credits had a certain elegance to them. It’s worth finishing the story. Please consider it, Netflix.

  31. Mark Farrow

    I can’t believe they cancelled this series! Huge mistake NETFLIX!

  32. callejonsapo

    it is like every one is saying one of the best series ive seen.. the story telling is like real ..the customs the acting the location are fanstactic is wellwriting and weelll directing ..ilove one hundred eyes….

  33. vberg

    I am sick it was cancelled. Loved the series

  34. Gordon Ray

    Enjoyed this very much! Its such a disappointment when you are left hanging about the show and the story and its characters! Please bring on season 3!!!

  35. gamerguy37

    I cancelled Netflix because they don’t plan on making season 3, will join back up again when it comes out.

  36. Jon

    Best show on Netflix 🙁

  37. Brownishnote

    This is horrible news 🙁

  38. Green Gary

    What is Netflix thinking?

  39. Ted


  40. T.P.

    They should at least give us an ending with a movie! I just saw this series and want more. We are paid customers they can’t leave us hanging!

  41. Agnieszka Thingithu

    It is one of the best series I`ve watched. What I don`t understand is – there is plenty of money available for the production of tones of trash, brain-dead series and the really good ones get slashed.

  42. Marilyn

    Need it back- first series Ive been able to to get my husband to watch besides TURN!

  43. LadyC38

    Please bring on season 3!! Cut out have of the trash u have out there and put the money towards season 3!! At the very least do a movie starting where season 2 ended!!! Thinking of cancelling Netflix for this decision!! I need my Kahn

  44. Rafael60

    We really hope this show comes back for a final season to finish up thre story.

  45. Bryan Stevens

    Just started watching Marco Polo….what an awesome series….now I’m mad it is canceled.

  46. Nastytouch

    Need a 3rd season

  47. Greg

    Netflix cancels one of their best shows while coming out with all the trash shows that are netflix originals! BS

    • Margit

      I love that show! People leaving reviews have a good point. All those whatever trashy shows continue and something w a good story line and good acting just stops! Pls don’t always go by bad reviews. People who leave bad reviews don’t have the patients to follow a story they like dumb jokes. ( not that I’m against a good comedy and easy show ) but I also like story! And that show had a story what wasn’t predictable form the beginning!

  48. Edu001

    If Netflix continues to produce series with suspenseful ends but cancels continuation, I will stop watching Netflix series to avoid anxiety and frustration. At least until they learn to respect their viewers. I found Marco Polo to be one of the best series I watched this far at Netflix until 10 minutes ago when I finished watching season 2 and while searching for season 3 release date found that it was canceled. At least create an expert of what would be season 3 so we can let it rest in peace in our minds.

  49. UF Gator Alum

    This show has become quite the obsession for myself and cannot imagine leaving this story as season 2’s ending leaves no doubt there should be at least 1 more, if not 2-3 more seasons to follow!?!?

    The show’s historical Drama setting is, to me and my humble opinion, on par with the History Channel’s “The Vikings”. Not only that’s, but the INCREDIBLE writing, acting and action/fighting sequences are on the same level as any Chinese, Hong Kong, Korean or Japanese film’s elaborate scenes are and season 2 showed us so much character depth of not just the story of Marco Polo but of the Khan of Khan’s Kublai but his wife and sons struggles and obstacles that they face from within but also with multiple outside forces and simply left us salivating for me! Season2’s ending is no way to have ended a phenomenal series as there are TOO many loose ends with the Christian Crusaders march into Mongolia from the West, Marco’s return from the Emperor and Empress’s hatred of non-blood relatives after the betrayal of Kublai’s adopted son, Uncle and Polo seniors return to an empty gathering! Please renew such an epic that is a great story being told!

  50. Tnd28

    I can’t believe they canceled this show after only two seasons. Like wtf is Netflix thinking….. This show is great and yet it is different than all the other historical shows such as Vikings, The Kingdom, which I love but there are so many shows that are too similar. This show was unique and was telling a different history than the Vikings and the English etc. It was very captivating with great story line and great acting. It was something new, interesting, and educational to learn something different about history through this show like I have with others. I’m terribly disappointed with Netflix for canceling this show. Hopefully they will really reconsider this decision and return with at least a season 3.

  51. Dee

    Really enjoyed this show can’t wait for season 3. Pls renew it. The actors are great.

  52. Bob LeBlanc

    Only purchased Netflix to watch the Marco Polo miniseries. This miniseries is frankly the best I have ever watched (both 1 & 2). If Netflix cancels series 3, then it will be goodbye to Netflix.

  53. Christopher

    introducing of Michelle Yung just took the series to a whole new level…she’s awesome and just got me hooked. i wish to see more of her.

  54. Fiona

    Netflix have confirmed that they are cancelling Season 3 of Marco Polo. What a very poor decision and one I hope affects their user base. People should look around for alternative streaming providers and show some people power.
    Typical “bean counter” decision and not based on the quality of the product on offer. Marco Polo was a VERY good production, well made and had a great cast. This is going down as one of those decisions that companies make and come to regret, much like Coca Cola changing the taste of “Coke” a number of years ago.
    well done Netflix, less quality productions and more cr*p, that will help you stay on top !

  55. Richard Heller

    No season 3 for Marco Polo? Well……Extremely dumb decision….. Then this is” GOOD BYE” to NetFlix. See you again when you bring back Marco Polo..

  56. Dj Musiqqa

    This is why I dont watch series on netflix and only watch movies, and even the movies are getting whack. Marco Polo was the first series i started watching that was good and you decide to cancel it after i watch 2 season. Obviously my decision to not watch other series were right because who knows how many other series netflix will decide to cancel. I’m never watching another netflix series again and actually noo… skip that I’m canceling my netflix account asap thats trashy to leave fans who spend hard earned money in the dark, there isnt anything lse for me to watch on netflix. The only other series I watch is Silicon Valley and netlix doesnt even offer that!

  57. Kyaw Naing Moe

    Please don’t cancel! i love to watch season 3!Understood the project is expensive but if you are able to continue this project,please release for us,Netflix and Marco Polo Fan!

  58. Bill Simon

    Marco Polo is a superb cinema series. They need to make at least two more seasons. Consumers are invested in the characters. The collapse of the Sung Dynasty in the south now opens the true rise and fall of the Mongol empire including the historical aspects of Sung resistance, growing tensions with Near Eastern and Western powers, and the best … the largest invasion fleet in feudal history that is neutralized in making any beachhead in Japan at a critical battle, and later the Mongol fleet is wiped out by a hurricane. It’s great material for historical fiction pieces! The acting and texture of the show is rich and has enormous potential for drawing in a large international audience. It will pay off. Please, reinstate this series. It’s great viewing.

  59. Dacicus Carpaticus

    Something it is not right by canceling this show. One thing is to make a show about a sick fantasy with flaying dragons and another thing is to make a show about historical facts. Unfortunately this is what consumer today is looking for, they want raw violence and any for of sexuality mostly for sick minds. Unfortunately a large percentage of the population has the
    basic instincts still alive and the fact that we suppose to evolve mental and spiritual we look for those things. And I am not a religious person, it is just an observation. Probably the show was canceled because of the ratings. I am sure this show was not swallow by some scholars or theologians but history is history. I understand that many characters and facts in this show are fictional but this is how things works. It is a very good show and there are at least 2 or 3 actors that are very good and they deserve a Gold Global or something. It is important for the western world to understand how this empire has been created and to this day, there are things we can learn from this epic story.
    Too bad is gone and gone forever.

  60. George Kidd

    I truly hope that there will be a season 3 and more, excellent series

  61. David Dinsmore

    They cancel a good show and replace it with crap. And a cliffhanger to boot!
    Maybe If we start cancelling subscriptions they will get the hint!

  62. Mo

    what in the world is Netflix thinking? The best show of all time I would say. There Is not one bad review here and the show is still reaching new markets that implicate immense marketing potential. season 3 and 4 would bring Netflix a whole new level of audience capture. They must want people to be disappointed with them because the only thing that could happen from canceling a magnificent work of cinema such as this would be disloyalty. Maybe they should sell the rights to Amazon and let them pick it up where Netflix fails to see the value in what could very well be the best cinematic story line ever written and produced; at least for historical fiction.
    I am unable to understand the colossal mistake and why they would have any benefit from not continuing this show. what is the problem? They are cutting their budget or unable to profit based on their business model in context to the amount of capital needed for production of quality television such as this? That is why they are all about making and streaming thousands of crap television and movie themes. They can afford to rip everyone off and charge the monthly membership costs only to produce lousy tv and unable to budget the quality levels needed to produce greatness because they cant see the potential margins that are required for their genre of low level garbage. If this is the case and Netflix is positioning themselves as the shitty tv streaming network in order to maintain profit levels then they should sell the rights to a company like Amazon to continue the awesome and intriguing work of art. That way Netflix can profit from the show and they can do it justice by allowing it to live where they are unable to produce breath.

  63. Mary G

    From the moment I started watching this series I was hooked! I literally went through the 2 seasons in a week. Now I am anxiously awaiting a season 3 or 4 or 5. Please don’t cancel this series. It has the potential for an award because it is a great storyline and the actors do an awesome job.

  64. Lisa D.

    It was a Weinstein production, folks. Unfortunately, Weinstein Productions and the “me too” movement killed it.

  65. Angela

    I can’t believe this series was cancelled! I just binge watched season one and two. This was such an amazing show.

  66. Sophie M.

    Season 3 of Marco Polo comes much awaited – and soon pls! There will always be an audience for epic films & historical sagas, so we’ll be watching and supporting. The release will be worth it in kind.

  67. Gerardo A.

    I’m speechless,PLEASE SEASON 3,I agree with everyone. Best storyline,actors,just everything is amazing! I’ll be wishing for this to return! Of course,something this great gets cancelled ,and all the scrappy shows do ,8,9,&,10 seasons. Really sucks !

  68. DFP

    wanting to know if Kublai Khan will endure his twin grandchildren, damn Netflix too worry about Weinstein law suite ah!

  69. Del Ray

    netflix please renew Marco Polo with Seasons 3 and 4. This type of TV show is unique and nothing else is out there even close to it. PLEASE RENEW.

  70. Frank Bramante

    Great program how come Netflix is ignoring fans. If they won’t do the season 3 let HBO or another group capitalize on the success of this popular program
    Netflix move out of the way.

    • Rohan

      Agreed Nice Series

  71. Ann

    Perhaps if the “stay at home now because of covid” crowd watches season 2 and makes an uproar Netflix might change their mind. We waited forever for season 2 and it was worth the wait. This kind of entertaining “history” lesson only comes around now and then … Hell on Wheels comes to mind … the Last Kingdom … wonderful way to see how our society came to what we are today. This beautiful story of Marco Polo deserves at least an ending movie. But please don’t wait so long it becomes a shadow of itself like poor Deadwood.

  72. John

    Great show…just heard no season 3 big mistake has great reviews and big following

  73. Raymond

    Really… What’s taking the production so long to release season 3.. Marco Polo is one of the best Series. And deserve an ending. Come on bring the show back to live!!

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