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Of Kings and Prophets season 2 ?

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Of Kings and Prophets season 2 air date

Will there be Of Kings and Prophets season 2 premiere? What about Air Date of the remaining episodes? ABC canceled the series after airing two episodes.

Original network: ABC
Developed by: Adam Cooper, Bill Collage
Genre: Biblical Drama

Only two episodes on the airing at ABC’s – that’s all the achievements of the series “Of Kings and Prophets”. Low rating of the project forced the network representatives to stop broadcasting and close the series.

The fate of the remaining episodes has not yet been determined, but disappointed fans, which, by the way, there are more than 2.2 million people, are still hoping to hear their release date. As soon as the information is available – we will publish it here. Do not miss an updating of the article!

As it was planned by the creators the TV series “Of Kings and Prophets” was the biblical saga that tells the story through the eyes tired of the wars king, the powerful and touchy prophet and smart young shepherd.

Of Kings and Prophets season 2 – [cancelled]

Well, the second season will not be exactly, but will it be shown the rest of the episodes?

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  1. RisA

    I looked forward to watching Of Kings and Prophets and now I am real disappointed that ABC cancelled this new series. Give it to someone like HULU or Netflix!!!

  2. Marcos-->

    The problem is advertising. Give this show some attention and it will kill the ratings!!!

  3. ProJJJ

    I actually liked it. But it wasn’t advertised that well.

  4. Shery S.

    I liked this show. Of Kings and Prophets would have been great on cable TV and not on a broadcast network like ABC.

  5. Evelyne

    That’s because ABC didn’t promote it like ‘HTGAWM’ and other !!!

  6. Alicia Osier

    Very disappointed that ABC cancelled Prophets and Kings. It was a good show that had historical background and was interesting. They didn’t really give it a chance, and I agree with others, it wasn’t properly advertised or targeted to the right demographic.

  7. Melia Stead

    Sorry to see the series cancelled. I enjoyed the 2 episodes I saw. Bring it back!!!

  8. Tim88

    ABC has a lot of shows that it canceled too soon… I really hope it gets picked up somewhere, because I watched the first episode and I really enjoyed it.

  9. robby

    So sad. Hopefully I can watch it online soon.

  10. Codi Wallis

    I liked Of Kings and Prophets. Great show! Too bad it’s gone. I hope I will get to see the remaining episodes…

  11. Annette Rance

    Just finished watching series 1, enjoyed every episode very much. What’s the problem and the hold-up with series 2? C’mon get your act together, you have a great following so pull out all the stops and don’t disappoint the followers!

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