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Rookie Blue season 7 ?

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When will season 7 of Rookie Blue be released? We are waiting for the premiere date of the continuation. When does the start in 2016?

Police drama television series Rookie Blue isn’t leaving the television broadcast. At the moment the show has all the chances for Season 7. The project was launched in 2010 on Global, and Americans watch it on ABC. Morwyn Brebner, Tassie Cameron, and Ellen Vanstone are the creators of the show, and it stars Missy Peregrym and Gregory Smith.

The plot is based on the story of three girls and two boys, just graduated from the police academy. They are hired in the 15th Toronto Police Station. The main activity of the department is to search for the wanted criminals, to work at the points of public disorders and other tasks, not related to the investigations.

The debut season of the television series was differently estimated by critics, which is quite obvious for such genre. The rights holders remain satisfied with the performance show demonstrated. Rating and auditory became the main factors, which let the show be renewed.

At the moment 74 episodes have already been produced. They are combined into six seasons. In 2013 the creators decided to change the format of the show and ordered 22 episodes instead of 13. Later, the given decision was reconsidered and these episodes were divided between the fifth and the sixth seasons with 11 episodes in each.

This year the showrunner Tassie Cameron confirmed that the rights holders had plans for Season 7, which had been reported by Shaw Media, but its financing hasn’t been approved yet.

Rookie Blue season 7 premiere date – [cancelled] (UPDATE 1)

According to the creators, the renewal of the show for the seventh season would depend on the success of the produced episodes ABC, as in Canada the project is quite popular and has high rating and more than 1,5 million viewers.

Now we are waiting for the official decision and the release date of the continuation. Follow the updates!

UPDATE 1 (October 16, 2015): Bad news… Entertainment One canceled Rookie Blue after six seasons.

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  1. regena

    I’ve always liked Rookie Blue. hope for season 7. cast and plot is amazing!

  2. Paul R.

    Please keep Rookie Blue. An excellent show with amazing actors!!!

  3. Leland

    Please keep on with the show for many seasons! I’ve been watching it from the beginning and have recorded it forever.

  4. MM

    I think the show is great and needs to stay. This is a great ethics teaching tool.

  5. Tammy B

    I really hope there is a season 7. I’ve been watching the show since day 1 and the story lines have been amazing. I’m hoping that Sam and Andy do get married. There story is the best. Since the first season you can see the chemistry between them and they have over come so much to get where they are now. So I would love to see a wedding for them and maybe baby together. As for the rest of the crew i can wait to see what happens with them. I think I would like to see Dov and Marlo get together. Please have a season 7.

    • Joshua dye

      I agree with you that it would be a good match for dov and marol to get to date

  6. Joshua dye

    I really hope that there is a season 7 I love the show and the story line I think it would be stupid to leave all the fans in the dark and not show us what happened after the last episode of season 6

  7. YJH

    From the Caribbean. Rookie Blue should continue. I love it. It is one of the best TV series being aired. A few questions. What happened to Frank, the sergeant. Aren’t we going to see he and Noelle and the baby again. And Tracy needs some stability, she’s been through too much. I have but one request. Do not break up Andy and Sam again. I love them together.

  8. Roberta

    I AGREE this is an awesome show…I hope it has a season 7 and many, many seasons to come!!! It is one of my favorite shows!!

  9. Angie

    Love Love Rookie Blue. Looking forward to season 7
    Thank you. This is a great show!

  10. LHS

    Love Rookie Blue – like comfort food…curl up and watch!

  11. Carol

    The show keeps getting better and better…..The Season Finale was Awesome! I hope it returns for Season 7

  12. Robin

    I love Rookie Blue, I think this is by far the best cop show to date. I am looking forward to season 7 and seeing Any and Sam have a baby.

  13. Dan

    I LOVE this show so much! I have been watching since day one and think it’s got the best cast on TV. Please give us more!

  14. Jo Ann Freeman

    Love the show. Please renew. Have watched every episode.

  15. LindyB

    PLEASE bring back the show for another season!? (or 2 or 3)
    We love this show & the characters so much & have never missed an episode.
    BTW: Canadian shows rock!! They’re witty & smart without the blood & gore we seem inundated with here in the States. (Oh, and foul language) Network execs should pay attention.

  16. Angela

    I totally love this show and I pray it gets picked up for a 7th season. As much as I loved the Andy and Sam romance (I adore Ben Bass) but I would love to see more of Dov and Chloe, Chris Diaz and someone, and of course more of Oliver Shaw. This show cannot end yet not too mention they need more episodes per season. Its hell waiting a year for the show for only 13 episodes, the show is over before I got enough of Rookie Blue.

  17. mary


  18. Wanda Tichenor

    I would be happy to see 14 Seasons of Rookie Blue. Keep them coming!!!

  19. deysi Gonzalez

    Please don’t cancel. They always cancel good shows ( firefly, Kyle xy, rules of engagement,etc.)

  20. Rhonda Price

    I really enjoyed Rookie Blue, you keep some of the most awful shows on and take off the better ones, I’m pretty much home bound, and I’m a very serious sixty year old about my TV shows.

  21. Andrea

    I love Rookie Blue and would never miss an episode. It’s an amazing show with great characters. I love Andy and Sam, but they form an amazing group with the rest of the cast. Please keep it and continue with it.

  22. Gabriela

    I love Rookie Blue it is one of the best shows, if not the best i have ever seen, i am so hooked i just can not get enough, i always need to know what is happening next. There are a lot of Rookie Blue FANS in South Africa, Don’t cancel the show what will we watch then!!!

  23. LaToya

    I hate that they cancelled my show now I have nothing to watch. I’m going to miss Sam & Andy I really want to see how they make it with the baby now in the picture.

  24. Dianne Mariano

    C’mon!!! Please bring back Rookie Blue! Have been a devoted Canadian viewer since day 1. PleSe don’t take this great show off the tube!

  25. Arlene

    Was so looking forward to more Rookie Blue. Why do all the good series get cancelled? So disappointed in the TV programming. Seems to be more and more reality shows which for the most part are rediculous and boring.

  26. Isa

    I want Rookie blue to come back for a 7th season! I love the show!

  27. Michael McCreadie

    I have watched rookie blue from the first season right through to the end. I want Rookie Blue to come back for a season 7 and to see what would happen after sam and andy are now officially married

  28. Samuel Hawkins

    I demand that Rookie Blue come back for Seasons 7 and 8!!! Please, I love this show!

  29. Cindy

    Please don’t stop this show, I love this show, they are married and we got to see more, can’t get enough of this show.

  30. Jenn

    Please, please, please don’t let season 6 be the last that we see of Rookie Blue!!! I have loved this show since the very beginning, and want to see it continue!!!

  31. Karyn

    would love a season 7 since I Love this Cast

  32. Diana

    Please don’t cancel Rookie Blue. It is a great show.
    We have enough junk on T.V.. We need great
    Shows like “Rookie Blue”.

  33. chris

    That’s why people don’t watch ABC they get a good show and cancel it on you….love rookie blue.

  34. Eileen Badger

    ABC does it again !! They canceled a good show .. I don’t understand why they do this ..



  36. Patricia

    I love Rookie Blue and it would be horrible if it is cancelled. I wanted to see them make the seasons longer, not get rid of it. Why cancel such a great show? They seem to keep the junk shows and cancel the really good ones. I hope someone else buys the rights if ABC is stupid enough to cancel it.

  37. Joanne

    I agree with Patricia. Been watching since day 1. I’m sick of stupid show’s like the Bachelor and bachelorette, Those Ninja jumping on moving part’s show’s, exercising to loose an enormous pound’s of weight. What happened to Blood and Oil? Another good show gone. Get us interested in a show and then leaving us hanging. The one a few year’s ago with Ashley Judd. GONE! You all better get with the program. Too many sitcom’s.

  38. Angela

    I really enjoy this show! I truly hope that it is not cancelled for good.

  39. Roberta

    need to have season 7, best show ever. Please please please!!!!

  40. Mary

    Very sad. It was a good show!

  41. Kath

    Need to see season 7!!!!!!!

  42. Kim Garland

    Rookie Blue is great summer show. Many enjoyed and looking forward to season 7. Are the producers listening to us?? PLEASE bring back!!

  43. Josie Galati

    I have been waiting for Rookie Blue all spring. Please return the show. Great cast, some good humor.
    My mother watches Rookie Blue reruns in Italian. Even seniors like this show.
    I agree with some of the other comments. There is too much violence with other drama shows (SVU, Criminals minds etc. (They do have great casts.) Rookie Blue is prefect. Drama, love and good story lines. It is also filmed in Toronto

  44. Ro

    Ro & Ed

    We both love this show. Waiting nervously for the new season to start – it’s a great show. Don’t want it to end for several more seasons. Keep it running, please. Thank you!!

  45. Dstuderg

    So sick of abc removing the series and putting these stupid shows on that people really don’t watch. Rookie Blue was finally one of the best shows on. They better rethink this one….

  46. Deb

    That stinks….can’t believe it was canceled, I love Rookie Blue.

  47. Loria Preston

    Bring back Rookie Blue

  48. Denice

    I love this show. Bring it back please.

  49. Anna Vitelli

    Love this show. Please bring it back. Best show ever.

  50. Lynn Kelley

    Love this show so please bring it back

  51. stan_deb

    we big fans of roooookie blue plase bring it back bset show ever lot of fans are mad adn miss it lkie we do and aer whole family sther is show should even be on tv lot of show on tv we do not wacth bor roooookie blue chicgcao fire and pd goooood shows tooo

  52. Paula Knight

    I’ve always liked Rookie Blue. Would love to see season 7.

  53. Kim Henson

    Huge Rookie Blue fan, I’m so upset that it’s cancelled! Please bring it back

  54. Sylvia Berrios

    Please bring back Rookie Blue S7! We have been following and watching the show, even the reruns! Don’t let fans of this show be disappointed; so many other shows go through this same issue it is upsetting when left in a cliffhanger! I rather watch this type of show, then the stupid reality ones like the Kardashian’s and their daily issues and controversial family problems we do not clearly need to hear or see!

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