Sep 23

Men in Black 4: release date

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When does «Men in Black 4» come out in theaters? Release date coming? What known about next part?

«Men in Black 4» franchise movie is supposed to have all the chances to be released.

Story of J and K will be renewed, since Oren Uziel, the screenwriter, has already been hired by Sony Pictures. He is famous for his numerous projects, the most successful of which is «Mortal Kombat: Rebirth» web-series.

Will Smith, an actor, suggested his son Jaden could act at the next episode. Barry Sonnenfeld doesn’t deny the above mentioned information, noting «Men in Black 4» movie would have «one significant change».

The release date for the fourth part hasn’t been scheduled yet. New information will be posted in the given article. Follow the updates!

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  1. Christina Harrison

    While I am a HUGE Will Smith fan, and enjoy everything he does…I think we can all agree that his son is a HORRIBLE actor and the show could do without his being in it but if that is what has to happen to get Will to do it I guess I can suffer through another horrible performance of his son’s horrible acting.


    Seriously, give the kid a chance. This director is awesome! I’m so glad you’re going to do another MIB movie. I love Em!

  3. Joseph Camp

    Give the kid a chance! Maybe Will can give him some pointers, but he does have some big shoes to fill!!!!

    His son should have a line that perhaps features Will’s comment “I make this look good!” Perhaps his son could be shown fixing his “Men in Black” tie and coat as Will did and say “I make this look better!” I’m sure all Will’s fans would make the connection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bravo Charlie 6

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