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«Nurse Jackie» season 7: start air date (2015)

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The show «Nurse Jackie» return with a new episodes! When does season 7 start on Showtime? We know about airtime in 2015!

TV-channel: Showtime
Pilot episode: June 8, 2009
Creators: Liz Brixius, Evan Dunsky

Season 1 Episode 1: 1.35 million U.S. viewers

Season 5 Episode 10: 0.75 million U.S. viewers

The television series about Jackie Peyton, the nurse, premiered in 2009 and already in 2010 the main actress was awarded Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress.

The rights holders don’t hide they’re completely satisfied with their TV show and that’s why the decision to renew the show for the seventh season appeared right before the sixth season has started. The official announcement concerning the renewal has been made on March 31. Also it has become known that Peter Facinelli, one of the actors, leaves the show.

According to Clyde Phillips, the showrunner, the shooting of the «Nurse Jackie» season 7 starts at the end of the year in New York and the start air date for the new episodes on Showtime is scheduled for April 12, 2015.

Will you miss Dr. Fitch Cooper or you don’t like him?

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  1. Rose

    Love the show & so happy it will be on a few more seasons!

    • Davedale

      I am a physician and enjoyed the show at first , the good and bad of it, for several seasons. It had some OK acting and storylines, then it just got too phony to watch. This occured when Ohare was going to have the baby and Coop was salivating over it like
      A. it was his own and
      B. he was female.
      HE IS NOT FEMALE AND IT IS NOT HIS KID. So, this portrayal of him obsessed with the kid is ridicuouls at best, creeeeeepy at worst. It was really a most disturbing storyline , and it made no sense. He was BEGGING her to ALLOW him to help take care of the KID???? EWWWW!!

      The coop character doesnt exist in real life anyway. I have never seen a physician that weird and that disrespectful to nurses. It is like they created the character to make men look bad. Also, they show the men as almost always inferior to women. It is as though the writers hate men. A lot of misandry.

      Another annoying thing about the show is that both Ohara and nurse Jackie have “manfaces”. It is like the Sienfield episode where the chick had “manhands”, but these two have actual “manfaces”. Why couldnt they have found actresses with more feminine looking faces?. There are so many pretty faced women that would have been so good in the role.

      It is really disturbing when you picture either one of them, Jackie or Ohara, with a crew cut , try it, and you can see they would look like a cop or Marine. I dont mean to be negative, the acting is not bad and they could play other roles , like say, female prioners in Russia.

      It just makes you wonder, they have these two mannish looking women who are always one -uping men, while at the same time using their sexuality to get ahead like when the kissed coop. As a guy I can tell you that most guys Coops age would not be interested.

      It sends a bad message. Women are suppose to spike a guys epiglottis, even when they are not attracted to him, just to manipulate him at work? Also, if a young lady has a similar face she might believe she could get away with it and she couldnt so, it could do some damage. The theme of the show seems to be “women and kids can do whatever they want, and men dont matter”. It is a bad message.

  2. Miracle

    I knew Peter would be leaving once he booked that NBC pilot.

  3. 7up

    I’ll miss Facinelli, but I really miss Eve Best <3

  4. Jill Bolster

    I love Peter Facinelli on Nurse Jackie. He will definitely be missed! What a bummer!

  5. nurse Cindy

    Coop and his total lack of maturity and childlike innocence is one of the main reasons I watch. Watching him “attempt” to grow up and “fit in with the All Saints gang” make him like so many real doctors, who have brilliance, but zero social/people skills. I really don’t know how this series will continue to have a real thread of truth without Coop. Plus, let’s be real…..total eye candy. Btw, can’t stand Dr. Roman character. No hospital I’ve ever worked in WOULD allow her “see through” attire, nor her lack of basic physician skills. She’s a total risk management nightmare…and I just think they could have done a better job of casting her character. Love Edie….though. There are a LOT of nurses who “use n abuse” while functioning and treating patients.

  6. Jt

    Of course Dr. Coop will be missed! He is awesome in his innocent way of trying to be friendly and not knowing how to interact with staff while also trying to maintain his authority as a doctor. It’s nice to show how new doctors develop their skills and confidence. Dr Roman is classic to me on how there is always one doctor that no one trusts or wants there family/friends to get treated by them, Lol! All health care professionals have worked with one of them. Happy Nurse Jackie is going to go for another season, it’s one of the medical shows that shows the true colors of the people working in health care and how they are human and flawed like everyone else.

  7. cathimackey

    aclolitis is great. I love the whole show. Who ever leaves, I’m sure they’ll find a new and great character to keep the show going. Good job Showtime.

  8. Lisa

    Won’t miss Dr. Cooper at all. Looking forward to the new season!

  9. Blaine

    I love Dr. Roman miss Eve Best and will greatly miss coop. Probably be last season witout him in the show, We will see.

  10. sp

    so happy to hear Nurse Jackie is coming back! I will keep Showtime now

  11. Jan

    When is the return date of Jackie? I watch it because of Edie.

  12. Barbara Gray

    I love Coop i love him and Dr. Carrie Roman. l’ll really miss him, they made me smile…

  13. Khadija

    I am completely in the dark. The last episode I saw,. Jackie was getting arrested.
    I don’t have cable or satellite… I keep up with my shows via Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video and YouTube. .. so I have no idea when the new season starts, or if it’s already started.

    And Coop leaving the show?! Wait a minute… isn’t Dr. Roman pregnant?! What’s gonna happen to her storyline?
    And I hope Jackie’s boyfriend returns in the new season …I was really beginning to like his character.

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