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Lost Girl season 6?

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Will Lost Girl television series renewed for a season 6? The show was cancelled or renewed by Showcase? When does the new episodes premiere in 2016?

TV-channel: Showcase
Genre: Supernatural drama, Mystery-Crime
Creator: Michelle Lovretta

Season 3 Episode 13: 269000 U.S. viewers

The fifth season of the «Lost Girl» television series will be consisting of two parts (16 episodes in total) and will be the final for the show. This is the verdict of the rights holders.

The Showcase management, as well as Anna Silk, the star of the TV-project, have already confirmed the given decision. One should not think the television series is to be closed due to the low ratings or the auditory decrease, as according to the announced data, this is simply the final of the show, and this final is quite logic. According to Showcase, the fans won’t see the open storyline and will get a decent final, which they deserve.

Anna Silk, the actress, filmed a special appeal to the fans of the show and published it on the Youtube. She thanked all the fans of the «Lost Girl» saying good-bye, but also promised the great final of the story.

Well, let’s express our gratitude to the cast and the creators of the given show. But maybe the television series shouldn’t be closed so early?

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  1. Bobby

    Honestly, good. The series was always campy, but s4 was too much. I see no reason to watch season 5.

  2. Darla Cain

    I so sorry to see it go… I’m absolutely devastated that it will not be back for a 6th and more!

    • Debbie

      My life will not be the same if I do not have LOST GIRL to look forward to.

  3. Gary Bo$$

    S4 was terrible!!

  4. Sl1mJek

    no Syfy show can go longer than 5 seasons, it’s a rule ))))

    • kori

      tell that to stargate sg1. they made it to 10 seasons and 2 movies afterwards

  5. Mamie

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Please no!!!!!!

    • Debbie

      That’s what I say!!!!!!!!! Kill me now

  6. Janie Schultz

    One of my favorite shows, I’m sad to know it’s ending!

    • Debbie

      I want my show to come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Lyle R.

    love it! I will continue to follow all the actors solo careers …

  8. sabrina blakely

    this show is great and im sad to see it go

    • Debbie

      I am crying in my cereal

  9. Jason

    They can do what Babylon 5 did. After the series ended they did Movies.

  10. Candice

    Bring it back!!!! Bring it back!!!!

  11. mark

    enjoyed the show, great acting and great writing. was always very entertaining I thought it was great syfy faire and hope there is a season 6. to the entire cast thank you for enriching my DVR and doing great TV. night gallery, twighlight zone, outer limits, dark shadows, star treks, salem and lost girl help to relax and escape the mundane over the years.
    thank you all again
    mission Viejo ca.

  12. N/a

    Why is it when ever there’s a show I like it ends up being cancelled? I wish they would re think it and come back for a 6,7,8,9,10 seasonsz

  13. thumper

    lost girl is one of my favs hows to lose it would be bad i love the show and I would be happy to watch all the time please bring them back

  14. erin

    Wow redonkulas! I thought it was good. They did advertise the show very well though.
    Syfy…. Shame on you all!!!!!

  15. Tamara

    I was so sad when trick was killed off, hard one was Tamsin when she died or riser after giving birth. But they did leave it open ..

  16. Bianca

    I really enjoy the show , was a different story then others . I will be very happy to see that season 6 will come up . I am not saying wasn’t a good final but they still leave something to say .So that’s why i think they should finish the story first and after decide for further seasons or not . But we should see what is next with Tamsin daughter and Bo , that’s why i am saying they leave it open …

  17. Kristine

    This was one of my favorite shows and I really wanted a GREAT ending! but no syfy use to have a lot of great shows now it filled with a lot of junk… I have not watched syfy since lost girl and warehouse 13 have aired… sad!

  18. sarah

    this is by far my favorite tv show, the last episode was great but it left us like “oh no theres more?” like what will happen to tamsins daughter? what is the evil after her? i just wish they would have a season 6.

  19. Krissy Kaufman

    I love lost girl! Watched it every free second I had this summer! So many things left to resolve! Dyson, Lauren, the baby!!! What!!!more please!!!!

  20. K

    I enjoyed Lost Girl more than any show I have seen in ages!!! I’m very! sad to see it go. I wish I had a say, because I would love it to continue…. 🙁

  21. Pl

    Can’t finish it yet I love it bring it back please

  22. merilyn roberts

    we need more seasons of lost girls PLEASE

  23. Natasha Macartney

    I NEED more Lost Girl!!

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