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RocknRolla 2: release date

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When does «RocknRolla 2» premiere in theaters? Release date coming?

Back in 2008 Guy Ritchie, the phenomenal British producer, presented his movie called «RocknRolla», which received an enormous success.

After the world premiere its fans started discussing the probable continuation of the story. According to Mr. Ritchie, he was urging to produce «RocknRolla 2». The release date hasn’t been announced yet but he already has a breathtaking script for the second part. Now the question is only about funding and time to perform the planned.

However, the responsible company has neither one nor the other, since the third episode of «Sherlock Holmes» movie is on the agenda right now. Even if the project is approved, the movie won’t be released before 2016, since it takes time to shoot a quality movie.

Is it necessary to produce a sequel? Share your opinion in comments.

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  1. Frank Harris

    RocknRolla 2 should get made. One of the best films of 2008 was RocknRolla.

  2. Brandon

    I really think that the Real RocknRolla should be made Before the third Sherlock Holmes. Dont get me wrong, i love the sherlock holmes movies, but there has been 2 realeased sense the realease of RocknRolla, so there has been a substantial wait that us RocknRolla fans have had to endure just for the sequel of RocknRolla. And there is also the factor that the Longer they wait to make the sequel, the more chance there is that the actor’s who was in the 1st one will not be able to cast in the sequel, i mean Gerard Butler is a Very busy actor, the amount of movies he has not just played in, but Starred in, in the past few years is astonishing. So i really hope n urge them to start on The Real RocknRolla soon as possible.

    • Nicole

      Totally agree with you. HURRY UP PEOPLE!!! lol

  3. Matthew

    I loved sherlock holmes, but everyone should see that the rocknrolla is more than that…its unique, its real, and it is not like those tales…i mean i enjoyed s.h. 1 and 2 too, but…

  4. chris

    Please pressure someone, anyone to make The Real Rocknrolla! I must start a facebook page devoted to making the movie.

  5. Renae

    I honestly hope that Ritchie can manage to get the actors all back together again for the sequel. This movie is one of my all time favorites! It’s so smart and funny and sexy without the stupid stuff so many other movies need to entertain!
    Very fabulous work from Guy Ritchie!
    Can’t wait for the sequel!

  6. Ian

    These kind of movies are fun and exciting to watch…The Characters are so typical of the seedy side of Londoners, and the acting gives you the impression that you can feel as if you are actually there witnessing the goings on…RocknRolla was believable, I hope the sequel is just as convincing, with many of the original cast…Come on Guy, put us out of our misery, make the film…

  7. Andrea

    Please hurry an release RNR2 seating here on pins an needles waiting for a release date to be announced! RNR1 was the bomb an it has not been on television which has me upset. 1 of the best films ever an can not wait to see all the action in RNR2 so please hurry! I am a fan of many movies you have set out an patiently waiting but until it is released at least let us see the first one on Tv.. movie channel showtime HBO cinamax starz please an thank you!

  8. Rich

    RNR2 has to be done, I’ll be in it, just call me Guy it’ll be as bad*ss as the first

  9. James Barnes

    F*ckin A it needs to be made!!!

  10. Laura

    Just finished watching RNR for the 5th or 6th time, and still laugh as hard in this film as the first time I watched it. It is a classic! Please Mr. Ritchie,, do the world a favor and release RNR 2. A film like this one is how clever it is and for us who get it !

  11. Angella C.

    This is my Favorite Film. I hope the Real ROCKnROLLA will be filmed soon…Guy Ritchie we NEED to see the rest of the story..

  12. Lee

    Loved RNR, in my top favorite films of all time. I love the Wild Bunch. True Guy Richie all the way! His best work since Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Get RNR2 Done. We’ve waited long enough!!!

  13. Zoe Davies

    Get the Real Rocknrolla film made.

  14. Jalayna

    We are ready for the real rock n rolla. 2017 has to be the year……. We can’t wait

  15. Paul

    Please do your best to get this movie made Mr Richie. Don’t hesitate if you need assistance.

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