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«Raising Hope» season 5?

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Will «Raising Hope» TV series return for season 5? When does new episodes come out on Fox? We are waiting for the premiere air date in 2014.

TV-channel: Fox
Pilot episode: September 21, 2010
Creator: Greg Garcia

Season 1 Episode 1: 7.48 million U.S. viewers

Season 4 Episode 1: 2.38 million U.S. viewers

In Friday the 7th of March the Fox management extended its several shows for the new seasons. Unfortunately, the show «Raising Hope» wasn’t on that list, but it still has chances to be renewed for season 5.

Of course, the fact that amount of show fans has decreased almost by 40% (in the USA), is the reason to worry about, but remained 1,8 million viewers are still expecting to hear about the premiere air date of the new episodes on Fox. According to the President of the TV channel, only the viewers can influence the future of the show and the fifth season of the television series depends only on them.

«Raising Hope». No season 5 – [series cancelled] (UPDATE 1)

We’re following the announcements and soon will provide you with the information. Hope, it will be positive.

UPDATE 1 (March 10, 2014): Fox canceled Raising Hope after four seasons (officially). Reason – low rating.

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  1. Jen

    Nooooooooooo! Please Save This Show! Awh, super sad to hear this. Way to kill an actual funny show.

  2. MicroLady

    It was funny. Jokes for all ages.

  3. Pandaren

    Noooo! I just found this show on Netflix and only caught up a few weeks ago. Netlfix, Get Off Your Collective Butts and Save This Show!

  4. Selena

    OMG!!! WHY?????

  5. Rakel

    Goodbye to one of the few comedy shows on the air that doesn’t rely on s*x jokes and crude humor to be funny.

    • lori

      agreed, it’s hard to find clean shows that are really good, this was one of the cleaner shows… I was still getting cable to see this show, now I will let me subscription end…

  6. Shannon

    I am not surprised they messed with the format this season instead of a strong family dynamic they started to separate each couple…

  7. Daniella

    BRING Raising Hope BAAAACK!!

    • Emmalovesraisinghope


  8. Pamila

    Sad, I’m gonna miss it. It probably would have gone on longer if they hadn’t moved it to Fridays. Oh well…

  9. Brad D.

    It’s time. Starting to run out of ideas, although there were a couple of gems this season.

  10. Mel

    cancelled? it’s true????? i can’t believe!

  11. bobby

    What!!!!!! Same thing happened to, My name Earl. So sad.

  12. Jana

    My family and I watch this show, and it is amazing. Burt and Virginia are my favorite T.V. couple please please don’t cancel it. It gives us a great pick me up when we are down, and something to aspire to when we fight….

  13. Kat

    I love this show!!Don’t cancel it! Its hilarious!

  14. Melissa

    I love love LOVE this show!!! Don’t cancel it!!!

  15. Ave

    WHAT? This is insanity!!! Burt and Virginia are dah best! Can’t believe this!
    One of the best family tv shows- gone
    Any way to save the show?

    • tye


    • Joe Bell

      We love Martha Plimpton. Virginia is clinicly insane like a fox.

  16. ihatetvagain

    Are you kidding… that is so stupid another good show leaves and more stupid ones come out.

  17. Jolie

    Listen FOX, I know this show has low ratings but that dosn’t mean it has NO ratings. People still love raising hope! Please please please bring it back!!! its not to late

  18. Savannah ,15

    Noooo this is my absolute favorite show I’m 15 and I watch it on netflix as the seasons release and I just finished the fourth season and i can’t believe it’s over it’s such a great show hilarious and at time touching BRING THE CHANCES BACK!

  19. Henry

    Please no its my favorite show

  20. diana

    I really liked this show just finished season 4 on Netflix.

    • tye

      thats exeacily what i thought

  21. Brianna

    I can’t believe this show was cancelled!!! It was my favorite show ever. Is there any “Hope” for Raising Hope?

  22. tye

    please please please save this show i dont know what to do without it
    and i hate wacthing episodes over again
    please save this show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. TMS

    BRING RAISING HOPE BACK. Netflix should save it. Like they did trailer park boys…. Come on Greg Garcia.

  24. javier

    I was watching another show I liked on Netflix bit this show is wayyyy better please save it.

  25. Mia

    I LOVE this show please make another season or a thousand seasons I would watch them all to the point were I told my friend to watch and and then showed my parents. I just love this show and I would give it FIVE STARS *****. It is one of the best shows I have ever seen oh and I just want to see what will happen to 2 certain characters because I would love to see Hope get a new and or future sibling?!? 🙂 please keep this show I would watch it forever…well not forever, but as long as it’s on! 😉

  26. Roger

    Please save the show! It is by far my most favorite serious! I will be heart broken it does not continue!

  27. Debby

    Please bring back this great show!! It’s so funny and so well written, and where else are we going to see the iconic Cloris Leachman? We need a Maw Maw fix. Please for all of us who cannot afford cable and love Netflix give our chances back. PLEASE

  28. Ashley

    No I loved this show I watched each episode several times

  29. Alli

    hooked on this show through Netflix, I need more seasons!!! Please!!

  30. Josiah

    I meant hope everybody

  31. maddie


  32. matthew

    Please bring back raising hope its one of my favorite shows!! Burt is hilarious!!

  33. Joe Bell

    There should be a statue of imataions on cancelations. Bring the show back.

  34. Kaydee

    Wow. Rasing Hope is the only show that makes me laugh so hard I need to pee. Great job dinguses. I’m really upset!

  35. Mickey Knight

    Way to go Fox, you’ve just joined the other networks in letting its fans down. Never thought it would happen.

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