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Rectify season 3: start air date

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SundanceTV ordered a third season of Rectify television drama series. When does new episodes premiere in 2015? We are waiting the start air date!

TV-channel: SundanceTV

Pilot episode: April 22, 2013

Creator: Ray McKinnon

Producer: Don Kurt

Good news for fans of «Rectify» television series was announced by Sarah Barnett, the Sundance TV President – the show was officially renewed for season 3 with the premiere in Summer 2015, but the exact start air date of its debut is still a secret (UPDATE 1).

According to the unconfirmed reports, the TV viewers should again expect 6 episodes, as it has been at the previous season. Ray McKinnon, the creator of the show, is now performing the preparatory works for the filming process and at the end of 2014 is to start working on the continuation.

The rights holders are excited about Ray’s work and believe in his ideas concerning the third season. But will the creator be able to surprise this time?

UPDATE 1 (May 15, 2015): Rectify will return on July 9, 2015 (at 10pm).

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  1. Olivia

    Rectify is beautifully written, acted and filmed. I am huge fan of Daniel’s character.

  2. Gail Malone

    Such good news! I really thought this might be the end of the line for my favorite show.

  3. Jake

    Good to know that there will be season 3.

  4. Shelly

    I love it and love not being able to figure out if Daniel is guilty or not!

    • Istlota

      Daniel is not guilty. The writers intentionally have encouraged doubt. But in the first half of his debrief in the last episode of season 2, for the first time, Daniel remembered what happened and told all, which is that he committed no crime, no rape nor murder. Indeed, it was the other teenagers there who did both have sex with Hanna, consensually, then at least one of those boys killed her. Daniel had no reason to be lying about this because, obviously, and ironically, the only way he could get the plea deal was to tell a different lie, one in which he did kill Hanna.

      But, then, the real criminals in the room left and Daniel did a remarkably courageous, but foolish, thing. He decided to nail himself to a cross to save his family.

      Season 3 has a lot of loose ends to tie up. In particular, Ted Jr. is a deeply broken man, just as lost mentally as Daniel. But whereas Daniel deals with his demons by punishing himself, Ted Jr. deals with his insecurities and paranoia by hurting other people, particularly his wife and Daniel. At some point, the writers are going to have to reveal to the rest of Pauley what Tawny and Daniel have already caught glimpses of … which is that Ted Jr., not Daniel, is the one who needs to be locked up before he kills somebody. Sadly, Ted Jr. has such potential for good. And he really does love Tawny, his stepmother, and his daddy. But his fist fight with a customer, the way he callously hurt Tawny when she was most vunerable, and now how he has decided to destroy his entire family to punish Daniel … all this has revealed that, regardless of what happens with Daniel, something has to be done to stop Teddy before he ends up doing what Daniel has been falsely accused of … murder. Teddy is so distraught right now that he could easily snap and end up killing Tawny, Daniel, and god only knows who else.

      • Nan

        I agree with you. Teddy seems to be the most damaged of all the characters but no one sees that. He is as dangerous as the senator, who I hope gets his comeuppance in season 3, (which, BTW, premieres in July of 2015). Also, I am glad the sheriff finally got around to having those items run for DNA. I have to wonder what will happen next now that the body of his friend has shown up (can’t remember the characters name). I hope Tawny gets away, safely, from Teddy, Jr. I can’t wait until July.

        BTW-I was excited to see Leon Rippy appear (as Lezley). He will always be Earl, to me, from “Saving Grace”. He has such a great demeanor and smile.

    • Tanya

      He’s not guilty! I just know it! George killed himself because he couldn’t live with it. Now what’s his name… The guy in the green pick up truck… I think he’s guilty! He’s the one I think did it!!

    • Tanya

      Teddy ugh I can’t stand him!!! Daniel and Blondie belong together 🙂

  5. Paula Taylor

    Awesome show. I am captivated by the characters and the story. Can’t get enough.

  6. Carla B

    As sometimes troubling as the show can be, it is brilliantly written and executed, and I cannot turn away. Given the show’s themes, I cannot help but hope that this is one job Stephen Collins keeps, in light of recent events.

    • sbanks

      Im sorry, Stephen Collins is on the show? I must have missed that episode…….

  7. Lily

    Rectify is a great production! Waiting and waiting for Season 3! Please keep working it is worth it great story/acting/all !

  8. Quinny

    I LOVE this show. It’s so well written, the characters are always interesting. The cast is great! Can’t wait for it’s return.

  9. Jason

    I watched both seasons in two days on amazon!!!! It was written so brilliantly, I couldn’t turn it off. Can’t wait to see the outcome!!

  10. Ken

    Brilliant beyond words. Plot, characters, casting could not get better than this! I cant wait for more!!! People who appreciate something different understand why this is becoming very popular very quickly.

  11. Jim

    I do not get Sundance. Caught it on Netflix. I must say hats off to the creator, the writers and of course the actors. I found myself caught up in this which is usually not the case. Season 3 cannot arrive soon enough.

  12. Roger

    A brilliant show. Watched all 16 episodes this past weekend.
    Aden Young is an incredible actor. Cant wait for Season 3

  13. kito

    Finished watching The Killing on Netflicks and thought I’d never find another amazing series to watch. Rectify has fit the bill. As I’ll have to watch it on Netflicks the sooner season 3 starts the better.

  14. sean

    Awesome show… can’t wait for season 3.Why though are they going to only make 6 episodes for season 3?With how well season 2 went and the decision to make a season 3 this has left me wondering if this will be the end?

  15. Rose

    I hope Daniel comes back in season 3 as a normal minded guy and finds himself a beautiful girlfriend because he is one handsome man and tawny is a married girl so I hope Daniel finds a new girlfriend to make the show more romantic 🙂 awsome series can’t wait to see season 3

  16. Ed

    This was such a captivating surprise. Initially, I thought Daniel’s mannerisms were very similar to those of the infamous Mr. Forest Gump, but as the episodes progressed, I really fell in love with the complexity of his character and his profound thoughts. This is an excellent show and I am really hoping for more than six additional episodes in Season 3. This is one of the best shows I’ve ever stumbled upon. Please keep it coming.

  17. Jack

    I love the show can’t wait for season 3….I hope Daniel and Tawny can finally make love!!!!!

  18. lynn

    Can’t wait for season 3….my husband and I are addicted to this show.

  19. Jim

    No one has mentioned it yet so I will: the musical score, with the use of silence as well is one of the best I treatments I have ever seen/heard. Not overdone and brings out the complexity of the story and emotions. Wow

  20. Dena Hall

    I love this show. Daniel is a great character, his quiet sweet nature is really what make me not want to believe he is guilty. The other characters are great…. Well when he and his sister-in-law were in the Motel together I thought that was the end for both of him…. If her husband caught them, but he told her to go call him… Where is she going and I just believe the cops are going to put him back in jail because of the Teddy thing …OMG I can’t wait until Season 3; begins.

  21. KASEY0023

    I really enjoy this tv show, It is like Olivia said “beautifully written”, I was happy to find it on Netflix and now just anxiously awaiting season 3.

  22. Roy

    The senator puts me in mind of everything I despise about politicians. Their egos are so inflated that they believe that nothing is more important than the legacy of their existence. They will spend billions of dollars or destroy anything in the path of them being successful in their chosen profession. Unfortunately they have the power to make these things happen.

  23. Richard

    Abigail Spenser and Adelaide Clemons are great in there roles, two very different, yet complex women.

  24. Helen

    JUST when I feel I have exhausted Netflix’s supply of GREAT and ENGROSSING series/movies, I found Rectify!! I was captivated by the writing and use of incredible character building! Anticipating Season 3…

  25. Kevin Canessa

    Great news — but six episodes just isn’t enough. Heck, 10 isn’t enough. But I suppose what makes the show so brilliant is the idea that there is so much intensity packed into a short period of time. Cannot wait for the July return.

  26. Alyssa

    Rectify is such a different show. Rare now days will one find a show that doesn’t have to rely on special effects or over the top type story lines to be great: but this show is fantastic. The cast is just an amazing group of actors doing what they love and it shines through. I am a little sad when the Seasons ending sneak up on me. Six episodes first season, only 10 the second. Maybe with a bit of luck we will get 12 this time around for third season. Each character is so beautifully written, and it really shows through on the final product. To me when I watch it , I feel like I could be watching real life. The way the show feels, it definitely feels like it could be my very own. Amazing job! Thank you Sundance for airing good quality entertainment.

  27. Bob

    Best series I have seen in a long time, since Lonesome Dove.

    Hope the paperclip counters realize this is a great show and continue it.

  28. rg

    When will Season 3 be on Netflix?

  29. Steve Gentry

    Wish to write Ray and give my best regards and congratulations. Old friend. Address?



  30. Shelly in Texas

    THIS SHOW IS THE BEST! I’ve been binge watching it and have been brought to tears with Daniels pain. The poor guy doesn’t know what to do. I hope the truth comes out and the Senator gets what’s coming to him. Ted Jr. will never look at coffee grounds the same. Please hurry with Season 3.

  31. Anne Hamilton

    I think this is one of the best shows on TV lately. I am so glad its coming back for another season.

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