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Parks and Recreation: no season 8

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When does season 8 of Parks and Recreation premiere? Is show renewed or cancelled? No start air date anymore! NBC confirmed that season seven would be its last.

TV-channel: NBC
S1 episode 1: April 9, 2009
Created by: Greg Daniels, Michael Schur
Genre: Political satire

Season 6 Episode 1: 3.27 million U.S. viewers

Season 7 Episode 1: 3.75 million U.S. viewers

Unfortunately, «Parks and Recreation» comedy show is about to finish. NBC management officially confirmed that the seventh season would become the final one and we shouldn’t count on the continuation.

The start air date of the final episodes is scheduled for February 24, 2015. After that all the discussions concerning season 8 should be stopped.

The rights holders note, that they are ready to finish the TV-project logically, without the break of the storyline as the fans deserve it. The fans can only thank NBC channel, crew and cast for the excellent job!

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  1. Victoria

    What comedy will there be to watch on NBC anymore? Please, don’t stop!

  2. Allen Peters

    Bring back! Dont end it!

  3. Lindsey

    Thank you, NBC! If this show had been on any other network, it would have been canceled in few weeks.

  4. Raf

    One of the few NBC shows to keep it’s momentum and finish strong, goodbye old friend!

  5. Kim

    I’m glad this show survived as long as it did but I hope for season 8 )

  6. Cruz

    I love the show! Make season 8 in 2015, please!

  7. Diane

    Great show! Very clever and the actors do a super job of making us all part of the show and the jokes. I don’t have anything else to watch on NBC anymore!

  8. Latoya89

    So sad to see the show end but loved the finale.

  9. Cristina Wilkins

    A great finale for a great series. Other shows need to take note.

  10. Davis (R.)

    Well done, Parks and Rec, well done. That was a great finale!

  11. DONTstop

    Why would they stop such a great show? There’s no reason to end it now, please keep going!

  12. Davis

    The need to have at least a prequel of the show, with some sort of thing about their kids, getting married or something.

    • .....

      A prequel would show their lives before season one. Meaning no kids of any sort would be involved. I think you meant to say sequel.

  13. Smith

    I have fallen to severe depression now that this show has ended.

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