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Sons of Anarchy season 8?

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Will Sons of Anarchy show renewed for a season 8? When does the new episodes premiere on FX? Fans want to know start air date in 2015!

TV-channel: FX
Genre: Crime drama
Creator: Kurt Sutter

Season 7 Episode 1: 6.20 million U.S. viewers

Season 7 Episode 11: 4.62 million U.S. viewers

Is «Sons of Anarchy» show worthy to be waited for? Will the premiere date of the new episodes on FX be announced?

The answers to these questions are disappointing, as according to Kurt Sutter, the creator of the show, the seventh season is to become the final one.

Despite the fact, that the show gained huge popularity all around the world and its cast was nominated for the prestigious movie awards, it wouldn’t be broadcast in 2015.

It is possible that in future the creators will present the prequel of the show, which has already been repeatedly mentioned by many Internet resources, but at the moment there is no official announcement on that account.

The experts believe that the logical culmination of the show at the height of its fame is totally justified, though the fans want to see season 8! What do you think?

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  1. Victoria

    I love this show please renew! I hope for season 8!

  2. Logan

    Im all for prequel. Need to use same characters!

    • King

      I hope so too. I love the current characters but I’m starting to think it will be from when John was alive so Jax will be young.

      • Jeff j

        That would be cool. Because I wondered as I’m sure others did how that all went down.

  3. Ward $SS$

    I am so surprised. I hope FX change their mind.

  4. Benny Daniel

    I love this show and am so sad to see it go. What’s the reason?

    • Mary

      My husband and I both have enjoyed Kurt Sutter’s writing for a series called “The Shield” that it was a no brainer that we tuned into SOAs very first episode. From there we watched every episode during the shows 7 seasons. I believe at the end of season 5 or so Mr. Sutter said he wanted to end the series with it being on top. Often times, we’ve all seen programs that started dying a slow death a couple seasons prior to them ending and he didn’t want that to happen with Sons. I get why he chose to end it that way but we would still be watching if there had been season 8.

    • jules

      my thought, when you kill everyone off, not much else to see.

  5. Jennifer

    Prequels never do shows justice. I don’t want to see the show end.

  6. VigoVigoVigo

    I don’t know why the best drama on FX is ending ((((

  7. PQR(Yapan)

    Please please keep it going!

  8. AnonyMOUSE

    Kurt Sutter is such a genius! Make season 8!

  9. PAL000

    Please don’t end this show. It can and should on!

  10. SOAfan#1

    So sorry to see it go, but I’m glad they can wrap it up the way they want to and not because it got canceled!

  11. NemeZida

    Don’t kill soa best show on tv!!!

  12. notimeforsleep

    Thank you, Kurt Sutter!

  13. jeremybent

    want see a season 8 of sons of anarchy

  14. GraaR

    more seasons pleaseeeeeeee!

  15. ridefolyfe

    Make season 8 please!!!!!

  16. alexis

    i love to see a season 8 with the kids taking over the fathers club this is a show that could last a bit longer pleases hope to see a new series sons of anarchy: the two sons

  17. john

    Since the lead character appears to die in the last season of SOA by a seemingly obvious suicide on his bike, I’d love to see another round or adjunct as perhaps that he didn’t die in a crash after all;perhaps that was in the character’s mind or his dream?
    Perhaps the “Mom” character could return to raise Teller’s sons; I really want another couple of seasons! In any event, another couple of seasons would be great!

  18. Jammer

    Jacks could have missed the truck and the cop cars could have hit the truck sending the driver through the window to the pool of blood seen on the road. The club could revote Jax back as a prospect for a year since hes obviously solid. Jax could toughen up in stocton for a nickel or two either way….tig could keep his lover, chibs is prez and Jax’s kids get raised by mom on a Mexican fruit farm. How cool is that. You could always bring back flashbacks of all the previous members to buffer the changes of the new season. Or leave it be…Dead and stinkin with millions lost. A memory of a television bike club that quit on the fans.

  19. DAN


  20. Gina

    One of the best shows ever !!! Please bring it back!

  21. Eliot K.

    Season 8??? Yeah, how about if a flying unicorn swooped down and took Ajax to a land of elves where his soul became white as snow and he rescues a princess from a tower and it all turns out to be a dream? IT’S OVER, people. The story ran its course, everything got nicely–and believably–wrapped up, and IT’S OVER. This is what happens when an entire generation stops reading books: they don’t understand that a story has a beginning, a middle, and an END. Stop whining about prequels and sequels and dream sequences and just enjoy the fact that we all watched one of the great contemporary dramas on television. Then get a life and try to live it.

  22. wademan

    come on,you got something better to do ? Lets get with it for season 8 and more…
    nothing better right now than SOA !!!!

  23. terri prasaguet

    I don’t normally watch this type of show but I fell in LOVE with the characters, and the writing for this show is amazing. Many fans will be disappointed and pissed off if we don’t see Season 8!!!!

  24. ben

    The show was over when Opi died.

  25. Michael

    Sons of anarchy was a great show kept me entertained only problem was at the end he should have met me mayham

  26. Eneida

    I would like to be able to see season 8, the idea that I have was for Abel to become his father since the season finale show Abel putting on the ring. Son is a good show I hate to see it end. My kids and I used to watch it together.

  27. Chrissie

    Omg I have just finished watching season 7 and to be honest I am heartbroken to think this was the last show ever I would really love to see a season 8 and there is so much more that could be explored I would love to know how Chibs will run the charter or how Wendy takes the news that she will now own everything and how she will cope with being a single mum to the 2boys

  28. Steven

    I really want season 8 to be produced! Can someone point me in the direction to whom i must ask and nag?? Lol…

  29. Lacy Latney

    Hope this is true! Can’t wait for this to be filmed!

  30. Kendra Whilby

    Was that before or after they saw him driving down the highway?

  31. Brenda

    Please come out with more seasons. Or even a take-off of it. For being all over the world, you know it wouldn’t be a flop. I have watched this complete off Netflix 6 times. Maybe the take off “THE TWO SONS”.

  32. SOA MAN

    I’m ready for season 8!! I’m lost without your show as nothing holds my interest anymore… I’ll watch EVERY episode.. “I promise”…

  33. Sharon Cranston

    I have just watched 7 x series over 6 weeks. I fell in love with all the characters, they have been in my sitting room for 6 weeks!! I will be lost without it……so Season 8 is a MUST. This is by far the best thing I’ve seen on TV, this has been ****** 6 star viewing all the way. #SOA #JAX

  34. David

    I watched the first 7 seasons.. You went from caring about the outlaws to who cares, Jax should be dead, I’m still trying to figure out how his character is constantly making bad decisions but out wits every organization around him.

    The fact is someone would’ve killed Jax a LONG long time ago, and we should’ve had another pres.

    I don’t think they should continue the series the writing went from great to piss poor. The care you had for the mother was lost and she became a monster. Jax went from having a purpose meaning goal, to not having any loyalty or codes even though he preaches them to everyone else constantly.

    He outwits, police, Feds, dirty cops, IRA, all gangs including his own, even out smarted special forces who all drove up in a couple cars without surveilling the area.

    no thanks I’m done. First 9, (maybe)

  35. niki

    OMG this show was the highlight of my week absolutely freakin loved the hell out of this show I really hope that they decide to air another show better than any soap opera on tv I could watch it daily I was so mad how the show ended I so badly wanted jac to get away with his kids an start a new club with his children an a new life with Wendy maybe we could wake up in the hospital an they could pick up where they left off please bring it back!!!!

  36. Letitia

    I feel they should go back in time to when John teller was in chrge and show how the present develops from there somehow.

  37. Elizabeth

    I love the show please bring it back we need a season 8

  38. Grlzwchr

    I think the show is awesome there definately ought t be a eight season i have every episode from season 1-7 every single one please Kurt hook us up dont let your talent go to waste brother i love you

  39. Audrionna Weston

    There should be one last season. Because they can’t just leave it at that

  40. elizabeth

    please bring back soa and make it season 8,

  41. Doug

    Come on guys we need season 8 think of the fans we love the show so much
    Bring it back please

  42. John hardin

    Kurt sutter has such a twisted mind that he probably gets enjoyment making us suffer from not keeping the show going! LolThanks alot kurt,enjoy!

  43. Donna Highland

    I am so anxious to see the sequel to Sons of Anarchy. I watched the show 7 days a week for 7 hours a day. I could hardly wait each morning to get started watching the show. It was so intense and had so many twisted things happen. It kept me on the edge of my seat. I was so shocked at the many deaths of the crew. I look forward to watching the new series!!!

  44. Michael Baker

    We need a season 8. The cast and writers are amazing.

  45. Shona

    When is 8 going to be on tv it’s amazing x

  46. Donna

    I think it should start with Gemma guiding Jax’ s sons to new ways that take the club to the level that John and Jax wanted with far less violence and more thinking through the out come as the result of retelling the past and showing parts of old episodes that caused bad things to unravel because they didn’ get the truth first and therefore the Constitution didn’t protect them. A way to give us closure about the essence of the storyline.

  47. lynette martin

    please please carry on with the series ive enjoyd it so much only got to watch it now my son bought the whole series so i watch it at my own pace but when i start i cant stop , im watching it now for the second time round and everytime i watch i see something i missed the first time .
    kurt you are a genius dont stop writing.

  48. Jensen

    Please continue on with another season of SOA! It’s hands down the best show that has ever been on TV! Don’t let it end…

  49. laurence howey

    the end of season 7 the viewers were all lied to about any new shows although the prequel soa first 9 with possible brad pitt as jon teller was just a tease like after soa season 7 the samcro book jax read was to made available with limited signed copies were all removed and cancelled bastard executener was a flop so now there doing the mayans what a joke I wont be watching

  50. Christina

    Please continue with a new season, I love this show !!

  51. Laura

    I am so addicted to this show. i NEED to know what is happening with Abel and baby Thomas. Did Wendy and Nero hook up and raise the kids? Does Abel grow up to run the MC? What happened to rest of Original? I am dieing here

  52. Julia

    I know I’m so late on this but I want to let people know there should be more seasons of the Sons Of Anarchy, I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH!!!! There many people that really like this show and wants it keep going. But their other that don’t like . That don’t mean quit the show, there’s plenty of shows out here people don’t watch but it still on air. Why does Sons of Anarchy have to STOP? Is it because its “to violent for viewers” ? I just think its stupid that the creators of shows give up on their shows or movies because not enough people watch it. Like over the years there’s gonna get more viewers , it just takes time. What’s the rush?

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