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Mike & Molly season 7 ?

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Mike and Molly season 7 release date

When will Mike & Molly season 7 premiere? Do you want to know the release (air) date? What about the start on CBS in 2017?

Unfortunately, we won’t see Season 7 of the television series Mike & Molly in 2017, as the television channel CBS decided not to renew the given comedy project. The actress Rondi Reed, who plays Mike’s mother Peggy, was the first to announce about canceling of the show after its sixth season. She confirmed the worst rumors, which began to appear last year.

It should be noted that after the broadcast of the sixth season was re-scheduled to midseason, many critics and experts started to talk about the canceling of the show in 2016. CBS doesn’t hide the airtime change of this or that show couldn’t be accidental, and Mike & Molly isn’t an exception. Of course, it isn’t the first time the rights holders behave this way (let’s mention at least the show The Mentalist), but anyway, it was too hard to put up with the canceling of such great project.

By the way, the actress Melissa McCarthy, who played the main role, was simply shocked with the above mentioned news, and wrote about it on Twitter. According her publication, she was ready to act in the show at least 50 years more, and now she would be missing her second family.

Mike & Molly season 7 no release date – [cancelled]

In his turn Billy Gardell, which acts as Mike, thanked fans for their support and encouraged to watch the final 13 episodes. Thus, we should only wish luck to the cast and the project team, and thank them for the brilliant family show. We hope for new, not less successful projects of CBS!

Have you expected the seventh season?

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  1. Olivia F.

    My husband and I laugh aloud with this sitcom, Mike and Molly and the rest of the cast are terrific. I can’t believe it is being cancelled. Another really good show going down! I wish enough people would protest to have it returned!!!

  2. Adriana Blumer

    This was one of my favorite sitcoms! So much talent. I really hate that they cancelled the show. My friends and I think the show is hysterical.
    And yet 2 Broke Girls continues )))) OMG CBS!!! What you doing?

  3. Lynne45

    Why are they always taking the good shows off??? 10 million viewers and these network idiots cancel it! F*CK YOU CBS!!!

  4. =Kerri=

    They cancel Mike & Molly and leave us with cr*p like 2 Broke Girls!?

  5. Jane Stump

    Mike and Molly is a good show, it should stay on the air!!! I love to laugh and this show is so amazing and shouldn’t have been canceled. Boooooo CBS!

  6. Tandra Mcclaran

    I enjoyed this show! I can’t believe CBS. This is another reason to watch NBC.

  7. veronika

    It is crazy that this Mike & Molly is being cancelled. It is the funniest show on the air. I NEED Season 7!!! Once again another disappointment for CBS.

  8. -aNNa-

    I just hope there’s a really good finale for it in a few weeks…

  9. Marcella Harness

    Mike and Molly is absolutely one of my favorite shows on TV. CBS and Loris you’re out of your minds!!! The original time slot was fine. I hope another network picks it up.

  10. Tr1n1ty

    Big mistake to cancel Mike and Molly! I am so disappointred…

  11. Aron F.

    So pissed it is cancelled, one of the better shows. CBS has made a big mistake. I don’t even understand why?

  12. jerold

    What a stupid decision. So I can stop watching CBS

  13. ro

    good shows get canceled they bring on more dumb reality shows..

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