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«The New Normal» season 2: premiere date

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Will «The New Normal» return for season 2? Renewed or Cancelled? Would you like to watch new episodes?

TV-channel: NBC
Pilot episode: September 10, 2012
Creators: Ryan Murphy, Ali Adler

Episode 1: 6,88 million U.S. viewers

Episode 19: 2,1 million U.S. viewers

All 6.88 million Americans, interested in the pilot episode of «The New Normal» sitcom, were expected to continue following it. But already after the first 10 episodes the number of its TV viewers fell to 4 million people (at the moment it comprises less than 2 million). That fact made Season 2 of «The New Normal» TV series be widely discussed. The premiere date for the final episode of Season 1 is scheduled for April 2, 2013. Apparently, Season 1 will be the last one.

Closing of the project is inevitable, since several popular TV shows are supposed to receive its airtime.

«The New Normal» season 2: premiere – [officially cancelled]

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UPDATE 1 (10.05.13): NBC has cancelled «The New Normal».

Would you like the show to be renewed?

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  1. Elen

    The finale of season 1 was lovely! Great show!

  2. Myriam

    I think the series ended just the way it should.
    An extra season would ruin it.

  3. hope

    I L O V E the show – I’m a Christian and belive God’s Word with regards to living a Godly life. But just because you’re gay does not mean you don’t deserve love and I think this show addresses everyone’s concerns in some way or another.

    If all we get is one season, then I’m thankful for having had the chance to witness history in the making – as the actors and actresses in this delightful show should be very happy with what they have accomplished.

    • Joelma

      Completely agreed!!!

    • avian946

      A fantastic open minded view from a religious person! breathe of fresh air to read!

  4. beep

    great cast! I’d LOVE to see it return for Season 2

  5. allabama

    If NBC doesn’t keep the show, then I hope another network does.

    • Joelma

      Me too!!!

  6. giga

    I’m going to be sad if the new normal doesn’t survive.

  7. unhappy

    what an amazing show. full on ongoing intelligent one liners and moral lessons in every episode. great work and would be hard to top season 1 but I would certainly tune in to see.

  8. Joelma

    I’d love to see season 2. I hope it will be renewed!! It’s funny, sensitive, smart… All good!!

  9. Jane

    Our family used to watch this show faithfully every single week. We are very sad to see it go and we hope the producers and the network will find a way to bring it back. It was too great to be gone after one season.

  10. Sarah

    I live in England and we are usually a way behind the US with American series, so I have been waiting patiently for series 2 and am gutted that it has been cancelled, it was so original, funny and a program that my whole family could watch without any Benny Hill cr*p.
    So please bring it back.

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