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«Mike and Molly» season 5: premiere date

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We have a good news! «Mike and Molly» TV show renewed for season 5! When does new episodes come out? We are waiting for exact premiere date!

TV-channel: CBS
Pilot episode: September 20, 2010
Creator: Mark Roberts

Season 1 Episode 1: 12.23 million U.S. viewers

Season 4 Episode 1: 9.22 million U.S. viewers

We have a great news for the fans of «Mike and Molly» television series. The CBS management confirmed the season 5 to be produced.

More than 9 million American viewers, keeping watching the show, make the producers create new episodes, which are to debut in Winter 2015. The exact premiere date is still unknown, but we follow the updates.

«Mike and Molly» season 5 start – [December 8, 2014] (UPDATE 1)

It should be noted that according to Melissa McCarthy and Billy Gardell, the project is very important for them and they’re ready to extend the show for more then one year, as long as the viewers have fun and are interested in it.

How do you like the news?

UPDATE 1 (Nov. 17 2014): CBS sets Mike & Molly season 5 premiere in The Millers timeslot.

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  1. Adeline

    My favorite sitcom on CBS! Absolutely love this show!

  2. Ann

    YEAH, I’m glad. This show has ups and downs trying to find the right mix but overall this last season was good and it should stay on the air over shows like “2 Broke Girls” which I think is crass.

    • dolores

      I don’t know what the secret is about mike & molly.It’s hard to get the scoop on the net,the Fall 2014 season is to begin soon and the new Fall Preview tv guide has all drama shows on the monday night lineup on CBS,so when will mike & molly be on?I can’t stand 2 croke girls-u it is so annoying & crass,more so the black haired woman.How they stand to wear those too tight uniforms is beyond me-I’d feel claustrophobic in them.I guess she never heard of a bra.I’ve never been at a diner where waitresses had their tits exposed-I’m straight & wouldn’t wat to see it.Mike & Molly are funny and have decency.

      • Florian

        You a woman, use a word like t*ts, and call her crass? Now ain’t that the pot calling
        the kettle…….

  3. jeri

    I would be really upset if Mike and Molly go t canceled it is by far one of the best and besides it can`t go off until Molly has a baby

  4. sue

    why is no date listed for this show. all shows are new for Sept, yet it says Winter 2015 for this show. that is stupid. why is this the only show taking so long to come from the summer?

    • Audrey

      They are elitist.

  5. karen

    My husband and I love Mike and Molly. Such a great comedy. Cannot stand Two Broke girls anymore. It is too crass and not funny.

  6. dee welty

    why is it that the best comedy sitcom starts last every year?

  7. Virginia

    I love Mike and Molly. It is so funny and endearing. Please, make sure they have great scripts and story lines. Looking forward to season 5!!!

  8. wanda

    Can someone PLEASE tell me when Mike and Molly’s new season starts? I can’t find anything on the internet. Come on CBS……let us know!! It’s the best comedy on TV!!!!!

    • Pam

      According to the internet, it starts in the winter, 2015.

    • Joy

      I agree. My husband and I love Mike and Molly. It is definitely the best TV series since 2 and half men with Charley Sheen. Too broke Girls is really stupid..can”t stand it.

  9. sis

    Mike and Molly, love love love. the whole cast on that show cracks me up. some of the shows i laugh soooo hard my face hurts. Im hoping the network would never consider takin this show off the air. Would be just plain stupid. Its going to be as big as big bang…. let it ride. ITS a great fun loving show.

    • SmartD

      January 2015. Wait for exact date

  10. Sam

    My whole family loves mike and Molly and could not wait for it to air this fall. It is our favorite sitcom. When you laugh out loud you know it’s great.

  11. Wendy

    Best comedy on tv. Can’t understand why 2 broke girls have been on this long. Still upset that rules of engagement was cancelled. …

  12. eydie

    Love the show and all the characters. The mom and Victoria crack me up and my husband thinks Victoria is sexy. Funny writing and characters you can care about. Broke girls is so disgusting I couldn’t believe it lasted one season.

    • Jackie


    • Sue bodle

      I agree, SmutI agree, this is one of the top shows that is truly funny without the smut! Please keep show going The mother in law just kills me with laughter and JimHa

  13. joan

    the best comedy I have ever watched.Iam also 70 years young.

  14. Colleen

    Oh Please don’t cancel Mike and Molly it is great I know so many people that watch it. So many bad sitcoms are still on and not Mike and Molly? Please please put it on and soon!

  15. Jackie

    I had to discover when this show would start!! I hoped they wouldn’t eliminate it…it’s the best show on TV, and a family favorite. Not crazy about the new intro, but anything to see the show!!
    Please start soon.

  16. Anita Dockery

    Wanting to know when Mike & Molly were coming back on for Season 5?

  17. Verlia

    We love Mike & Molly and can’t wait for Season 5.

  18. Stephanie

    Mike and Molly is one of my the funniest tv shows. I love the whole cast!!! Especially Victoria—she is so funny! Love it!!! Melissa McCarthy is a beautiful person. Great show!!!

  19. Judi

    Mike and Molly is one of the best shows on TV! What is the problem?? It’s funny, clever and a little risqué but not enough to make it bad. I truly hope it will renewed for at least 2 more years or more!!!!!

  20. Carm

    I absolutely love love love Mike and Molly and can’t wait until Season 5 starts. The whole cast is great. Good story lines and scripts. Everyone on this sitcom makes me laugh. I think that Melissa McCarthy and Billy Gardel are fantastic. Best TV show. Right now I am watching all the re-runs while waiting for January 2015. Please do not cancel this show; it makes me laugh so much and it is so well done!!

  21. Jill

    What’s wrong with CBS????? What has happened to Mike and Molly. I agree that 2 Broke Girls is the pits and 2 1/2 has seen it’s day as well. Come on……get that terrific show back on the air!!!

  22. MaryAnn

    I absolutely love this show. Mike and Molly is one of the best sitcoms. I am so glad to hear they are coming out with new episodes in the winter even though I never get tired of watching t he reruns.

  23. susan grippo

    please put mike and molly season 5 on tv!we love all of them.the whole cast is so funny.has far as i’m concerned one of the best shows on tv.please put the new season on as soon as you can.we all love it.i could be in a bad mood,watch mike and molly I feel better.we would love to meet all of them.

  24. Kay

    Hubby and I were away for the weekend.

    I could not sleep so put the TV on and flipped the bick (remote) until I came to the Mike and Molly reruns. I laughed myself to sleep. It is one of my favorite sitcoms, one of the best sitcoms on TV today. I love to laugh and we need to laugh more now than ever before. This show is a great escape from the ugliness going on in our world right now.

    Thanks, “Mike and Molly” for the gift of laughter. Your show and the entire cast are so funny. I hope your show continues for a long time to come.

  25. DJ

    My friend and I both love Mike & Molly. We are constantly asking each other if there has been any news about when season 5 is starting.

    • Heidi

      Season 5 is confirmed by CBS and it will start in winter 2015 but no set date. I am guessing January. Why so late? Who knows. Maybe because the star is so big now and busy. I applaud her for staying on the show though.

  26. Bobbie

    Come on CBS what is the deal? We need comedy in our lives! You have way to much negative murder shows and sleazy shows. Why would such a popular show as Mike and Molly not been in the fall/winter line up this year? Really it will not be back for another year to release? What’s up with that???? Hard to understand while something so popular would be on the back burner!

    • Heidi

      CBS confirmed season 5 will start winter 2015. No set date but I am guessing January. Why so late? Who knows. But I love Mike and Molly as well. Nothing else like it.

  27. Gwen

    Such a hilarious show, reminds me of me and my boyfriend Lol! Would love updates when it’s coming back on!

  28. Cheri

    I love Mike and Molly, I’m ready for new season. One of my favorites, please keep it on, gives me alot of needed laughter and I’m sure it does for alot of other people as well

  29. Michael and Kimberly Sixkiller

    When is Mike and Molly going to come back on? My wife and I can’t stand two broke girls and really miss Mike and Molly. It’s a show that only of a handful that we enjoy. Please bring it back!

  30. Cathryn Nast

    Absolutely love Mike and Molly. With so many poor show choices on TV this year, I’ve been watching the re-runs of this very funny show. A good laugh is what all of us crave. Can you please tell us when the new episodes will return on the air. Tis a shame it’s taking so long. Really looking forward to its return as I’m sure so many of us are. Please advise us when it will return to primetime TV. Thanks

  31. Sharon

    I am not going to complain, saving the best show for last. It’s ok Mike and Molly is great! Love all the actors. The writers are doing a great job. Melissa McCarthy is wonderful she’s been real busy. Looking forward to January. I think 2broke girls is funny. Not sure if Cat says the right things, very vulgar most times. Inappropriate.

  32. whiplash

    yes PLEASE extend – they are the funniest couple on tv and the most dysFUNctional family to watch. love everyone of them!!!.

  33. Nancy Balfrey

    this is the best comedy show I’ve ever seen in a long time even though Vince and his girlfriend swear way to much. Bring the show back.I’ve been going nuts trying every single channel to find it. What is the delay!! Please bring them back soon.

  34. Debbie Aldridge

    My husband and I love this show!! Have recorded them and watch them over and over and they always make us laugh!! We need more shows like this!! Hate to wait so long for new shows!! Guess good things come to those who wait!!!! Please hurry!! Two Broke Girls is just gross and same for Two and a Half Men!!!! The only thing to make Mike and Molly better would be to put it on Friday nights!!

  35. Terri Genovesi

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring Mike and Molly back!! It’s my favorite show and have been patiently waiting for it to begin again in the fall of 2014 and now devastated to find out it’s not going to come on again til Winter of 2015. With all the dumb shows that are aired on TV like Honey Boo Boo, please tell me how a great show like Mike and Molly could be in question of being aired??!!!

  36. Elaine

    I love Mike and Molly….they represent how more Americans. Look and live not everyone is small models. Real people for real viewers. When are they coming back? ??????….also when is max and Caroline in two broke girls going to get a business open, ??if Caroline is age and business school grad. She should be able to put a business plan together and get funded or get online funding especially in NY ……give us a date for Mike and Molly.

  37. Mitzi

    This show is my favorite! Guaranteed laughter 🙂 I hope it is on for a long time!

  38. Betty

    Mike and Molly is hysterical especially when she was a teacher in school with her kids. When she makes fun of Vince, especially the bathroom scene when he gets stuck in the tub, never laughed so hard. Molly, her mother-in- law and her mother are sooooo funny. I hope the mother-in- law continues To be on more episodes. I’d like to see Molly go back to teaching. Those episodes were hysterical!! This is one show I look forward to watching.

  39. Angela R.

    I absolutely love Mike and Molly. Everyone on the show is a riot. Carl’s Grandma keeps me in stitches but her old school way is fun as the lesson comes across. Mike’s Mom tries to be somewhat cold hearted but you know she has a sweet side if she’d just show it, oh and the dog!!!! The faces from the dog get me tickled. Then there’s Molly’s Mom and sister………..wino’s and and a pothead. It’s hilarious. Now I don’t care for Vince much because he comes across as a nasty pervert to me but I enjoy Samuel also.

    Everyone seems to dislike 2 Broke Girls! I enjoy that show if for nothing but the laughs. You don’t like the show but I bet you watch Two and a Half Men and that show can be just as filthy and crass. I stopped watching that quite awhile ago.

  40. Joan

    I love Mike and Molly. It’s my favorite show, I am so glad it’s coming back. I do wish that they would have Victoria quite smoking pot. I don’t care for that scenario.

  41. Michelle Blake

    I watch Mike and Molly now on FX And WTOG 44 In Crystal Springs, Florida every night. And I’m so glad that CBS picked it up and are going to Run with it. That show is a HOME RUN !!! All the REALITY SHOWS NEED TO GO !!!! This show is very refreshing and FUNNY AS HECK

  42. jackie daniels

    I cant wait I hope it goes on for a few more years. one of the best sitcoms I watch. there s still so much that can go on in this show.

  43. Mitzi

    Psyched!! Love Love Love this show!

  44. Cheri

    Love this show so much! Everybody I know does. I do think it was funnier when Molly was a teacher and the normal one in the family. She is always hilarious. My husband and I have watched every rerun we can find. Please Melissa and Billy bring the show back!

  45. Lisa Gregory

    I love the show and can’t wait to see where seasons etc. Take Mike & Molly also Carl. Samuel and all the rest! (Sounded a little like Gilligan’s Island lol)

  46. Sheila

    I have been waiting every week to see the new Mike and Molly season: I am so disappointed that they are not on this year. My favorite show-watch all the reruns now even though I have seen them all I just love them. PLEASE BRING THEM BACK SOON!

    • Sheri

      Possibly dec 8th on mike and Molly. Cross the fingers

  47. Annmarie

    I’m so excited and looking forward to season 5 the whole cast is amazing and I look forward to every episode that are in re re runs. The show is very injoyable and love laughing for 30 funny minutes it make my day. I even got my mom watching it she doesn’t watch much comedies but loves Mike & Molly. Thanks for a great show and great cast love them all and Jim just make it even better lol he’s adorable

  48. JULIE

    Love this show. The characters are very funny. Can’t wait till the show starts up again for 2015.

  49. mike

    mike and molly love it, but thought molly was a little dumb last year.. love the supporting cast and mike, molly climbing out the school window to quit job was just stupid… like mikes partner especially when he had the girlfriend, that year was great.

  50. Audrey

    They are becoming elitists. They think they can keep a strong fan base and start their season 2 months behind everyone else. This family will not be watching.

  51. James

    Funniest episodes were with Susan Sarandon , them together just cracked me up.

  52. Laura

    Mike and Molly by far are the besst family comedy. It’s light but all stuff a everyday person can relate to. It always brightens up my day and adds a laugh when I watch this series Thanks for the excellent entertainment value

  53. Joan

    Been waiting patiently for the return of Mike and Molly. Have seen the reruns at least 5 times each. Love love love that show. So does my husband.

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