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Rectify season 4 premiere date 2016

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When will Rectify season 4 come out? Prior to its premiere in 2015, it was renewed for a fourth season. Let’s wait for the start in 2016!

SundanceTV channel launched the broadcast of the television series Rectify in April 2013. Its first season had only 6 episodes, but they became so popular among the TV viewers that the rights holders renewed the project for the second season and later for the third one without hesitation.

The plot is based on the story of Daniel Holden, who was imprisoned as a teenager for the murder of his 16-year-old girlfriend. After spending nineteen years in condemned cell, it appears that due to the new DNA data he can’t be guilty, and he comes back to his small town in Georgia.

Aden Young performs the main role, and Ray McKinnon is director of the project. During its broadcast the cast of the show received many prestigious awards, and the television series itself got many positive reviews of experts. High scores on Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic, more than 165 thousand fans in the USA, constant discussions of the plot online – these are the reasons, allowing the rights holders of Rectify renew it for Season 4, without even waiting for the start of the third season.

The premiere date of the new episodes is scheduled for Fall 2016 (UPDATE 1), and the exact terms of the start will be announced after the shooting (UPDATE 2). SundanceTV/AMC president Charlie Collier noted the importance of the show for the channel and was pleased with the fact that it started its third season already having the renewal for the fourth one.

Have you been expected such a rapid order of the new episodes?

UPDATE 1 (January 8, 2016): Bad news… SundanceTV announced that the upcoming fourth season of Rectify will be the show’s last. Production on Rectify‘s final season begins in April for a Fall 2016 premiere.

UPDATE 2 (July 31, 2016): Rectify‘s fourth and final season will bow on October 26, 2016 (at 10/9c).

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  1. Monica Fowler

    Great news the series got renewed for season 4 early! I’m so excited. Can’t wait…

  2. Bob F.

    It really is a unique series! Love Aden Young’s work on it. Thanks SundanceTV

  3. GreCo

    Really interested in this series! It’s sad that it’s so underrated.

  4. -Tyrone-

    Great! I was really worried about its chances of renewal )))

  5. Semberlyn

    This show is great. The writing, the acting, the suspense, just fantastic. It brings up questions of the American prison system, justice and perceptions. The main characters are all so multi dimensional and the main family is so rich in intellect and, in spite of some deeply felt in-fighting, love for one another that one only wishes they could have them all over for dinner.

    I’m not sure why this series hasn’t been even more popular than it is. Sorry to hear that the fourth season will be the last.

    Where will the writers, directors, actors and film crew be placing their energies after this? I sure hope they can come up with something equally compelling!

  6. Marha Jones

    I have loved this series so much that I have watched it twice now and may again soon. The whole story is so compelling, the actors and writing beyond excellent….so much talent. Too bad there are not more series of this quality instead of the cr*p offered up on a daily basis. So looking forward to season four and Jon Stern making good on his promise to the Senator….and I hope his house has termites also.

  7. Srodgers

    Heartbroken that the Rectify series will soon be over after only four short seasons. It’s true, the premise would be difficult to continue endlessly, and a cast of this extraordinary caliber is bound to receive other offers…yet I remain heartbroken. Rectify was absolutely one of a kind. I looked forward to it’s return each season like nothing before. It is unparalleled…in a class of it’s own, as are the actors, who by the way carry this off in a way that they appear to actually be the people they are portraying. They are so compelling in their work that you forget you are watching actors within series and not witnessing an obscure reality.

  8. Elaine Edmonson

    Please bring back rectified for season 5 !!!!!!!! Thanks

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