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Mr. Robot season 2 premiere start date

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mr robot season 2

When will Mr. Robot season 2 premiere? We are waiting for exact start date on USA Network! What about release in 2016?

Before its launch on TV, the series Mr. Robot became the topic for discussions on numerous movie forums, as it had already been featured on different digital platforms. This psychological drama by Sam Esmail has been positioned as one of the main newcomers of USA Network of summer 2015 and now we can say with confidence that the TV-project proved itself as a worthy one and deserved to be broadcast.

The plot follows the story of Elliot Rogers – a young cyber-security engineer in daytime and a vigilante hacker by night. The main character should make a difficult choice when the mysterious leader of the surreptitious hacker group tries to recruit him in order to destroy the corporation Allsafe Security, which Elliot provides his security services to. Due to his personal beliefs, Elliot tries to resist the opportunity to throw down the leaders, who, he thinks, rule the world destroying it.

Rami Malek performs the main role. He could be remembered by the sitcom The War at Home on FOX or by the mini-series The Pacific on HBO. It premiered on June 24, 2015 and the number of viewers, watching the first episode, comprised 1.75 million people.

The debut was quite successful, despite the fact that some critics were talking about a false sense of realism and terrible dialogues. However, most experts’ reviews were positive, which contributed to the good rating on Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb. President USA Network in one of his interviews, made on the premiere day of the show, reported that one season wasn’t enough for such an interesting series, so the renewal was already being discussed. Such a rapid renewal for Season 2 became a surprise for both fans and critics; however, they assessed such rights holders’ step positively. At the moment it is known that the premiere date of the second part of the story is scheduled for summer 2016 and it will consist of 12 episodes. Sam Esmail and all the main actors have already extended their contractual agreements with the channel.

Mr. Robot season 2 premiere date – [July 13, 2016] (at 10/9c)

Now we should only hope that the show will keep its fans during the broadcast of the first season and will meet the creators’ expectations. Otherwise, USA Network will reconsider its decision.

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  1. Roberto

    Good job USA. That was one hell of a Pilot! If the following episodes are on par with the first it will be one of the top series this season.

  2. Bobbi W.

    Great news considering how great the first episode is. Glad for the Season 2 early renewal.

  3. Tad Sabin

    I’m really impressed by this show. This is the best pilot I’ve seen in years!

  4. Mark0

    I’m definitely going to watch first season. glad it got renewed also.

  5. KA

    I’ve seen the first episode twice now. It’s the best premier I’ve seen EVER!!!

  6. Angela N.

    Great news! Great show! I saw this and really enjoyed it.

  7. Iliana C

    I could not get into this show.

  8. anita

    My boyfriend and I love mr robot we are so into it that we cant wait for season two to start and hope that there will be lot more episodes and seasons to come after. We never miss a show and we always watch it together. Soooo good and very interesting. Love it so far on a 5 point scale 1 not good and 5 being the best I totally give u guys a huge 5. Keep up the great work and keep em coming!!!

  9. Bob

    What day will Mr. Robot start in 2016?????

  10. john

    I happened to watch one episode and got hooked. I missed most of season 1 so I bought the DVD. I am thrilled to see the talents of Rami Malek grow into a leading character status. He
    has all the charm of a true and talented artist.

  11. couch mom

    I just binge-watched the first season on demand, and am so glad I did. It is one of the best shows I’ve watched in a very long time. Smart, dark, and thought provoking. Am so excited it got renewed for a second season.

  12. Beachbum

    There doesn’t seem to be a place for us sci-fi, futuristic watcers. I loved Mr. Robot and Extant (CBS canceled). I used to hop back and forth between the two because they came on at the same time. What an idiot CBS was to cancel Extant when it was up against Mr. Robot. There is not even a sci-fi or futuristic category in any of the awards; ie, academy awards, golden globe. They had to put Martian under best comedy… give me a break. How many people can say The Matrix or LOTR or even The Hunger Games were not some of the best movies this past decade?

  13. Mike

    This series got addicting very quickly; I’m waiting patiently for Season 2. I’m sure these guys will construct a cracker with great talent from what appears to be, from all involved.

  14. Maggie Archer

    I can’t wait for season 2 to begin. This show is fascinating. I’m pretty sure Tyrel is dead cause he appeared with Elliots father inside of a car. I hope not cause he’s a great character and want to see what he’ll do.

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