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«Stargate Universe» season 3: release date

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When does «Stargate Universe» season 3 premiere? Release date is known?

Science fiction television series «Stargate Universe» by Brad Wright and Robert Cooper premiered on SyFy in October, 2009. At present 2 seasons which include 40 episodes have been shot and aired. Since there were a lot of ideas for new episodes, the given series was planned to consist of more than 3 seasons according to Brad Wright. But SyFy closed the show in December, 2010.

Many fans still believe that Season 3 of «Stargate Universe» will be produced and aired by other TV channels.

Despite the fact that the production of Season 3 is quite possible, the reality is not very encouraging. It should be noted that at the nearest future «Stargate Universe» Season 3 isn’t envisaged to be produced.

During the realization of the story, its plot was repeatedly criticized both by professionals and some advance audience who pointed at the drawbacks of series concept.

Would you like to see new episodes?

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  1. ted

    I would like ot see more if they get into more into survival and less soft po*n.

  2. mikky

    I am very disappointed.great writing, amazing acting, great production values – and «cancelled». Omg

  3. Michael

    This was a great series…just finished the 2 seasons on netflix. I wished I had watched it when it first aired. Its a shame there will be no third season I was really looking forward to it maybe they can bring it back in a year or so when other shows start finishing up. The end of season 2 certainly gives a great chance to follow the story again after a few years.

    I would love to see this series continue again, I rewatch the 2 seasons over and over again its really enjoyable and would recommend it to anyone 🙂

  4. Ken DonoV

    We want SGU back! ending it this way is quite…

  5. Fidelma

    Si seulement, quel dommage que cette excellente série n’est pas continué… Je rêve d’une saison 3, ou au moins un téléfilm pour clore l’histoire… Mais je ne fais pas d’illusions..

  6. Lee

    Great series, big fan of SG1, was a bit dubious about SG-universe at first, but turned out very well done, real shame there’s no finisher with season 3 an possibly 4, real shame if they don’t carry it on!!

  7. j. eldert

    [During the realization of the story, its plot was repeatedly criticized both by professionals and some advance audience who pointed at the drawbacks of series concept.]
    Those professionals don’t understand the large audience, who most of the time don’t give a damn. It is SciFi for crying out loud.

    so the heck to those professionals and advance audience. Just make a season 3 and 4 etc. It is a great serie to watch.

  8. LaRosa

    I WANT A SEASON 3!!!!!!


    I wan’t SGU season 3 yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. martin

    tak bude ta tretia seria alebo nie?Som velky fanušik a potešilo by ma keby bolo pokračovanie.

  11. Landaca Czerniewski

    It has been 2 years now and I still dream of watch more SGU. It is a great show. I really don’t understand why it had to go.

    • Amanda

      To make room for wrestling… I mean come on they moved it around from one night to the next, and then put on wrestling, because they were idiots…

      Oh and they didn’t understand that most people watched the show during the rerun at 11PM EST, because the network shows dont repeat… lets see NCIS that isn’t on demand or SGU?

  12. edgey

    i carnt understand why this has been cancled when every thing about SGU is spot on the only thing that let it dwn was the bad reviews by other people that no one cares about.it an epic serise and diserves to be finished what joke!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Sef

    I am sure all us Sci-Fi fans can agree SGU took a few episodes to get introduced too not only the concept but also the diverse characters. Such a shame they cancelled the show and to be honest, they would be mad not to re-start from series three. This has just started to get us all hooked and could easily outrun both Atlantis and SG.

    • Amanda

      I was made to be that way… just like the characters were getting used to the fact that they were stuck on a ship with no way back!!!

  14. yasir

    I WANT A SEASON 3, make a season 3 and 4 go on It is a great series to watch, real shame if they don’t carry it on!!

  15. Henriques

    Queremos a temporada 3 !!!!!!!!!!

  16. Rose

    I really loved SG.U it was such a great series and the actors were so amazing I really hope they make season 3 because I want to see more of Robert Carlyle and more of the show

  17. Duvelke

    I want a new season too, it was a great ending at season 2 to make a great new season and they have had enough time to do it.

  18. Herman

    So the Destiny is on its way to the source and centre of the universe with its crew in stasis.We leave it at that? C.mon…..devs where is your imagination? where is your creativity?You can’t leave your fans just hanging like this?That would be the downfall of art.SG-universe must have a proper ending. The mission must be completed….one way or another.

  19. farvahar

    it was very intresting season 1and 2. Yes I WANT TO SEE SEASON 3-4-5-6-7-8AND……………….

    • Larsi

      Agree!! Indeed!! 😀

  20. jos

    Season 3 GET ON WITH IT….!!! And 4

  21. Roisin

    So dissapointed in syfy channel, defiance s*cks…
    SGU is the best series EVER !!!

    • Amanda

      I totally agree that defiance s*cks… it lacks imagination!!

  22. Marvin

    Hell Yeah,

    Give me me a season 3.

  23. H. Archie

    it`s a quality product!

    why not more???

  24. Jeff

    SyFy needs to get away from the “B rated Horror Movies” and all the Vampire and Werewolf series and get back to true “Science Fiction” shows. Anymore I watch BBC America than I do SyFy because I am getting sick and tired of getting hooked on a show just to have it cancelled…C’mon Man!!!! Season 3 is needed!

  25. Katarina

    WE want SGU season 3 and possibly 4! Of all the SG’s the most peaceful, mature, intelligent imaginative and interesting…characters were nicely developed and plot was much better in season 2 then 1. Sure, these is always someting to do better and improve whether in the line of story, development of characters and their interactions…but show was getting better and better…However, bringing back Lucian alliance was unnecessary and waste of time.

  26. rocio

    WE want SGU back!!!!

    • Melvinda Nichols

      Please bring back Stargate Universe! It has so many story lines that could be expanded into another 10 season syfy…at least do a movie to wrap up the cliff hanger. There have been no real syfy since SGU…we are bleeding for some good space stories…whoever said this was not a money maker lied to you…I mean really who wants to watch the majority of what syfy has been replaced with? Good syfy like SGU ATLANTIS SG1 I believe they inspire us to explore space. or maybe just be afraid to explore space. FarScape was one of the best and they cared enough about their viewers to do a two hour summation…I really admire them and think of them often and watch them over and over again…Netflix won’t even run SGU anymore or any of the SG1 or Atlantis series…I feel this is sad because if you guys are afraid to make sequels to these great shows then you need to rethink….a lonely syfy …thank you for listening…

  27. Larsi

    Yes!! Please!!!!
    I want to see moore Stargate Universe!!
    When is the release date of season 3?! 🙂

  28. Berith Hemmingberg

    Of course we want a third season.

  29. YEA

    Helll ,yeahhh!!!!!

  30. n

    Gentlemen of the Syfy Channel:
    – Has been so long since season 2 SGU that ,and if you launch season 3 now on the market you have certainly the audience;
    – Too many peoples ( and fans) are waiting for season 3;
    – What kind of marketing practicing there ????????????????????????

  31. Jo Sain

    My husband and I just finished watching SGU seasons 1 and 2 again.
    The way season 2 ended, a season 3 could be done showing the 3 year gap.
    My husband suggested that it could be made available online as a subscription. It seems there are still enough fans wanting more for it to be profitable.
    I hope to hear good news soon.

    • Nils BYE

      So do i think too i really hope that it would

  32. Ryan


  33. Darkinsider

    Hehe die serie muss umbedingt weiter gehen,wenns nach mir gehn würde auch so viele staffeln wie Atlantis.

  34. gabe

    sgu no season 3 assholes just like firefly good shit gone to waste

  35. Tautvydas

    Lithuanians want SGU season 3 !!!!

  36. Amanda

    I truely would love to see a 3rd season. I am a true Stargate fan. Own every single episode and movie from the franchise!

    We definately need to see what happens to the crew of Destiny.

    It kinda s*cks that ABC stole two of the main characters!! Give them back or pick up SGU!!

  37. mbm1

    Just finished watching both seasons of SGU on netflix, it was a great show, one of my favourites with a great story, fascinating concept, amazing characters and way more entertaining than most of the drivel on TV nowadays, even now i wish they’d bring about a season even if just to finish it off its possible given the end of season 2 and would be a crime not to at least give a great series the finish it deserves. I want more SGU!!!

  38. sgu fan

    Does anyone know where I can buy Stargate Universe Season 2 as Bluray edition ?

  39. Adina

    Dont u know guys that nowadays the’s the same bullshi* everywhere the same stereotypes of movies,idiotic comedies bad made horrors or fairy tale action movies or like in the games no choices no character choseing or creation and the same gameing themes with different aspects not even close to real themes,no diversion whatsoever…its a shame about this movie…it was…interesting.

  40. Celestial echelon

    Please finish the series or srt a new one at “destinys” destination

  41. GOD


  42. paul fro oz

    Why is it that whenever I get sucked into a series it ends? SG1 ran it’s course, Stargate Atlantis finished prematurely although rushed but at least they ended it. You bastards have left everyone hanging with Universe, it’s like a death in the family without closure. For F*** sake finish it, we want more. Most of all the other sci-fi we see now is shite.

  43. Eric Brouwer

    We bought the complete dvd-box one week ago. Season 1 and 2. We watched all 11 dvd’s in this week. Couldn’t get enough of it. We didn’t have SG-U on tv here in the Netherlands. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let there be a Season 3! We want to buy the whole season at once. You can’t let the crew sleeping!

  44. artur28

    chcę więcej tych epizodów co najmniej 10 i więcej bo to super serial. więcej i jeszcze więcej. SGU WIĘCEJ

  45. Gidi

    The best scfi series ever done, no bs, very engaging. is anyone home???

  46. Problemsolver

    The concept of stargate to explain the human condition and existence through our own history and mythology was incredible. Universe continued on, with an ancient experiment that had long since been abandoned due to their ascension but the ship journeyed on. The universe was the limit for the writers, did the crew of destiny find a race of beings more powerful than the ancients? What secrets has the ship learned on its journey? With the passing of the Asgard , the defeat of the Ori and the coming home of Atlantis. The combined knowledge of the them all, along with Carter, the Mckay’s and Eli they could solve the gate supply issues and continue on with a full crew. Like I said, “the entire universe was and is the limit”. Unfortunately MGM pulls the strings, they only care about how fast they can make money. They weren’t making it fast enough, Universe had to go! Truth probably is. they couldn’t figure out where to take the series. After the runs of SG1 and Atlantis, nearly 15 years of writing, what do we Write now? If they had asked their fans, we could have enlightened them. There is also room in this franchise for further expansion. Exec’s are to blind and greedy to see the fans need for more of the story not just of universe but the story as a whole. They started something With the original movie that has a need to be fed.

    If anyone that matters is reading this, let it be known, I have a continuation for Universe and two other series/stories within the franchise. One I Have entitled “5th Race” and the other “Full Circle” By the titles you can tell they might just deal with the Ancients parts of the story.

  47. Kersi

    The writers of SGU are great it is a addictive Si-Fi please bring it back we are waiting for more.
    It imaginative, emotional, funny and full of drama the actors and directors have a fantastic chemistry working together.

  48. florin

    Stupide people make stupide ….make 3 sezon ! Is the best SF from all the times !

  49. Nils BYE

    I’cant belive they stop’d this series it’s super good and entertaining but it could have been less cr*p in it but i think it’s a great conscept and really makes u wanna know how they will do and and now that they closed the show i got really mad i bet that the show have gotten many fans the last years and would do great succes couse there arent many good sci-fi series out there and i really hope it will be picked up from the shelf and continued.

    is there anyway i can help make it air again?

  50. crazy

    I want, WE want, ALL want!!!

  51. Tifenn

    I would love to see more stargaze. I have been fan of stagnate seen I am kid still watched them again now! stargaze universe need a proper ending ! That is why I am upset when a channel tv decide what is good or bad series and just just a show like that I don’t think you can end up a series they did !!!! bouuuuhhh!!!

  52. SmileyDJingles

    I’d be happy with a book series. I just want it continued!

  53. Smiley D Jingles

    I’d be happy with a book series at this point! I just want it continued!


    I can believe that it was cancel, Star gate – u is 10 times better than the other Star Gate franchises, better than star trek series and Battle Star Galactica. Please start filming the 3rd season.

  55. Bobby

    They could have at least shortened the remaining episodes into one movie for a finale instead of leaving the audience hanging like that. I mean, where is their sense of pride. They could even modify the story-line and create a freak accident that sends the Destiny much closer to its destination. Honestly it’s not that hard. The best way for the freak accident to occur, (in my opinion), is for the Destiny to go on with it’s current mission, but, just after Eli gets the last stasis pod working and enters, they intercept another ship just as it’s entering hyperspace in the same direction as Destiny. This way, both ships travel through hyperspace in FTL thus increasing travel distance exponentially. But due to the Destiny’s size and speed, stopping the hyperspace jump becomes impossible until the Destiny drops out of FTL three years later, way of course and much closer to it’s “destination”. The other ship (both completely out of power and the crew dead due to lack of supplies) is more advanced and can still house the whole crew. So they “jerry rig” a power line and transfer all remaining power and information to the new ship and take other supplies along with them (including the stargate somehow). Afterwards they make a hyperspace jump to get back on course and continue with Destiny’s mission.

    Well, there is my outline of the Wrap-up of SGU. The rest, including how they complete Destiny’s mission, is up to the producers…. if they decide to take this idea into account.

  56. Alicia

    Please bring back SGU

  57. Reeves

    SGU did start off slow but pick up as ot went. It had the potential to be one of the gelreat series in the stargate frabchise. Please bringbit back or at least give it a proper ending.

  58. marc

    Great acting great story bring it back u cannot leave it like that

  59. bob

    love the show let season 3. I agree with jeff they have all this vampire bull cra but they let the good shows go THIS IS A GREAT SHOW///come on season 3 and 4

  60. David

    It would be nice to least make a season 3. To see what happens after the long journey and if eli survives. But sadly enough, it will probley not go on. So long live the crew of Destiny and pray that they make more seasons.

  61. Dustin

    Really like SGU want to see more.

  62. Tobias

    Im a true freaking fan i used to watch sg-1 with my dad when i was a kid ive rewatched sg-1 and atlantis 7 times, and now i notice sgu exist and i watched it and i freaking loved it, then i start some research and notice that SyFy has canceled ther f*cking show, COMON WTF I WANT MORE CANT SOMEONE TALK TO THE WRITERS, GIVE THEM SPONSORS IDC PLZ MORE MOREEEE

  63. Christina

    Please bring back SGU, it was a great series. I’ve always loved the sg1 and sg Atlantis. Please bring it back.

  64. Tony

    Please bring back Us season 3 and more of SGU. It is a great series. Can’t let it end like that.. Bring it back to life….

  65. Jason Otley

    So is there is going to be a season 3 or wan I REALT HOPE SO

  66. Becrispy

    I get it, BUT
    I’m I wanted a REAL conclusion to the story? Mathboy changing facial expressions gazing out as Destiny courses through space was incongruous and one-note~and ending that smacked of poor silent film directing.
    You might say, I’m mad.

  67. kev

    With the ability to time travel plus duplicate the ship when traveling threw a star there is endless possibilities. Plus most of all we must not forget that most inventions and leaps in technology come from ideas which are born by creative minds during the development of science fiction movies. If we as humans are ever going to fully grasp our potential then we have an obligation to humanity to continue feeding creative minds. so please continue the series and do not let non-creative minds stop what is in fact a form of evolution which my one day save humanity.

  68. Eileen Robertson

    It’s not what we want, but what the sponsors will sponsor. Its about the money.

    Love the series. Want it back. Check out who sponsored it originally.

  69. Marvels

    People who Put the Money Up NEVER wanted this to Succeed! Most series TODAY Have something that a lot of People LACK that’s IMAGINATION! RARE COMMODITY TODAY! WHO EVER CANCELLED THIS is a Money Grubbing Bast@$D!

  70. Denne

    Breng stragate back to life plz!!

  71. Tom

    Please keep this going, best show since the original Star Trek, I am hooked. I just finished watching the first two seasons and want more!! I cannot wait three years until they get to the next universe!!

  72. Badwolf137

    By far the best stargate series I have seen and the only one that has kept me glued to my seat in anticipation for the next episode. So imagine how devastated I was to find at the end of season 2 some jumped up pencil neck idiot decides this epically amazing series wouldnt return and they were going down different avenues….To not produce any more SG-U series is a crime against humanity!

  73. sudsy

    Please make a season 3. The cliffhanger ending was awful if you are leaving us there. There seem to be a lot of supporters for this show. And scfi doesn’t always mean vampires and werewolves and zombies. That seems to be all that mass media will support these days. I did have cable when this show cake out, but I didn’t see it until watching it on Hulu. I would love to see another season.

  74. Ken Weber

    I loved the Stargate Universe show I would have loved to be in it!! Great show great cast, love the ship, definitely needs to dwell more on the survival of the crew going from planet to planet and less on the mini robot ship fights. The planet recon missions were more fun to watch I mean how much damaged could that ship honestly take with no materials to make repairs. But again, love the show I really hope they bring it back!!

  75. Jimmy

    just do it

  76. Dare

    This one was by far the most interesting and had the most potential to be really something great… They just scratched the surface with this show… I really expected some kind of conclusion, instead they all ended in stasis… They could have really worked out the story….

    What about the final mission, final answer ? I WANT THE FINAL ANSWER OF LIFE AND EVERYTHING ! 😀

  77. John

    I would have to say, Stargate Universe was slow to start and if not a stargate fan it would be easy to get lost. I am and will always be a stargate fan. I am currently watching all three series for the 6th time and still believe there is more to be told. If any one of the three left room for more stories, and adventure Stargate Universe is the one. They are in the pods they are there and ready it is now 2016 it has been 5 years since there last episode it is time to give us back Stargate. Sci-Fi today has lost it’s ability to draw interest, superhero’s are the only thing going. Give us back the Stars, the space Ships, and a chance to look beyond. Stargate fan for life.


    i was so disappointed when it was cancel that i purchase the DVD’S and IN A monthly BASES I watch an episode or two. I WILL BE DELIGHTED IF SEASON 3 GET FILM OR AT LEASE IF THEY RELESE THE SCREEPTS OF SEASON 3 EPISODES.

  79. Randy

    Their 3 – 3 1/2 year mission in suspension is over. Time to see where they are!! Bring it back!

  80. talmalee

    Please continue the series.

  81. JIM

    I WOULD LOVE TO SEE THIS GO ON BUT ITS NOT UP TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. deeck

    scifi is getting as bad as fox on taking good shows off the air before their time. they must be owned by the same dumbasses.

  83. Chris Friedrich

    Season 3 needs to start soon these stasis pods are starting to stink!

  84. Albert XU

    Just review again the SGU,it’s so amazing.Why these years more and more zombie,vampires and monsters or doom day themes series predominate the screen?Can’t deny some of them are great,but we still need some real sience-fiction things,we need raise our head and look beyond the stars besides the EXPANSE!

  85. Dick

    I have watched seasons 1&2 many times and I thoroughly enjoy it every time, I cannot believe the rubbish TV that has replaced it, it has to continue. Come on guys get filming.

  86. Michael Céré

    Je veut que sa continue pour Stargate Universe saison 3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11 et Pour Toujours a L’infinis.

  87. Richard

    Come on two seasons then you all cancel it sounds about right. This is the third series I have gotten into and syfy cancels it shame on you look how long star trek went on and maintained an active audience.

  88. charlie farquharson

    Ever since the first movie with Kurt Russell in the nineties hooked me straight away my mind was immersed in mind and would daydream about going to other planets and further galaxys it was a boys dream meet other entities some nefairious characters to protect myself and my planet then Richard dean Anderson starts sg1 and the adventure starts for ten years of the greatest syfy show ever and then on to the stargate Atlantis and my adventure into the ancients begins learning about there millions of years travelling the cosmos with there seeding other human worlds and there wars with each other and the ori the wraith then the replicators another great five years of my life and then stargate universe two seasons of wanting more and it gets cancelled just as things look good it really broke my heart I’m begging you please bring back season 3 and 4 and so on please please you can do it for your fans thank you we have faith in you.

  89. graham whitelock

    Bring season Three out at least not on cliff hanger this is an argument. From all sgu fans complete the story line end it with season three and not a f*ck cliff hanger

  90. timothy bartlett

    oh come on we deserve closure the propper way on this

  91. mike falkides

    3 years of people asking and no new epesodes retarded si fi what are u even airing now more garbage stargate trilogy prolly the only good shows you guys got and you stop producing and air stuipid
    so let me get this straight a completely unbelievable plot this new show altered carbon sifi is going to air really since SG trio u guys have come up with the stupidest ideas ever and another thing I don’t want another show which altered carbon prolly is ab out stupid scavengers/pirates in space like firefly or dark matter but honestly prolly best next to SG series like if it aint broke don’t fix it u didn’t have a strong loyal fan base from SG series

  92. Mikayla

    I would love to see more SG-U seasons. To me it is really rude to leave a season on a cliff hanger when you know that there is a high probability that you aren’t going to air again. SyFy left all SG-U fans at the rudest cliff hanger. If SyFy was watching a TV series and it ended on a cliff hanger, you can bet your butt that SyFy would be producing another season. SyFy knows that it is ticking SG-U’s fan base off. The problem is that they don’t care. They are keeping SG-U fans on a “leash” by producing SG spin-offs knowing that SG-U fans really want more seasons.

  93. Katherine

    I want to see more the way season 2 ended is just not ok you can’t leave it open like your going to continue it and then not continue it. That is not ok!!!!

  94. Leon

    I thought it had a good storyline and I was very disappointed by season 2 ending, did it take 3 years or 1000? will eli be a bag of bones when they come out of sleep? will they ever discover the secrets of all creation? will they ever make it back home? WE NEED CLOSURE, another 5 seasons should do it.

  95. Daniel Werhan

    I would suggest an idea that we need a season 3, that would involve Eli Wallace to be a bit older, maybe. Stargate Atlantis got 5 seasons, why can’t SGU get the same ? I know its alot of work for Brad Wright and Robert Cooper, to come up with another storyline for a new season. But come on, think about it from a different perspective with a little imagination ?. A different galaxy…. hmm sounds cool already.

  96. Katrina Simm

    Please please do another season, you can’t leave us to never know what happens to the characters of SGU.

  97. Johnny

    I would never normally leave comments on websites, however after just watching the two seasons on a re-run, I stupidly thought that a season 3 had been made and they were re-running to introduce it, when it finished and no season 3, I remember how disappointed I was after the series ended the first time. My disappointment was for couple of very good reasons, for me this was the best stargate story to date with the possibility of asking questions and providing possible answers to so much we don’t know about our own planet and existence, as a sci-fi fan this (for me) was one of the biggest buzz’s in watching a program, as we start to look at what could show sci-reality, lets be honest all the Stargate stories pull on the unanswered questions we have on our own history and potential creation, and these questions are trying to be answered more and more on YouTube. The second is the cast and characters, they were so strong, a real credit to the story!

    • Matt

      Totally agree Johnny, great comment. Does anyone know of a petition? Bugger it I will start one, stay tuned..

  98. Simon

    We need season 3!

    • Simon

      I totally agree with you Simon, SGU must have Season 3 to the final season as well

      • Simon

        Indeed Simon, This shows us that syfy is nothing else than a weak usa company, that they dont give a shit to the fans of this marvellous stargate series.

  99. Peter

    2019 And I am watching SGU again. It has so much potential. Why did they stop it? Bad viewing figures? I loved it.
    All together now SEASON 3 SEASON 3 and 4

  100. Irving Anderson

    Bring this series back I loved it all the way through and I still continue rewatch to this day.

  101. Jack

    Please return

  102. Matt

    Alrighty, time to pull the finger out and get to work on season 3 of SGU, I cannot believe it’s been 8 years since season 2. This is a show that could be picked by Netflix for example and have huge success just like Star trek Discovery. There is so much more in this series, way better than atlantis and probably more potential than than SG1. At least try a movie length episode to break the cliffhanger and gauge the response. Please consider…

  103. kai roberts

    Need season 3 follow up……..after the 3 years in pods….can’t just leave it like that

  104. SteveP

    Fantastic opportunity for some creative new episodes/series. Still an excellent series. Look at what Netflix has added to Star Trek. Netflix could give SGU some great story lines as SyFy seem incapable of doing it. There are many many fans across the planet, not just those watching live in the US – also remember lots of people add to the audience by catch up because they can’t watch it live. If necessary make it a final series with just a few episodes, you owe us that SyFy if nothing else!!!!

  105. Adam Boyle

    I have just finished SGU again. Love the storyline and characters. Bring back SGU please!!!

  106. TScott

    OMG…..Its been 6+ years…Its over folks…..Im just upset as all of you!
    Crazy great seasons. Producers and those that decide what happens are A*. Such as shame as I could continue watching indefinitely! Regards, Loyal Amazon Prime fan….

  107. Bob L

    i think they’ll bring back sg-u when the same amount of real time will have passed 😛

  108. Ziad

    Networks kills their own successful shows by flooding them in commercial breaks during play, they ruin the moments and the time when the viewer is immersed in the scenes, then they blame ratings. i skip watching any interesting show when there’s too many commercial breaks, Business is about money but Greed destroy everything.

  109. Tom1369

    OK! Long enough. It’s time for the crew to come out of stasis. There is too much left of this story to leave it untold. Open your minds to the possibilities and reach out and tell this story.

  110. Bill.

    Typical,great series canceled,wish i had got it when first aired.

  111. peter

    I have watched the stargate film that started it all off and watched all the season’s have them all sg1,alantis and then sgu
    It’s been over six year’s that you stopped and you are NOT going to follow up stargate sg.u season 3.
    What’s the matter with you lot ,iam 65 years old I would like to see sgu season 3 before I kick the bucket.
    I say myself any more fan’s out there that you stopped doing the show’s.

  112. Dan

    Please bring back SGU,play them with different actors here and there is you can’t get them to do it.

  113. IP


  114. Joanne

    Just finished the series. I wish they would make an ending. I hate when you’re left hanging. If they knew the series was cut at least they could write an ending

  115. Jenniofer Storey

    Can’t believe they cancelled this show, I have just watched both seasons and it is a great show
    I thoroughly enjoyed it. Please somebody take it up again and carry it on. The acting and story line was terrific.

  116. Kenneth Yasny

    I agree with all the comments about how SGU Universe was a great series and there are so many possibilities for spinoffs and of course storylines after the 3 years in cold storage.

    Is anybody out there interested in the storylines and making billions of dollars on this show?

  117. Janice Shumaker

    Just finished watching SGU and I am disappointed to learn there is no Season 3 and 4. I really enjoyed the character development and great story plots. I specifically enjoyed Eli’s humor and brilliance. Eli and Dr. Rush are a perfect team as well as Scott, Young and Greer. Both James and Johanson successfully portray strong capable women in the series which is an important and relevant element for today’s viewing audience.

    So much time has passed I doubt a new season will happen but just wanted to say it would be very cool to see.

    61 year old Sci-Fi fan!

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