Mar 31

«Raising Hope» season 4: premiere date

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When does «Raising Hope» season 4 start (premiere)? TV series renewed or cancelled? Release date is known!

TV-channel: FOX
Pilot episode: September 21, 2010
Creator: Greg Garcia

Season 1 episode 1: 7,48 million U.S. viewers

Season 3 episode 1: 3,9 million U.S. viewers

Despite the fact that TV show «Raising Hope» is constantly losing its auditory with every new Season, it still remains on ТОР-20 Channel TV Show list, which contributes to the development of the storyline. On March 4 the current year Kevin Reilly (the FOX President) announced that Season 4 of «Raising Hope» project had been financed. The premiere date for the new episodes is scheduled for November 8, 2013.

It should be noted, that at present Greg Garcia’s TV show is watched by approximately 3 million Americans and the pilot episode have been enjoyed by about 7.48 million people.

Who will watch the next season? Are you supposed to be a fan of the given show?

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  1. Came

    Funniest show on television but the season finale disappointed me =(

  2. sofia

    The SMARTEST Sitcom on TV. Thank FOX for renewing !

  3. Grammy of A Family of Fans

    Hurry back!!! We all miss Raising Hope & it’s hysterical antics & awesome cast!

  4. Layla

    Best show ever watch it with my step brother and saw all of them!!!!

  5. Lj

    Great show I love it I watch it with my step sister !!!!!!!!

  6. marc

    Of course they had to cancel a funny,funny show, with actual actors! If it isn’t ‘reality’ it isn’t TV anymore! As if ‘reality’ is real. Cost next to nothing to make a stupid show with no name people and no writers or talent. Just release a sex tape, or have huge t-ts and you can be on a ‘reality show’. Now we all have to hope and pray they release the last season on DVD in the next few months, not years!, then we can at least watch the end of one of the funniest shows left on TV….now its gone:( With actual actors!

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