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Killjoys season 2 premiere start date

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Will there be Killjoys season 2? When will the new episodes premiere on Space in 2016? What about the start date? Follow the news!

In June current year Space television channel launched the show Killjoys, directed by Michelle Lovretta. The plot centres on the trio of bounty hunters: Dutch, John and D’avin. They are catching criminals within a distant system the Quad, where the war is about to break out. The characters promised each other they wouldn’t support any of the conflict parties, wherever they appear.

The fans of the space adventures started to talk about this project before its official debut on TV, which allowed Killjoys become popular not only in Canada, but also abroad. In the USA the show is broadcast by Syfy, but its rating isn’t high. Critics’ opinions are ambiguous, but negative reviews prevail. Its score on Metacritic comprises 59 out of 100 possible points, and Rotten Tomatoes has evaluated it with 6.8/10.

We want to believe the rights holders will take into consideration the positive sides of the show and won’t focus on the experts’ negative reviews. But, frankly speaking, the low rating leaves little chances for Season 2. At the moment the start date of the new episodes isn’t even discussed by Space, as the issue on the new episodes ordering hasn’t been resolved yet (UPDATE 1).

Killjoys season 2 premiere – [July 1, 2016] (at 9/8c)

We are waiting for the rights holders’ decision. The publication will be updated. Follow the news!

UPDATE 1 (Sept.1, 2015): Good news! The network has ordered a 10-episode second season of Killjoys and a 13-episode Season 2 of Dark Matter. The two series will return in 2016.

Are you waiting for Killjoys season 3 release date?

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