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Roadies season 2 ?

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Roadies season 2 premiere date

When does Roadies season 2 premiere? We want to know the exact start date on Showtime in 2017! Is the series renewed?

Comedy drama of Cameron Crowe, called Roadies received airtime on Showtime in summer 2016. The plot tells the story of the technical team, which is responsible for the preparation of concerts of a famous rock band.

There are such famous figures as Luke Wilson and Carla Gugino, which ensures the success of the project at the start. The number of viewers who watch every episode exceeds the mark of 280 thousand people, but is it enough to renew the Roadies show for a second season?

Mixed reviews from critics and low grades on Metacritic probably not allow right holders to order the creation of new episodes, but, nevertheless, the final word is from Showtime representatives.

Roadies season 2 premiere date – [cancelled] (UPDATE 1)

We are waiting for their decision!

UPDATE 1 (Sept.16, 2016): Showtime has cancelled “Roadies” after one season.

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  1. Viola Luis

    I love this show. It’s upsetting that it won’t be back. I need there to be a second season where Kelly Ann and Reg get together.

  2. IRiS

    There is too much left unanswered not to have a Season 2…

  3. Andrey91

    Come on Showtime give it another chance. We need season 2.

  4. Emma Q.

    We need more Roadies, bring them back for Season 2. By far my favorite show on TV in a long time.

  5. Michelle Davis

    I was late in discovering Roadies, but made up for it. What a delightful, fun feel-good show. It fills a much needed niche. I love it! I’ve even watched episodes multiple times; something I never do. Please renew for more seasons. I guarantee when it is discovered by more people, you will see a dramatic increase in viewers.

  6. Rich

    This show was really well done and the cast was great. I can’t believe it won’t be renewed. Please bring it back. It just needs a chance to catch on. Put it on after one of your popular shows and it will catch it’s audience.

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