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The Ranch season 2 premiere date Netflix

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The Ranch season 2 release date netflix

When will The Ranch season 2 be released on Netflix? Is the series Renewed or Cancelled? We are waiting for the release date!

Original network: Netflix
Created by: Don Reo, Jim Patterson
Starring: Ashton Kutcher, Elisha Cuthbert, Debra Winger, Sam Elliott…
Genre: Comedy

In April 2016 it is appointed the premiere of the series The Ranch. It is known that the production of the project is made by Netflix, and Ashton Kutcheris invited for the main role.

According to the announcement, it has been already filmed 20 episodes and all of them will be shown to viewers in 2016. First, Netflix plans to give access to watch the first 10 episodes, and later (October 7, 2016) the viewers will enjoy the remaining episodes.

It is not necessary to divide these episodes into the first and second season, as all 20 episodes relate to its debut season.

As for the possible renewal of the series The Ranch for a second season, then it is not discussed, and the creators are not hurry to make announcements. We hope for a high rating, in fact it will contribute to the quick renewal.

The Ranch season 2 release date – [June 16, 2017] (UPDATE 2)

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UPDATE 1 (April 29, 2016): Goooood news! Netflix has renewed The Ranch for Season 2 (will consist of 20 episodes and debut in 2017).

UPDATE 2 (March 30, 2017): Netflix’s The Ranch season 2 will premiere on June 16, 2017.


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  1. Virginia Doyle

    I like Ashton Kutcher and think he’s talented. I’m done!

  2. Erik

    This looks like new sh*tty series on Netflix

    • Diana

      WRONG! Its hilarious, so much better than the crappy reality shows on tv

  3. Sonja

    I’ll watch this because I love Kutcher )))

  4. Melissa

    I’m not to partial on Ashton kutcher
    But I’m excite to sit n watch this NFO!
    Sam Elliot is perfect! It’s almost like the
    Part was written just for him. Im so happy
    To see Debra winger back on the screen.
    Genius to pair that 70s show Michael and Hyde
    As brothers. I bet they have no improv blems!

  5. Adam meneskie

    The show is awesome can’t wait to see more.

  6. nighthawk

    I just finished the first 10 episodes and they were amazing!!!!!! Sam, Danny, and Ashton have great chemistry on the screen. Debra Winger is another wonderful addition. Really can’t wait for the next 10 episodes.

  7. Rosanna

    Really enjoyed all 10 episodes . We laughed a lot . Now have to wait till the next 10

  8. Michelle Miller

    Loved the shows, we watched all of season 1. Please put rest out and make more of them. Good shows are hard to come by and this is a flipping awesome one. Love it, we both do.

  9. Carol

    We loved it!!!! Keep up the great work Netflix.

  10. Sam

    Liked it a lot, has all the drama a modern rancher family, Reminds me of a lots of families I grew up with, dysfunctional but still get things done. Love the show

  11. Sudo Nimh

    Loved the first 10. Watched all in two days. Can’t wait for the next 10.

  12. Angela

    Awesome sitcom. My husband and I binge-watched this together. We haven’t laughed this hard since we were watching Last Man Standing.

  13. Mrs Zitnik

    Already watched the first 10… My husband & I love this show!
    We are anxiously awaiting the other 10! hopeful for a 2nd season PLEASE!

  14. Laura

    It might start out slow but after the second episode We were hooked! Can’t wait for the next 10 we binged watch the first 10 all in one day.

  15. Teresa

    I, and my family Love this show and we watched it all the way through on Netflix. Our Sunday was great watching The Ranch. We can hardly wait for Season 2. We will vote 4 Yes! O NO!

  16. trish b

    Loved it, great cast, first fun series that reaches all ages. My 84 year old mother lived it and my 13 year old son laughed all the way thru it. You have created the perfect Family series, thank you for bringing some good ole TV back.

  17. Jana

    Please bring on the next 10 asap!

    • debbie

      Love the show please bring it back great acting and funny stories thank you

  18. Todd

    I love this show. Watched all ten episodes in two day. Oh and yes I have a degree and a job. Nothing wrong with dumbass comedy. Netflix please continue this show, there are a lot of people out there that like this show.

  19. Kevin & Susan

    My hubby & I really enjoyed it!! Yes, at first we thought the cast combination was odd, but as the episodes moved along the cast works!! Bring on more seasons!!

  20. Pam J.

    Watched all episodes in the first night!! Side splitting funny! Sam Elliot perfect, Debra Winger blast from the past and loved every second of her, the boys are funnier and more real, edgier and very similar to the boys in my house…. I’m a 46 year old single mom with a 27 year old boyfriend. He and I have been together for 5 years. Related to everything in this show!! When can we watch the next 10 episodes????

  21. Shirley Ward

    I am 81 years old and I absolutely loved the “Ranch.” Have watched all the episodes and wait for the 2nd 10. They use the F word like we used to use Gosh but I have 2-34 yr. old twin grandsons so I have heard the language. Aside from that I grew up on a farm with all of the foibles that go with it. Love the cast They play off of each other so well. You have a HIT FOLKS!!!!!!!!!

  22. Kay

    Watched all episodes already ,loved it hope for more seasons .Deff a must watch ,very funny

  23. mark

    Loved the show. Can’t wait for the second 10 episodes.

  24. Clarence heagerty

    This show is one of the best netflix originals I have ever seen! There should be 100 episodes! You have really put together the perfect cast! Great story, and great humer! LOVE IT!

  25. Rachel

    Loved it. Laughed so hard I cried. Can’t wait to see the next 10.

  26. Anzia

    I just loved the show it is so funny………
    So real to life

  27. David W

    Wife and I love this show. It is funny and entertaining and yet has some real stories tucked into the comedy. I so see my own family in this. Great show keep on keeping on!

  28. Linda

    My husband and I enjoyed the ranch can’t wait for season two

  29. Reba

    Just binge watched all 10 episodes. My new favorite show. Ready for the next 10. Keep up the good work!!!!

  30. Ginny

    Love it and love Sam Elliott, all the cast is great but wish Katherine Ross, was playing opposite Sam. Hope we get a 2nd season.

  31. lambodog

    Love this show. How quickly are the second 10 eps going to be aired? Soon, I hope.

  32. Samurainut

    Great show…. Great characters…. Keep it going.

  33. V P

    Love the sitcom The Ranch. It’s funny and yet serious too. Everyday issues that creep into modern day lives.

  34. doug and julie

    the ranch is a wonderful colorful hit ! watched all 10 episodes in 2 nights ! we cant wait to see the next 10 ! hope we don’t have to wait till 2017

  35. Rick M

    I was pleasantly surprised by this show!! When are the next ten episodes going to air?!?

  36. C M

    I love this show!! Can’t wait to watch more of it!!

  37. GEW

    Love It, bring it back soon, PLEASE!

  38. J d

    Love this show specially with Sammy Elliot it’s an All-American show

  39. Steve Holmes

    This is a funny and great show. This would make a great series. I have sat here and laughed out loud, it is perfectly written.

  40. Crystal

    Bring it back, just watched all 10 episodes this weekend and laughed so hard!! When’s the next 10 episodes coming out?

  41. Jason

    Great show. Keep the cameras rolling Please!!!

  42. Christina M.

    When I first started watching The Ranch, it took me a minute to start getting into it, but I was definitely slightly intrigued. But as I started to watch more and more, I came to enjoy it so much more. It’s closer to reality and funny as sh*t. It has it’s ups and downs, it’s twists and turns and the kind of bullsh*t that has possibly happened to anyone out there. Think the casts members are wonderful, props to Sam and Deborah. Ashton and Danny always tearin’ that sh*t up with the comedy, y’all rock. I’m ecstatic to hear about a season 2. I know that this series, as great as it is, may unfortunately, be a shorter series, but I do hope that there will be so much more. These are the types of shows that relate more to people and real living. When people can relate more, they want more. It’s great to escapes from reality every now and then with the other shows, but it’s great to be able to do it when actually relating more and enjoy our own even that much more. :•}

  43. cherry truelove

    Love the show. Stars from my ear and newer ones too. Thanks Netflix.

  44. shane b. pate

    truely THE RANCH on NETFLIX has set a new standard and clearly the number 1 comedy out there they have raised a level AND comedy to a AWSOME AND NEW BAR for all who will try to compete for… JUST SIMPLE AND PURE BUT MOSTLY GENIOUS AND DOWN TO EARTH REALLY CLOSE TO HOME AND BELIEVABLE

  45. Tammy K

    I love this show!! Can’t wait to watch the new season!! Please hurry, want to know if there will be a b any on the Ranch or not!!

  46. Linda Bozeman

    I like this series! Hope it continues! Great cast!

  47. Christine Chrisman

    Watched all the episodes 3 times and laugh just as hard as I did the first time! Amazing, looking forward to MANY MORE SEASONS!!!!!!!

  48. Nancy

    A friend told me about this series & decided to watch. Loved it & watched all the episodes in one night. Will definitely watch this when new episodes are released. Sam Elliott is still sexy & can hang his hat on my bedpost any time. Funny stuff !!!

  49. Linda English

    I watched and enjoyed so much the 1st. season of “The Ranch”, but in season two you added those laugh tracks it took it from being real. Whoever thought this was a good idea is an Asshole. I thought it was a really good show and good actors but when you added that laugh track it just ruined the whole show. I can’t even watch it anymore.

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