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«Mike & Molly» season 4: premiere date

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When does «Mike & Molly» season 4 start? TV show renewed or cancelled? Premiere date is known!

TV-channel: CBS
Pilot episode: September 20, 2010
Creator: Mark Roberts

Season 1 Episode 1: 12,23 million U.S. viewers

Season 3 Episode 1: 9,45 million U.S. viewers

The very first Season of sitcom «Mike & Molly» proved (12.23 million TV viewers) the series to gain a foothold in the airtime for a long stretches of time. At the start of Season 2 the number of its fans comprised even more (13.86 million), so there is no doubt the show is successful and wanted. Last week on March 27 CBS representatives organized a special event, which was dedicated to the renewed projects. «Mike & Molly» was among them. The premiere date for its Season 4 was scheduled for November 4, 2013.

Chuck Lorre, one of the executive producers of the given show, noted that the project would be renewed only thanks to the devoted fans.

What would you like to see in season 4?

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  1. Sofi

    i love this show! “BIG” comedy =)

    • janice

      I love this, hope it returns soon

  2. Lucky V.

    I love this show from the first funny episode! look forward to download the season 4 !!!

  3. simba W.

    I watch a few shows on CBS but Mike and Molly is the best! Cant wait for season 4

  4. Ponne

    big love – big show!

  5. sharon

    please,please give us a season 4

  6. Robin

    Please never cancel this show so few well written and acted comedies on TV today
    It would be heartbreaking to cancel this show
    I can not decide which Actor I love the best because each one makes the show
    Hope all come back to do the show
    Thank you , Thank you , Thank you
    Big Fan
    Lewes Delaware

  7. richard

    I would like to see Carl and Victoria get together

    • cindy

      i hate they put them together…why cant a hot funny chick stay single? It ruined the show, in my opinion. I love comedies and love to laugh but Im a little confused about people thinking it’s the funniest show ever?

  8. Pam

    I love love love this show! I look forward to it every week and would have been very upset had it not returned.

  9. elizabeth

    i love the show becaues shows people as they not sticks

  10. Pat

    please keep the Mike and Molly show, that is the only one show worth watching. please take off “Two Broke Girls”, that show is awful; – all the rest of the shows are dective shows. how many can be watch.

  11. aaron

    my wife and I think mike and molly are awesome and would just like to know what date in sept. is the premier so I can call off from work.

  12. Bunnie McCormack

    What date will season 4 premier? I love this show!!!

  13. Wilma Gallman

    I look forward to Mike and Molly! I even watched the reruns all summer! They all make the show funny including Mikes Mom, she is hilarious….I would love to see Mike and Molly finally get pregnant.

  14. Charlotte

    I think that Mike & Molly is one of the funniest shows to ever be on TV……very upset that it is not in the fall lineup……Come on CBS………the characters are classic….love the show

  15. Betty Hash

    I once loved Mike and Molly. The first 2 seasons were hilarious but last season lost its comic flare. It was a little too raunchy for my taste. For example, Carl’s character was no longer funny but nasty. Sorry to say. Bring back the charm of the first 2 seasons and I will watch!!

  16. marion

    O Please put Mike and Molly on this fall season line up. It will be so nice if Mike and Molly are renewed this fall line up.

  17. Doroline

    I don’t understand you people that work behind the show up there in the offices. What is your problem? You have the funniest tv show since the 60’s & 70s and you screw it up because someone is selfish, can’t we just get along? M & M is for the people and you guys simply concerned with your own personal hang-ups. Yeah, that’s what we need more execs telling the public the H*** with you. Hay, I have a novel idea, what do you say with think of the people first and care for our needs second, is that to hard to handle? Creative difference my rear end. You exec’s really do believe that the public is stupid, don’t you.

  18. Ann

    When is the season premier for Mike and Molly September 2013? Looking forward to the fall premier!

  19. cher

    Hi CBS i would just like to say yall up there in ur fancy offices r more than stupid . u have a great show like Mike & Molly and u dont put it in ur fall line up wow and u put on some dumb a*s show like Mom i mean really yea im a country girl and i could do a damn better job than yall r doin. At least yall could do a good western show. From the Country Girl

  20. Peggy

    Please don’t cancel Mike and Molly!! Love love love that show!!!

  21. Phil MacGregor

    My wife grew up with such comedy’s as Cheers, MASH, Taxi with great characters. Mike & Molly has such a funny cast, we enjoy watching the summer reruns. Bring it back ASAP!

  22. Sharon

    Please bring back Mike and Molly absolutely love this show I haven’t laughter so hard since I was a kid . I need this show it makes me happy and laugh my #*<* off!

  23. shelly

    Oh everyone I talk to loves this show, I can’t wait for the next season. It is a show that is so close to real home life.

  24. tracy

    love this show can’t wait for season 4

  25. Bob &Betty

    Great show Please do not take off. Love it!

  26. Karen

    Man, I have been waiting all summer for Mike & Molly’s return!!! Please let us know what is going on!!! We love this show and never miss an episode. What’s goin on????

  27. Nancy

    My husband and I love this show! All talented actors. My favorite was when the Mom’s boyfriend sprained his back and Molly had to get him out of the tub to the living room and she fell in the tub. It was just hilarious! It reminded me of Lucy in I love Lucy with the physical comedy. By the way, loved her summer movie with Sandra Bullock called The Heat. The two of them were so funny together. Would also love to see Mike and Molly have a baby. They could have some really funny shows with Mike taking care of the baby, trying to change diapers etc..etc. I love the show and I am only 50!! Great show!

  28. LJ

    This is the among the funniest shows out there. Melissa McCarthy is totally briliant in the vein of Lucille Ball (so not the straight man). Carl’s grandmother is priceless. I’d love to see Mike & Molly as parents with Carl’s grandma, Molly’s mom and Mike’s mom as the daycare providers…with Vince having to fill in from time to time. There are so many comedic opportunites for this show.

  29. Patty

    My husband and I absolutely love M & M! I don’t understand why a show with such fantastic writing, actors and story lines is not in the fall lineup. There are so very few wonderfully funny comedies these days and this is one of them! Please bring the show back and soon!

  30. lilly

    I can’t believe this 4 month delay! Why do the powers that be insist on keeping the stupid ones. Mike & Molly is funny and lite and soo well done!

  31. Carrie

    Please keep this show on the air. My husband and I laugh so hard at molly’s mom, sister and Mike’s Mom too. I can’t tell you which person is my favorite. I love them all. You could not have picked a better cast. They are all fantastic. We are waiting and so anxious for mike and molly’s return.

  32. barbara Naki

    why do we continue to see shows that are same plots over and over again given priority over shows like Mike and Molly? A fresh, funny human show we now have to wait until January to enjoy. I hardly watch tv anymore. So frustrating!

  33. rose welch

    I love the show!!!! Please bring it on.

  34. Cheryl

    I hope to see mike and molly come on this fall for season 4. my husband and myself love the show.

  35. Marjorie McKee

    I love Mike And Molly! It’s good to see a real show that don’t have people with perfect bodies. Please don’t cancel! I loved it the first time I saw it.

  36. Linda

    Give me a break, I been waiting for Mike and Molly and now you have postponed it. It is so much better than a few of the others programs you have stuck us with.

  37. Nick Galicia

    I enjoy Mike and Molly show I was very disappointed hearing speculation that it might not get renewed, please keep the show it’s hilarious and I love it:) Thanks!

  38. Shelia Carpenter

    Love this show. It’s the best! I have been waiting for season 4 . When will it start? Everyone loves this show, why would you even think about taking it off?

  39. Kathy Pranton

    The best comedy show on t.v, laugh out loud funny. Not many viewers of comedy shows can say that. The cast of the show are great together. We love the show. Please DO NOT take it off the air. Thanks!

  40. Mike

    This is a GREAT show!! It’s well-written, the characters are unique but still blend together, and it’s a rare combination of funny and realistic, as they battle the same problems that “real” people deal with every day. I understand that the new shows need a chance, but when you have a winner like this one, don’t deprive us of the enjoyment that we get from watching it.

  41. schmitt

    Ha! Looks like Charlie Sheen IS RIGHT! Curses on cbs.

  42. David

    I love this show. Mike’s mom. Carls grandmother and Peggy, Mike’ mom are very funny. Even Jim the dog is funny! I love that it show real people that are not always the perfect weight. I tape this show and watch all the reruns in the summer also. Molly (aka Melissa) is so cute and funny. I would love to see Mike and Molly have a baby. I can’t wait for season four.

  43. ann

    I love Mike and Molly. I can’t wait for the new season. Please hurry it up. The new shows on this fall are not very good.

  44. keda5127

    I can’t wait for season 4. I really like Mike and Molly. One of the best comedy shows on tv!

  45. Vicki

    Love the show please bring it back

  46. Dan

    Mike & Molly is a outstanding show! … what’s the holdup on season 4? You realize it’s a keeper, right? C’mon folks, give us a season 4 premiere date.

  47. Iris

    This is my favorite show I never have laughed so hard, also l like Big Bang Theory. Not getting into to many of the new stuff out.

  48. Sharon H

    Bring back the Mike & Molly we loved in Seasons 1 and 2. In Season 3, the language got raunchy, so sad because it spoiled the chemistry between the actors and the uniqueness of this comedy. Before the language became a mirror of “Two and a half men”, this show was as great as the iconic, “I Love Lucy”, and we need that kind of show to look forward to. The actors are great together, and there isn’t a weak spot in the entire cast. Please clean it up and bring it back – there is nothing like it on TV now. Get rid of the boring ones, like, “2 Broke Girls”, and bring back the magic of “Mike and Molly”.

  49. Jen

    Ready for the new season to start

  50. Angela

    Mike and Molly are one of the few shows that my husband and I love to watch together. We look forward to our US time. It is hilarious! We get to laugh and enjoy tv that is not what he calls”cr*ppy reality tv” . It would be a shame to cancel this show!
    A truly devoted fan!!

  51. Jackie Pasternak

    I love this show, wonderful chemistry between the characters!

  52. Kathy

    I have seen most of the new shows and find none of them to be as funny as Mike and Molly. I can’t wait for the new season to begin, it’s a great show.

  53. Patricia McLaughlin

    I love this show pleaseeeee bring it back on.
    We need some laughter in this world.
    Mike and Molly is the only show that brings
    Laughter to the homes. Hurry up and bring

  54. Sue

    It’s nice to watch a wonderfully funny and light hearted show without it being a “reality” show, or a “cop” show. Mike and Molly’s show is one to enjoy!

  55. robert reiling

    this is the funniest show on tv I laugh so hard I cry,make sure it’s on for a long time everyone that plays on the show is great super funny

  56. Holly

    I love this show !! Especially Mike’s mom, Peggy. She is a hoot !

  57. Darla

    Please bring Mike & Molly back! I hardly watch TV as I am SICK and TIRED of all the “cops and murder” shows that are on. We all need a few good laughs and Mike & Molly made us laugh until we sometimes cried with tears of pure joy. We need it on to lighten our days and make us feel good. Please bring it back SOON!!

  58. Vic

    Mike and Molly is needed in our house as it’s about the only show that my wife and I enjoy together. I like the cop shows but she is not into watching them. But M&M and Big Bang are her two favorite shows and I love to watch them with her sitting beside me! So bring ’em back on. But, could you clean up the lanugage some? Gets to sounding too much like Two 1/2 men and they are pretty rounchy, she won’t even watch them anymore.

  59. janie wills

    Careful CBS; if you wait too long, I may lose interest. I don’t watch television often.

  60. Robyn Goodrich

    I am a single woman struggling to raise my child by myself. We are not homeless but we live from day to day. I have no front teeth and don’t go to many events at school and many other places because it not only embarrassing to me but my son also. He. Doesn’t say so but I know. Your commercial on the upcoming show made me feel very upset. Have you have no empathy at all ? WE ARE NOT HOMELESS WE ARE VERY POOR!

  61. Rosemary

    Please I love this show I can’t wait until the next show start’s. This show is the best and when will the next show start I keep playing the shows over and over I have all of the seasons and I watch them over and over also this show is the best so please DO NOT REMOVE THIS SHOW. You have a good show and I wait for it to come every week. Then when is isn’t on I go ONDEMAND and the the shows again so please don’t take them off. When will it start again?

  62. Chris Sapp

    When is the Release date for Mike & Molly season four dvd

    • Greg

      August, 2014

  63. julie

    we really enjoy all the characters on mike and molly. please don’t cancel it it is hilarious and gives us something to look forward to on Monday nights.

  64. cece pecha

    Love the show!!! Always makes me laugh!!

  65. Christy

    Please please don’t cancel Mike & Molly show! We tape it ever week and can’t wait to watch it the next day. It is very hard to find a program that is very funny & clean. Love all the actors everyone is hilarious. Would love to see Mike & Molly have a baby.

  66. Kate Barkett

    There would be so many funny possibilities if Molly were still teaching. The situation was hardly ever taken advantage of. I think Molly should decide to go back to teaching. She could teach writing composition. She could occasionally share the students products. I love the show.

  67. gloria turner

    Please dont cancel mike and molly this is the funniest show on tv.

  68. Leah Bacon

    Please give us more Moke and Molly!
    I live to see each episode every time and even
    Repeats. Never get tired of them. It’s the funniest
    show on tv. All the actors are hilarious!
    Laughter is the best medicine and this show
    Is the answer. Please do it for us. Don’t like watching
    sad and violent shows, we see enough of it in the real

  69. Sue

    This show is one of the best .I watch this show than go to work with a smile on my face Put Mike and Molly back on

  70. Lisa Gregory

    It is only being renewed due to all of the shows fans so says Chuck Lorre. So if it were up to him it would be canceled? I guess it’s not rauchy or sleezy enough for him like 2/1 men. I am so happy that this will be that train wreck of a shows last season.
    Bring us more Mike & Molly and less Michael Kelso trying to play some rich guy named Walden.

  71. Christine

    I agree with all of these comments from people who LOVE this show. I think as a company that makes a product that is SO LOVED, why would you even think about changing it, or removing it? It’s stupid. Just from a business stand point, not to mention you have created a show that everyone can watch with their family, and laugh and forget for thirty minutes what crap we have to deal with. I love the fact it’s real, they are like the rest of us trying to cope with life, money, FAMILY, but it’s done in a way that makes you just laugh you butt off. As a company, I would be so proud to put on this wonderful show, and make it your prize, because it’s one of the very few that can say that. And to have the BEST actors you could hope for, don’t ruin something so pure, so damn GREAT! And to Ms McCarthy, I love your no holding back, I think you are one of the best actors EVER, you give it your all, and it shows! Your ONE OF THE BEST! Don’t stop!

  72. audrey anderson

    I love tis show. everyone on this show is so funny. i just got the first seaon on dvd. I hope they don’t cancelle it.

  73. TJ

    This show is soooooooooooooo funny….. I especially love the exchanges between the “partners” while they are on duty. I went with a CPD person and his remarks and that dry sense of humor are exactly the same…..

    Plus Molly or Melissa is also a stich !!!!! Can’t wait until Dec…..

  74. Linda

    I just love this show, I love all the characters, and please keep this series going, I can’t tell how addicted I am ,,I watch the reruns always, I just love it. Thank you for such a wonderful sitcom.

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