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Shameless season 6: premiere date (2016)

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When does season 6 of «Shameless» start? What is known about premiere air date in 2016? It was renewed in January by Showtime! Let’s wait the new episodes!

TV-channel: Showtime
Developed by: John Wells
Created by: Paul Abbott
Genre: comedy-drama

Season 4 Episode 12: 1.93 million U.S. viewers

Season 5 Episode 3: 1.96 million U.S. viewers

Good news for the fans of Frank Gallagher’s family: right after the premiere of the fifth season of «Shameless» television series, Showtime management decided to renew the TV-project for season 6.

According to David Nevins (President of Showtime Networks Inc.), such a rapid ordering can be explained by the fact that the show is getting stronger and stronger every year, that’s why the further financing isn’t even being discussed. It should be noted that the premiere date of season 6 is scheduled for January 10, 2016, and obviously, the viewers will again enjoy 12 new episodes.

Shameless season 6 start air – [January 10, 2016] (9/8c)

«Shameless» is one of the last series left over from Showtime’s previous regime, so let’s support it in comments!

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UPDATE 1 (January 12, 2016): Good news! Showtime has renewed Shameless for Season 7. The 12-episode season will begin shooting later this year.

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  1. Jackie

    Happy for Shameless! I still need to watch that one.

  2. Lydia Silva

    Such an excellent show! Congrats to all involved!

  3. Rudy

    Thank you Showtime, you made my week. Hope for season 6 start before 2016!

  4. Bernard

    I’m so excited about Shameless. This is my favorite show! Love Emmy )

  5. Roy

    Great news!

  6. Ashley

    So happy for another season of SHAMELESS!!! hands down an awesome show!!! Love it!!!!

  7. Steve

    Really a great show. The first couple years were just over the top crazy and kind of scattered, but the character development has been really fun and interesting to watch. Happy it will be around for at least another season!

  8. Ags

    Love the show! Its getting better with time, evolving and developing deeper structures.
    Please keep filming!

  9. kathy

    Great show keep playing love it!!

  10. JJOHN


  11. Scott Davidson

    I have been watching Shameless since the first episode debuted. Shameless is the best show on TV. Smart move by Showtime to renew the show for season 6. If Showtime cancels Shameless, I will cancel Showtime.

  12. Ann

    So happy that Shameless wll return for Season 6. Love this show. Can’t stop watching it.

  13. Debbie

    Why do we ALWAYS have to wait so long for a new season of SHAMELESS to start??? Like almost 9 months??? 🙁 🙁 🙁

  14. Davina

    Love this show!! Have watched since season 1 and absolutely love every character, even Frank!!!! I am going to be sad when it ends…it will happen eventually. Maybe a spin off…

  15. Danny

    Top 7 maybe 6 shows of ever for me. Can’t wait for season six to start.

  16. mike

    Best tv on

  17. stella

    Shameless is the best show on TV .we never miss a show .we season record it so we don’t miss it.we tell everyone about the show.thank you showtime for giving us the best show on TV today.

  18. Latanya Kitchens

    I am so disappointed with Showtime. I am a Borgia fanatic!!!!! how could you not make a season 4??!! three seasons to a show unheard of!!!! PLEASE BRING MY BORGIA’S BACK1

    • Abbey Road

      No comment about Breaking Bad?

  19. pat

    Me and my 71 year old roomie love shameless, I keep crossing my fingers in hope that some how Ian and mickey stay together, and more about debbie too this season.

  20. Steph

    It’s such a crazy show! I can’t stop watching, I want it to stay on FOREVER!!!

  21. JAMIE


  22. Kevin

    That Asian College girl really let Lip have it last season. Hope to see more of her.

  23. sky

    I order showtime every year in January for three months just for this show. Absolutely amazing.

  24. Tina

    I am addicted to the realness of the show. I absolutely loved it. Can’t wait for the new season. I plan to order the dvd of the past season. Thanks for creating Shameless!

  25. Randy

    The best show ever—I never miss an episode. My favorite character (they are all amazing though)
    is Lip. Great actor!!

  26. matt a

    I’ll never forget….is at down with a 12 pack and watched the whole first season and have not stopped since. One of a kind show with great developing characters. Fiona is hot, Lip is the man and Frank is Frank. I hope it goes till season 100

  27. Shelz

    Omg!!! Shameless is the best. I was so happy my friend shared his interest in it with me. Hurry up bring it back on.

  28. Robert B

    Can’t wait for Season 6 of Shamless. Worked our way backwards from Season Five to Season One. Now working our way back to Season 5 again. GREAT SERIES!!! Keep it coming!!!!!

  29. jog836

    way to go showtime, winter is not winter without football and shameless.

  30. erma

    wow. Great series i really like it!

  31. chris

    favor person on the show is Lip ( i like how he’s developed in the last few season but i really hope he finish cleaning up his act i like how the show is… showing college life to be more fun and of a party if your the right person for it.. and I shop the show doesn’t mess with Debbie to much as far as trying to make her look -trashie since she wants a baby -.- ( but that is a great out look on what some people put on things) emma i enjoy seeing too. But really looking forward to seeing hoe Lip develops with his girlfriend and his teacher.. to see if he can make something work between them…

  32. gray wolf

    Shameless is t*ts

  33. Joseph Davis

    What a great show! I don’t miss an episode. This show has brought comedy a Laughter back into my life.

  34. JOHN


  35. Lauren Tucker

    Love this program can’t wait. Hooked Bring Sheila Back

  36. Charley J

    Best show ever

  37. Abbey Road

    Bring back Frank’s mama.

  38. mister dawson

    There is not enough Mickey on the show. He is the best thing on it since he accepted his gay sexuality. Finally a gay person who is comfortable about who he is. Please don’t go the way of all other shows (Soap, Melrose Place et al.) and when there is nothing else to do with the character have him go to women. Yea, like all the hetros go gay when there is no story line. How about making Lip slip with men if there is no story line left for Lip?

  39. Jerry

    Keep it great show

  40. Heather

    Honestly can’t wait for the new season. I honestly love ever character, all there flaws! Each character is great and can’t wait to see what happens!!

  41. Shelley

    Absolutely the best show ever on tv! I binge watched seasons 1-5 after I stumbled upon this show in season 3, can’t stop watching & still on cloud 9 after Emmy Rossum tweeted me back love her but by far my fave character is LIP, all of the actors are phenomenol but this kid Jeremy Allen White is gonna go way beyond Shameless I see an Oscar in his future so Jeremy Allen White if you read this I’m your #1 fan in Indiana. You made me love tv again kid! Bless all of the cast! The most underrated tv show on!! Keep killing it!

  42. Mike M

    Wish it was on longer. Season to short, love ya ,Emmy your great!!

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