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Person of Interest season 6 ?

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Person of Interest season 6 premiere date

Will there be Person of Interest season 6? We want to know the exact premiere date of the series in 2017 on CBS!

The fans of the series Person of Interest in social networks showed their love for the project and expressed sincere disappointment at the fact that the sixth season of the show was not planned. Remind that the CBS representatives decided to close the project in 2016, but fortunately, for the viewers it was prepared worthy and logical final without dropping the story line.

POI executive producers Jonathan Nolan and Greg Plageman in a recent interview, thanked fans for their interest in the series, because of the viewers support, it was in the air for five years. The creators are satisfied that they can properly close the series, although they are unlikely to expect such an early final.

The rumors, that it is prepared the final chapter for Person of Interest, have begun to appear immediately after the announcement about the ordering only 13 episodes for the fifth season and postponing their start date. Now, however, there is no doubt: the sixth season will not be exactly, and the fans should accept it.

What do you think about such decision from CBS? Do you approve it?

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  1. Bryan B.

    Very sad to see the show coming to an end. It is one of the most clever and inventive shows on TV but I think, that big mistake was when POI switched from procedural to the convoluted Machine VS. Machine storyline.

    • Zoi


    • Jason

      I agree big time

  2. Alison K.

    POI is amazing and deserves more! Netflix! This is a show to be picked up and kept going. Pleaseeee

  3. Mike21

    Easily one of the most intelligent and entertaining dramas on TV! Hopefully it will be on a network or streaming service that they can do whatever they want on.

  4. Miguel Miller

    Love Mentalist and POI. Not understanding why they get cancelled. What about Netflix?

  5. --L0RD--

    CBS cancels their best show so they can put on another cr*ppy spinoff of CM. Great job, bast*rds!

  6. Bruce Ward

    It was a very, very good show… Probably the best on CBS. I look forward to each and every episode that’s left!
    Bad move, CBS

  7. Billy P.

    This show is amazing. I’m pretty sure they had a huge following, and good ratings. Netflix, do something!

  8. rosalie

    That really s*cks. It was the best show CBS has aired in years. Stop cancelling the good shows plz . Reconsider and keep person of intrest going.

  9. Erin & Nelson

    We hate to see it go. Very interesting characters. We will miss them all.

  10. Jamie S.

    I’m just happy the show got a final season. I don’t care how long a show runs!

  11. Denise

    I have never watched any series all the way to the end until POI. Thank you so much for the ride it’s been great.

  12. Lindsay Brady

    This is truly disappointing to read. POI was in my opinion was one of the most original action spy thrillers… will miss…

  13. Jack

    It was the best show ever. They should’ve not ended the story this fast at season 5. Very very very sad to hear about POI ending and no season 6. They really should renew the season for the love of fans and if they wanna close the only thing that earns them money. it is very disappointing to hear the season has ended. All other useless show’s get season 10 , and season 15. The most interesting one gets 5 seasons. Person of interest was quality work. Now we get to see useless shows that aren’t even worthy of being shown. So sad. Very sad. Very very sad. i don’t know what to say anymore. its just an utter silence in future.

  14. Renee Williams

    Another stupid decision. A little patience CBS and the ratings will climb.

  15. peter rehberg

    final episode of POI was awesome, tho sad that John dies, it seemed fitting in the context of the plotline.Also great that Harold reunites with the love of his life! all in all a fantastic last episode. Lets hope Shaw and the new group continue on with the help of Netflix. Also loved the final street scene, with the Machine locking onto all the faces on the street. Exactly the way the first episode ended…nice touch! Going to keep checking to see if Netflix brings it back for season 6.

  16. Thomas Lee

    Yeah, I see the ratings on CBS going down the toilet. Only way the network will understand is if they lose viewers and advertisers.

  17. Bob, Tensaxer Beasley

    I’ve been catching up…,near the end of season 4 (NETFIX), I mean Netflix. It has been a non-stop thrill which leaves me feeling like I’ve just had a fix. As with a great book,as it nears the end, I get sad as I ponderind what will fill the void. I cherish the remains episodes and wonder what could be on the minds of CBS executives. We’ll any , non top networks have a ” No Brainer” to snatch up this BRILLIANT Series.

  18. Amy Casarez

    I would most definitely love to see more POI!! Please don’t let season 5 be it’s last:( please let John be somehow alive!!!

  19. Ali

    I am hoping there will be a sixth season. Its quite an interesting series for fans especially if you have an interest in how the world can one day be monitored by a superior artificial intelligience system backed by a new world order
    I am certain the producers and writers can create a season 6. Its time to get the ball rolling.
    I saw every episode AND DEFINITELY A FAN

  20. Rediet nigussie

    I am hoping that season six will be produced and John Reese will be alive. POI is the greatest series movies I have ever seen.

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