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«Person of Interest» season 3: start date

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When does «Person of Interest» season 3 start? Where can watch new episodes?? Premiere date on CBS is known!

TV-channel: CBS
Pilot episode: September 22, 2011
Creator: Jonathan Nolan

Season 1 Episode 1: 13,33 million U.S. viewers

Season 2 Episode 1: 14,28 million U.S. viewers

All the fans of American television series «Person of Interest» could be happy, since CBS television channel has officially ordered Season 3 of the given TV show thanks to the viewership great interest. It should be noted, that the pilot episode was watched by 13.33 million Americans and by the start of the current Season this number raised to 14.28 million. By the way, the exact number of the episodes isn’t defined yet, but the premiere (start date) for Season 3 of «Person of Interest» is scheduled for September 2013.

«Person of Interest» season 3 premiere – [September 24, 2013]

Experts of Bad Robot Productions Company will be again responsible for the production.

Should it be continued? You can support it in comments.

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  1. Cat

    I’m really enjoying PERSON OF INTEREST, glad it has been renewed.

  2. esooknanan

    This is by far the best show on T.V,I am so very happy to hear it’s been renewed for a third season.Love the writing and love the actors,only Jim can play Reese in my book,also love Michael.I hope we’ll be seeing Paige in season three,I know she’s working on another show,bot I love her.

  3. kosio k.

    This is now my favorite show! Thank goodness Person of Interest will continue for season 3!

  4. trax

    Really enjoyable to watch. I’m not surprised! best cast!

  5. mayuri


  6. Chi

    best show ever

  7. brian

    ive been watching this series in the uk its the best keep them going cbs cant wait for season 3

  8. Moein

    Yessss,I love this show,definitely the best TV-series ever…I hope it continues till season 10….I’d be depressed if they cancel it someday…;)

  9. Masco

    It’s an awesome series…can’t wait to see what happens to ‘The Machine’.

  10. Nicola

    Good news,i ll wait for semptember

  11. Subhadeep Dey

    Ofcourse it should be renewed!!! We’re thrilled abt this show!! And it ended on such a note of suspense dat we’re really waiting to see wats next!!!

  12. Nixon

    Just love the show. Can’t wait for season 3. CBS please come to India!!!

  13. jay

    best tvshow out there

  14. Theo

    Its a show that honestly does well…luv it
    It should return with a 3rd season…glad it will

  15. Charles Mlawa

    Can’t wait to see the PI season 3. It’s the best show I have ever watched in my life – TANZANIA

  16. Chris Kyei

    Yeah, it should be continued. Can’t wait to see the downfall of HR and what will happen to Root.


  17. suzie lane

    love this show, glad its been renewed

  18. janice

    best show ever enjoyed season 1 and 2 of persons of interest and can’t wait to watched season 3 i am enjoying it.

  19. Iqbal

    Love it!

  20. doctordeath

    will it ever give us a nother number again? grate clif hanger
    i love this show!

    • Sarah

      Love this show! The writers are amazing, and the plot is spot on. I love Finch!! 🙂 Can’t wait until season 3 Premeire.

  21. Eric

    This show is the best thing since the UNIT. Glad it’s going for season 3.

  22. Jody

    I am in love with this show and all the characters…brillliantly written and cast!

  23. Ani Blair

    Huge Caviezel fan! Keep it going! Bravo!

  24. Edgar Carrasco Nalo

    Very interesting indeed. Loving every thrill of it.

  25. john schulz ( Australia )

    The most entertaining show currently on television, hope john finally settles down with Zoey great chemistry there.

  26. Mandy

    Excellent show!!!! The”Team” needs to meet in secret and continue their work even more now than before and they need to destroy Decima Technologies and Samaritan. Keep it going!!


  27. darnld

    the show is liked by all i hear all over

  28. Brenda

    One of the best TV series I’ve ever watched. What were you debating about? I’m so glad it’s coming back on.

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