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«Revolution» season 2: premiere date

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Will «Revolution» return for season 2? TV show renewed or cancelled? Premiere date known?

TV-channel: NBC
Pilot episode: September 17, 2012
Creators: Eric Kripke

Episode 1: 11,65 million U.S. viewers

Episode 12: 6,36 million U.S. viewers

Post-apocalyptic drama called «Revolution» was of a huge interest for the viewership even during the pilot episode broadcast (11.65 million Americans). The further development of the storyline proved the project to be wanted, since the amount of its TV viewers constitutes not less than 6 million people with every new episode. According to the authoritative Internet resources, there are no doubts the «Revolution» series will be renewed for Season 2, as its closing is disadvantageous. The premiere date for the new episodes should be announced by NBC by May 2013.

«Revolution» season 2: premiere – September 25, 2013

UPDATE (26.04.13): Revolution was renewed for a full 22-episode second season!

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  1. isabel marant chaussures

    Please let me know if you

  2. poppee

    I am really enjoying Revolution. Please put it back on!!
    P.S. 17 week break??? NBC ruined this show!!

  3. Isabel

    great news! So glad NBC decided to renew this show! nice update

  4. colli

    YAY !!!! season 2! I still love Revolution and hope to see it go for a long time!

  5. boomB

    yaaaaaap! cant wait september!! 22 episodes ? – great! thank u NBC !

  6. Russell Gibson

    Revolution is bar none one of my favorite shows.! I consider it right up there with game of thrones, breaking bad, and sons of anarchy in terms for my anticipation for that next week showing. The only thing I can possibly complain about is such a long hiatus. It def drops the ratings overall as people lose their interest. Unless your a diehard fan like myself.. I think Revolution has a lot of potential to be BIG if it takes the right strides. Thank you NBC for renewing.!! no hiatus this year though. please!

  7. avian946

    yay its nearly september!!!!! cant wait for the new season to start the season finale was epic!

  8. brandon

    what day is the show going to aire.

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