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Royal Pains season 8 premiere start date

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USA Network renewed the show Royal Pains for two seasons. What about the season 8 premiere? We want to know the exact start date in 2016.

The television series Royal Pains debuted on USA Network in summer 2009. The critics approved the first season consisting of 12 episodes, and the number of fans comprised more than 5.5 million people. Taking into account the high ratings, the TV channel management renewed the show for the second season. At the moment the seventh season of the given project is being broadcast.

The given comedy-drama is based on the story of Dr. Hank Lawson, who, working as E.R. doctor, took what seemed to him the only rights decision. He saved the life of the teenager at the cost of an elderly patient. When it turned out that the patient was a billionaire and a trustee of the hospital, Hank was fired. Yielding to the entreaties of his younger brother, he goes to Hamptons for the weekends, where he saves a human life during the party. So, Hank Lawson becomes a doctor in the most prestigious New York suburb.

Mark Feuerstein performs the main role, and Andrew Lenchewski and John P. Rogers are developing the series. In November last year the rights holders announced about the changes they were eager to make in the show and renewed it for two seasons at a time with eight episodes in each. The first out of the above-mentioned was launched on June 2, 2015 and it was approved by TV viewers.

Royal Pains season 8 premiere – [May 18, 2016] (Wednesday, at 10/9c)

As for Season 8, its start date is scheduled for May 2016 and it has all the chances to become the culmination of the long story of Hank Lawson. There is no official announcement on this respect yet, but we still have rumours. What do you think?

UPDATE 1 (March 10, 2016): Bad news… Royal Pains‘ upcoming eighth season will be its last.

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