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«Stargate Universe» season 3: release date

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When does «Stargate Universe» season 3 premiere? Release date is known?

Science fiction television series «Stargate Universe» by Brad Wright and Robert Cooper premiered on SyFy in October, 2009. At present 2 seasons which include 40 episodes have been shot and aired. Since there were a lot of ideas for new episodes, the given series was planned to consist of more than 3 seasons according to Brad Wright. But SyFy closed the show in December, 2010.

Many fans still believe that Season 3 of «Stargate Universe» will be produced and aired by other TV channels.

Despite the fact that the production of Season 3 is quite possible, the reality is not very encouraging. It should be noted that at the nearest future «Stargate Universe» Season 3 isn’t envisaged to be produced.

During the realization of the story, its plot was repeatedly criticized both by professionals and some advance audience who pointed at the drawbacks of series concept.

Would you like to see new episodes?

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