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Minions 2 ?

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When will Minions 2 movie be out in theaters? We want to know the exact release date of the second part. What about the renewal?

The world premiere of animated television series Minions took place on June 11 in London. The release date of the given comedy in the USA was scheduled for June 10, but after several trailers it turned out that the movie would be funny and interesting. Of course, these cute yellow creatures make laugh anyone, even the most demanding critics, that’s why there is no doubt in the success of Pierre Coffin’s and Kyle Baldas’s work. Viewers already long to ask about the renewal, Minions 2.

Everyone remembers the minions’ adventures in the cartoons Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2, which box office comprised about 1.5 million dollars. Now the viewers are to watch prequel, which will follow the story of minions and their appearance.

Who are they? Yellow villains’ assistants, existing since time immemorial, having evolved from single-celled organisms into living beings with a single aim: to serve the most ambitious villains. After minions foolishly destroyed their masters, including Dracula and T. Rex, they decided to isolate themselves from the world and to start a new life in Antarctica. In 1960s the absence of the master brought them to depression that was why Kevin, Stuart and Bob started to look for a new one. They appear on the villainous conference to compete for the right to be Scarlet Overkill’s servants, strong super villain, who wants to conquer the world and to become the leading villain.

At the moment the project received many positive reviews of critics and on Rotten Tomatoes it got 74%. In some countries the first week of broadcast set a record for the biggest box office ever and the viewers already begin to ask about possible renewal. The creators note that the project has been suggested a prequel and the development of Minions 2 hasn’t been discussed yet, but there the new story about the yellow fellows has all chances to be released in a few years. The rights holders haven’t made an official announcement yet, but the release date of the second part is possible to be made public.

Minions 2 premiere – [after 2017] (unofficially)

Of course, at first there will be a release of the cartoon Despicable Me 3, scheduled for June 30, 2017, and then we can hope for Minions 2. Follow the updates!

Is it necessary to produce the second part or should the creators stop on prequel? What do you think?

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