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Parenthood season 7?

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When does season 7 of Parenthood TV-show premiere? The series was renewed or cancelled? Bad news… NBC announced the cancellation! No season 7 in 2015!

TV-channel: NBC
Created by: Ron Howard
Developed by: Jason Katims
Genre: Family drama
Starring: Peter Krause, Lauren Graham, Dax Shepard…

Season 5 Episode 1: 5.06 million U.S. viewers

Season 6 Episode 1: 4.26 million U.S. viewers

Many fans of «Parenthood» television series are still waiting for the air date of season 7 and hope for the premiere of the new episodes in the fall of 2015. Unfortunately, the rights holders don’t plan to produce the continuation and the storyline will be logically concluded.

Back in May 2014 NBC management decided the sixth season to become the final one for the TV-project. The above mentioned verdict was ambiguously interpreted by the fans of the show, who aren’t ready to say good-bye to the favorite characters so early.

Do the TV viewers need season 7 or is it enough time for Ron Howard’s work to be on air?

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  1. Sergio W.

    It’s the best family oriented show on tv. True to life problems with true to life reactions. I feel their pain and joy. I hate that they are going to be gone… make season 7!

  2. Benny

    Hope something changes and it will continue a bit longer. I love this show!

  3. Claude Garrett (UK)

    I can’t even process that season 6 is the last one ((((

  4. Andres

    Parenthood makes my wife cry every time. So emotional TV-series! Best show ever!

  5. Rodney88

    Very sad to see this show end. Maybe if they advertised it a little more they might get more viewers instead of canceling. Hope for season 7 in 2015 on Netflix.

  6. Harris

    Parenthood is pretty much the only one-hour drama that I watch on NBC. MAke season 7 pleaseeeeee!!!!

  7. Keith

    Parenthood is by far one of the best shows on TV. I consider it one of my favorite shows. I sad that this is the end (((

  8. Jacob Cain

    I’m very sad it’s ending… We need more parenthood! Advertise Parenthood more and make season 7 in 2015!

  9. Elsie (S7)

    Please don’t cancel Parenthood, don’t let. I love this show it’s one of a kind. Watching all the season and seeing the kids grow it’s been amazing.

  10. Ted Mitchell

    I think, This is the best possible outcome for Parenthood. Thank you, NBC.

    • Lisa S

      How is this possibly the best possible outcome for Parenthood. There’s not many “clean” family shows left. All of you big Hotshots keep pulling decent shows off the air and feeling our screens with sex, drugs, and profanity. Don’t get me wrong I watch shows with those things in it sometimes. But when you have a house full of kids it’s always nice to have a clean show you can all watch

  11. Brittany (Dlls)

    My husband and I never miss this show! Ever. It is the best drama on TV. Hope for season 7 renewal.

    • wendy nelson

      Please continue on with season seven, eight, nine…Hope you get the picture!. This is the best drama on TV ever. Fabulous acting. Authentic characters and directing. My husband and I are riveted to this program as well our daughter and son and his wife. Such real life issues and responses. Please continue. Thank-you for every episode and tear.

  12. Nalani

    I am very disappointed and sad that this show is ending. This is my favorite TV show.

  13. KarPatcho

    Make season 7, please!

  14. Jennifer Stockman

    We need season 7 🙂 it can’t be over yet

  15. kathy Sz

    Networks need to get out of the belief that family show are not wanted. They keep reality[gross]
    shows that we hide from the family and cancel family shows that are true, up to date and entertaining.

  16. Tiffany Shroyer

    I love parent hood it makes me so happy and sad at the same time. U can’t give up

  17. Dana

    I’m not ok with this show not coming back, makes me so sad
    I feel very vested in this show and I need a season 7 !!!

  18. Fallon

    Please continue Parenthood!! It’s an amazing show that needs to continue for years!!

  19. Gigi

    It’s the best show ever. My husband and I enjoy it very much! Please bring season 7:((

  20. Ben

    A show with which I can relate. Raising children is tough and this show actually has some real life problems. Since the kids do parent the adults, the show must go off the air. Oh well once every 1000 to 10000 shows, there is a decent one, the rest I can read a good book and not get glued to the tube. My TV watching has decreased logarithmically as I have aged therefore if I like a show, it must not be a revenue producer and is deemed for cancellation!

  21. Christel

    I love, love, love this show. The storyline could have lasted a few more seasons. Darn! I agree with the above comments on advertising. I think it would have been even more popular had half of my friends even knew about it!

  22. Leila


  23. Esther

    Please bring Parenthood back! Best series I have ever watched.

  24. Lexus

    i just starting watching Parenthood , It’s the best family show on Tv & I pray that they bring it back. Please !! Please !!! Bring it back .

  25. andrea

    Best,clean,tv show in our generation.love it please

    season 7 back

  26. terri

    OMG I am so depressed to know it has ended. I have never watched soaps or any long running series. I may never watch tv again. Please bring it back.

  27. Monica Riggs

    I agree! I haven’t gotten into any show more than Parenthood. I connected with the characters. Please bring it back! It was like a date night every night with my hubby. It was comforting to know others experience real life joy and pain.

  28. rita lynch

    ron howard, please, please bring back this show, we need this in our lives, great show, my husband and I are watching on Netflix, please reconsider, please, if only everyshow had this.

  29. Dana

    I just finished watching this on Netflix, all seasons in a month! I love, love, love it! I can relate to pretty much everything this family goes through. I am shocked that there are no more episodes. There is still a story to be told here. Many loose ends that leave room for more seasons. I thoroughly enjoyed this drama. Please reconsider making more episodes.

  30. Jeff

    Please bring Parenthood back!!!! The best show on Netflix!! Season 7 needs to happen!

  31. Sheena Marie Roark

    I think y’all should make season 7 and more after that this show is the best show I’ve ever saw I think a lot of people would be happy to see it come back

  32. jackson

    Please make more this is the best show i have ever seen please bring it back

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