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Nurse Jackie season 8?

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Will Nurse Jackie show renewed for a season 8? When does the new episodes premiere? Start air date coming? We have bad news…

TV-channel: Showtime
Genre: Medical drama
Starring: Edie Falco, Eve Best, Merritt Wever, Haaz Sleiman

Season 5 Episode 10: 0.75 million U.S. viewers

Season 6 Episode 12: 0.7 million U.S. viewers

Bad news for the viewers, who counted on season 8 of «Nurse Jackie» television series. According to the official announcement, the release date of the new episodes won’t be announced, as the seventh season is to become the last one.

But also there is some good news…The rights holders aren’t going to interrupt the story, as the viewers deserve the worthy final. The fans will get the answers to all the remaining questions, and the storyline will be finished correctly.

David Nevins, President Showtime Networks, is satisfied with the screen writers’ work, but the main credit of the success belongs to the actress Edie Falco. She played the role of Jackie brilliantly and exactly her acting skills ensured the series seven long years on air, Nevis confirms.

So, is the TV-project worth to be finished? Maybe it is too early?

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  1. BullDog

    Should have been cancelled a long long time ago. Perhaps after the pilot.

    • Nika

      shut the f*ck up!

    • Ashley Tiffany Jenkins

      You must be a crackhead!!!!

  2. Liana

    Good and bad news… I love the show but I am kinda happy about this. I was not impressed with the story lines last year.

    • gabrielle griffith

      I hated Jackie since the first time I saw her use.

  3. Claus

    I hope that Nurse Jackie will end with a happy ending with all the loose ending tie up.

  4. Erica

    I’m amazed there are so many people hating on this show! This has been 7, (well, 6 1/2 so far) seasons of honest, funny, and completely relatable television. The characters as well as the acting are fantastic! I have been and remain completely interested in the plot line since episode one. I, for one, am really going to miss this show!

    • Felicia

      I am really going to miss this show too and hope they reconsider and bring it back!

    • Lisa

      Loved this show. I wish they would do more seasons!!

  5. Kate

    Why do the best shows always get the short end of the stick? Then later there is a cult of fans and they realize they should have gone more seasons.

  6. Lisa

    Why did it had to end like that??!!! now im stuck thinking wats the outcome of Jackie’s overdose, her fiancé’s jail time and all… and top of that wat happens to the other cast???? well atleast let there be a last episode where everyone is happy… NOT like this…Jackie lying high and all 🙁

    • Josefina Hernandez

      I would love closure

    • gabrielle griffith

      frfr though, its 2020 and people still love this show.

  7. sue helm

    Awesome show. Sad to see it go at the end of season 7 and yet Supernatural is past season 10. Now that show is one that needed a shorter run!

  8. TRACY

    Love it! Hope they tie it up.
    Watched for the first time Saturday, watched all the seasons this week.

  9. Geo 686

    Great show, especially if you have a medical background………. What a sad way to end it!

  10. Steph Meadows

    I would love to see an 8th season with Jackie going into therapy to find out the source of her pain as to why she continues to relapse. There is a source in the addictive behavior and all we have seen so far on this show is when Jackie uses and when she gets clean. It never involved the WHY of her addiction..That would make a great ending to the series and give other addicts in life a heads up

    • Felicia

      This would be great!

    • Kimmmie

      I agree steph good point perhaps something that happened in her adolescence which is very common

    • Amanda

      I agree with you Steph. I absolutely loved this show. I am so sad to see it has ended, I would love to see a happier ending and to know what happens to the rest of the cast members.

    • ljs

      Agreed. I just binged watched all 7 seasons once it got on NetFlix and have been so frustrated with her continual relapse. She just comes with hardly any redeemable characteristics – I’d love to see her in therapy and dig into some of that stuff. The supporting characters on that show are fabulous. I missed Cooper this last season.

      • Josefina

        I loved watching how she was a wonderful nurse but she sucked in her personal life

    • Emilie

      There isn’t always some deep dark reason for addiction.

    • Sharon

      I’m thinking you are not an addict, am I right?
      It takes a bit of experience with addiction and some real recovery from it to understand how it works.
      It you have family or friends that suffer from addiction, it might be worth pursuing some real education on the subject, rather than attempting to help based on the theory you put forth here.

  11. Felicia

    This is horrible news! This season should continue or perhaps be made into a book series from this point???

  12. Kimmmie

    As a recovering addict this show was true to the core for me,yes there were episodes that I liked more than others and some episodes I just hated but jackies addict behavior was so true….we do whatever we have to for our drug even lying cheating and stealing, disappointing everyone even our kids consistently. I think the show ended well and true. Jackie should either overdose and die or go to jail. That’s the truth of this disease and of addiction. Those are usually the only things that comewirgit…that being said,some positive words would be I just love love Zooey…so cute and happy,loved Eddie.who doesn’t and hated dr Roman I miss coop and I liked.ooking at dr Cruz…lolgoof job showtime
    Ok what should I binge watch next ….??

  13. Cathy

    I just binged watched every season and I love and sad to hear there may not be a continuation. It would be good to see if the delve into the root of her addiction. I wonder if it has something to do with her dad. If you remember she received flowers on her birthday from her dad and she tried throwing them away or pass them off.

  14. Rocky and Toni

    We just loved NURSE JACKIE watched all 7 seasons in 1 wk. We would love to see a season 8 please bring it back, told our friends about the show they can’t wait 4 the next episode there also hooked.

  15. Michelle Fitch

    It can’t just end that way. We know she isn’t dead, or alive really, and heroin? WTF Jackie??? We need another just a double part show finale or something to end it all….uggg

  16. Linda

    Nurse Jackie was just as addictive as Edie Falco’s character. I was pulling
    for her every time she got clean, and brokenhearted with each relapse. Sadly, I think it should and just the way it did with her death.

  17. Stacy

    I binged watched all 7 seasons and to leave the ending as they did is a tragedy. At least one more season to explain the source of Jackie’s addiction (May have something to do with her Dad [no explanation as to why she kept throwing away the flowers that he sent her]. There are many unanswered questions. I need closure… Lol! 😉

  18. Pam

    I watched all 7 seasons in 2 weeks. I was as addicted as Jackie. I waffled between hating her and rooting her on. The last episode of season 7 when I thought she finally had it all together and she snorts the heroin, I’m like WTF. I think the show does need to end because all the main characters are disbursing. Maybe Jackie needs to die in the final episode, now that’s closure.

  19. liz

    did they lose funding?
    man this show was the greatest !!
    but it had no closure, whoever cut the funding for this show should have been shot!!!

  20. Sherry

    Just finished watching season 7 of Nurse Jackie and loved it. I am so disappointed it is over. I have many family members who have and or had drug addiction. The show was so accurate to real life. I know that the success rate of beating addiction is not very good. The ending was very hard to watch, it was a little too close to home for me. It would have been awesome if they could do another season and have her successful at beating addiction because it might be come a very inspirational for people with addiction and their families.

  21. Mercedes


  22. citylover

    Being a nurse I so loved the show.. Addicted behavior right on !!! the affairs, the lies, the drugs ,the sex, and the rock & roll music… You had it all !!!!

  23. Loretta Poquette

    I am so sad I TOTALLY LOVE THIS SHOW !!!

  24. MAY

    The series was great. Edie Falco did a wonderful acting job, as well as the other characters. When the writing is good enough that you can feel like you know the people and forget they’re actors, that’s the proof. Jackie did not die at the end. But it leaves us wondering and thinking. Nothing would make her stop though, or so it seems.

  25. Chrissy

    Nurse Jackie 7 season marathon over the last couple days! I just couldn’t stop! Fantastic! Compelling. I’m glad I didn’t see this when it was airing. I would have gone crazy waiting for the next episode! The actors seemed real. I’ve never been so moved by a series. There’s so much more to tell. I’m so sad! REVIVE HER & continue this!!!! I need another fix!

  26. nova

    The best of the best. I just found it. Finished it and hunting for the new season, and found this disappointment, Foolish executives. Edie Falco is a genius! The cast was suburb. The story line was strong. There are few that I have felt this devoted to…
    Thanks you Edie and all for a great ride.

  27. Cheyenne

    Watched all seven seasons. It was like watching a really bad car accident and afterwards wished I didn’t look. I did love all the supporting characters, but hated Jackie. I cheered when she got arrested. She ruined every single relationship she had, using most people. I wished I wouldn’t have wasted all my time watching it. All nurses, doctors and pharmacists should be regularly tested for drug use. The show was well done but what was the point to watch such a depressing story.

  28. Kay

    Most wonderful show. Would love to see a season 8 or at least a happy ending. lol

  29. Shea

    I’m so disappointed!! I love love love Nurse Jackie! I wish it would continue never fails I fall in love with a show and that’s that but these stupid zombie ones and reality crap stays going. I really wish they would reconsider!!! Honestly I think it’s growing more popularity now I want aware if the site until last year and have many friends now just as in love!!

    • stacy

      Were on the samenpage

  30. John

    Just convinced that Showtime will not be added onto my subscribers list. Guess if they have a hit series, consumers have little priority. Why risk disappointment?

  31. stacy

    Love love love ot found it on netflix and disnt mive till i watched all 7 seasons.. please do and 8th

  32. Diane Lombardi

    I just love Edie Falcon,she’s a fabalous actress. I loved her even more on the Sopranos.I’m very dissapointed there will be no Season 8. I was really looking forward to it. I really do hope they reconsidered.

  33. Robin

    I agree that loose ends need to be tied up. It leaves you wondering the status of everyone. Don’t like unresolved issues.

  34. jadee paty

    I too watched Season1 through Season 7 in a day or two. Didn’t want to stop. Please bring it back!!

  35. Hope

    I just found this show a couple of months ago and LOVED it! I, too, binge watched the show and went through all 7 episodes in a few weeks. Whoever wrote it must have be an addict themselves, as this show is about as close to the true behavior and thoughts of an addict, I’ve seen. No one that is not an addict can possibly understand the addict’s behavior or mindset. This show was (IS I hope) a perfect rendition of the behavior and thoughts of an addict. I can’t stand the thought of the last episode being the end of the show:(. lol It’s a horrible ending. I think that if they go on with the show and she finds her rock bottom and becomes a truly recovered addict, this could give those who haven’t found that yet, some hope. I know it’s a fictional story, but is is millions of people’s true story. Maybe they could give those people out there hope and the story could become more than just entertainment.

  36. Mary Brady

    I liked the show for it’s authentic portrayal of addiction and how much secrecy and hiding of pills it took. I was always surprised at how Jackie could do her job so expertly while being high.

  37. Pamela

    Just like many others, this story hit close to home. My only brother was an alcoholic/drug addict and was killed in a tragic car accident. I hated and never understood his addiction all those years.

    I wish the show had continued for the sake of those who are going thru an addiction. I watched all of the seasons in less than a week. I even shed a tear or two at the end. I will miss watching this show. I will miss the actors… especially Zoey and Thor.

    I too could not understand how well Jackie performed her job so diligent while being high.

    Ahhhhh, what an ending of total mystery.

    • Sharon

      Ever seen the movie “Flight”?
      I haven’t used or had a drink in 21 years. You’d be surprised how loaded some of the folks are that have our lives in their hands. Doctors, nurses, pilots, judges, police officers, and many others. There are many high-functioning addicts in the world… But eventually, it catches up and destroys everything and everybody in it’s path. I’ve known several people who committed suicide because they just couldn’t find a way out.
      For those who have never experienced addiction and think it’s about weak or strong will, or morality – the simplest way I can explain it is this: Addicts don’t want to be addicts; but the part of the mind that is the addict-mind has at it’s disposal ALL (and exactly the same amount) of the will, ingenuity and commitment that the non-addict mind possesses…all in THE SAME INDIVIDUAL. It’s like playing chess with yourself. That’s why we do better together, when we help each other recover.

      • Pamela

        Sharon, I worked at a hospital in the nursing department and witnessed a couple of ‘overdoses’ by nurses.

        I wish that they’d have more episodes of Nurse Jackie.

  38. Rhonda Geering

    I absolutely love this show..I hummed and hawed over watching it at all..then decided to go for it..watched all 7 seasons in a week..and want more..!!! Eagerly awaiting the next season of Orange is the new black…watched all of the House M.D…..True Blood..hated that any of them ended…so I am hoping they do come back with another season of Nurse Jackie…loved it..loved the talented characters…if they won’t do a season..couldn’t we at least get a couple hours of a smashing finale?? Please!!!

  39. Louise Harlowe

    Addicted to the show. So it must end, but please give Edie Falco another show. Showing the world what addiction is will only expand their world and open their eyes. Perhaps it will bring more compassion to our society and expose existence… fair warning if you are exposed to the afflicted individuals.

  40. Linda

    Why couldn’t the Norwegian hotel builders just find asbestos in the All Saints Hospital or something? Geesh!! I watched all the seasons in two weeks and loved it!! I am a nurse and totally loved the series!! Bring it back to life please!!!

  41. Katie M

    I loved Nurse Jackie. I feel like it didn’t even start getting good until it got past the first 5 seasons or so. but that ending….it cant end like that.

  42. Davie Crocket

    Lost track of it and the last few days have binged watched and finished off Season 7 with the 12th episode. That is where Jackie is last seen with an overdose on the floor of the hospital at the party the staff was having for the last day it was open.

    To bad there was no season 8 with her going to her new job at Belview Hospital.

  43. Annabella

    TERRIBLE ENDING….. I love this show and they need an episode tying up the loose ends! So many questions!


    bring it BACK !!! SEASON 8 !!!!!

  45. JLHargrove

    Please bring it back, my daughter is an addict and it was enlightening. I love the medical field and am inspired to get out of teaching and go into nursing, already having a BS in Biology. Like Jackie, I am outspoken and a die-hard worker and very committed to what I do, I’m not an addict in that I don’t use on the job, but I do enjoy my wine when I get home. I just can’t say enough “good” about this show, it was just so real and revealing, open, honest and so touching how Jackie truly cared for her patients and how she didn’t let bureaucracy get in the way; she followed the spirit of the law, vs the letter of the law, which takes more brains. Anyone can read a book, manual and make a decision, it takes someone with wisdom to discern the spirit of the law. That’s Jackie! Please bring the show and as many of the characters back! Peanut, Eddie, O’Hara, Helen & her son, etc

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