Jun 13

Van Helsing 2: release date

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When does «Van Helsing 2» come out in theaters? Release date coming? What known about next part?

It should be mentioned that previously the sequel of «Van Helsing» movie was to be premiered in 2009. But due to the financial problems it was postponed.

There is still no confirmation that Hugh Jackman will perform the starring role, but the shooting process of «Van Helsing 2» is to be started soon. According to some rumors, the premiere is scheduled for 2015; however, this fact hasn’t been confirmed yet. Some critics say the movie won’t premiere before 2016, since there are some delays in shooting process.

Also according to media, Rupert Sanders, the director, famous for its «Snow White and the Huntsman» movie, will be working on «Van Helsing» sequel together with Tom Cruise, who is supposed to play the starring role. The project is noted to be officially announced in July, 2012. Follow the updates!

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  1. rabari Himanshu

    how to release movie for ven helsing 2

  2. viji yadav

    Will Hugh Jackman perform the starring role as van helsing?we are eagerly waiting for the sequel van helsing.

  3. shankey kunar

    I love van helsing please make sequal of van helsing please please

    • Sondarva mahesh

      Fast release data van helsing 2
      I love van helsing

  4. michael frankenstein

    will you please let Dracula kill Van Helsing?

  5. umesh kumar

    please reply the release date of van helsing2

  6. Dennis Harden

    Ilove van helsing and i hope and pray that hugh jackman will do the role for van helsing 2 redemption

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