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Rookie Blue season 6: premiere date (2015)

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Rookie Blue show was renewed for a 5 and 6 seasons. When does the new episodes premiere? We know the start air date in 2015!

TV-channel: Global ABC
Genre: Police drama
Starring: Missy Peregrym, Gregory Smith, Rachael Ancheril, Lyriq Bent

Season 5 Episode 1: 1.859 million Canadian viewers

Season 5 Episode 11: 1.523 million Canadian viewers

It was planned that 22 ordered episodes of «Rookie Blue» television series will be combined into the fifth season. After some deliberation the rights holders have decided to broadcast the first 11 episodes in the fifth season and the broadcast of the remained 11 episodes is postponed for the next year.

Thus, the series got its season 6, the premiere (start) date of the first episode of which is scheduled for June 25, 2015.

The experts believe, such a decision is completely justified, as the viewers got accustomed to such a format of «Rookie Blue» television series for five years, and changes are not always going to benefit.

What do you think about this?

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  1. CAP

    I love Rookie Blue! Good move, ABC.

    • pjs

      Love this show. So hooked im researching all seasons so excited to hear there is a season 6. Keep it going

  2. Kathe

    Love this show too but I will say it again, WAY TO LONG BETWEEN “SEASONS”. You get invested in the show and then have to wait 8 months to a year for it to come back on!!

  3. Linda

    Great show! Wish it wasn’t so long between seasons. Glad its coming back.

    • mike

      I too, love the show and I agree with Linda & Kathe. Way too long between seasons!!

  4. Evelyn

    Absolutely hooked on this show and I hate that it will be so long before the season starts. I want to see it now.

  5. Linda

    I love Rookie Blue and want it to stay on for some time. It is enjoyable to watch the cast of characters do their thing. Keep it going.

  6. Carole

    I love Rookie Blue and I agree with everyone its too long between seasons If you have a winner, which you do, don’t make us wait almost a year for the seasons to start Thanks

  7. Sky

    i would have to say the variety in the plot line, makes the show broad spectrum for a large audience – but more thought should go into appropriate conclusions and consequences in different story lines. I, however found it to be very entertaining, and purchased all of the 5 series. Hope it returns in the spring – and needs to be a shorter time between series!

  8. Helen

    I too love Rookie Blue and have watched it since it began in 2010. I just finished watching reruns on ION Television. Can’t wait for the new season to begin in May 2015. Want to see what happens with Andy and Sam.

  9. Janet

    I love it But too long between seasons!!!

  10. KayLee

    I love this show and wish I didn’t have to wait so long for the next season. Please keep this show going and let us see more seasons faster.

  11. Linda

    WE LOVE THIS SHOW and can’t wait for Season 6. We so wish it would run all season long like other shows? Wish we didn’t have to wait so long between seasons. Hope Season 6 is a great one for Sam and Andy and there are more Rookie Blue Seasons going forward!

  12. Jim

    Love show and hope it continues for a long time. Extend season!

  13. Bri

    I feel like the unreliably between seasons is causing confusion for the audience. They are the only show on television that waits a full 8 months between broadcasts.

    Huge fan wish it was more consistent.

  14. pjs

    Love rookie blue…keep watching the old seasons ..yay to a season 6 keep them coming

  15. Donna

    I just love this show Andy & Sam are just great together.

  16. terry cripps

    I think it is one of the best tv series. I have watch it from the beginning.

  17. Brenda

    My favorite program. Keep them coming.
    Waiting for the next season.

  18. Drea

    This is a great Show!!!
    Can’t wait for it to start!

  19. Golem

    “We’re not sure right now if it’s the last season or not. We’re waiting to hear.”, said Gregory Smith today (TvLine).

  20. Karen

    Love the show. Have been watching old shows on ION TV. Cant wait for the new season to start.

  21. RookieFan

    LOVE Rookie Blue! seen every episode!!! cannot wait to the new season and seasons after 🙂

  22. Sandra obrien

    Just love Rookie Blue so much. Such a great cast and wonderful story lines. Has it all. So glad to hear that they are doing a season 6. Wonderful…..

  23. Jane

    Love this show, can’t wait until it starts again..

    • Teresa Yaun (USA)

      LOVE this show! Hope the player’s are still the same. Got to have Swarek and McNally.

  24. Ellie

    I love Rooky Blue. I wish there wasn’t such a long wait between seasons. I love Sam, Andy and the whole cast. It’s my favorite show.

  25. June

    I have loved this show since season one, I wish we didn’t have to wait so long between seasons. This is one of the best shows on TV. Please keep the seasons coming. ABC, you have a winner with this show.

  26. Carol M

    Seems like I’ve been waiting forever for the new season to air. They use to have earlier series, that’s how I got hooked.

  27. Maureen

    Rooky Blue is one of the great hits of my summer programs. I would miss very much if the
    program was not on. I have been with the series since the beginning. Thank you MMM

  28. lucy

    I love this show. …. waiting on the new season

  29. Kay Bird

    Personally I’d like a longer season. It seems like things just get started then it’s over. I hate the short seasons.

  30. Bob Mitchell

    Rename the series Boston Blue and let it go on and on….

  31. Dawn Wentling

    Will we have more seasons after 2015’s season 6? I’ve been a fan of Rookie Blue since day 1 and I’d love to see how the characters continue grow. Canada has come out with so many great shows that we in the USA come to love then the end way too soon (etc: Flashpoint)

  32. L.D. Evans

    Love this show!

  33. faith

    Keep Rookie Blue on schedule and please do not scrap this program. It’s a good one and very enjoyable.

  34. Golfer J.

    My favorite TV show! Please keep the episodes coming!

  35. AZdesertman

    Love this show

  36. Linda Nattress

    I hope there is more than one season left of Rookie Blue! I was skeptical when I first started watching it, but I have grown to love it and would like very much to see much more! Please keep the seasons and episodes rolling! Thank you!

  37. peggy richardson

    I started watching Rookie Blue on ION channel and fell in love with it is there a channel we can see it in the states ION don’t show it anymore .Please tell me that ABC will be showing it this summer PLEASE

  38. Cinder

    Watched it from its inception…love this show, it is way too long between seasons… Was in Santa Monica and saw Missy having coffee told her how much I loved the show and was so glad it was renewed for another season..
    Please don’t cancel this show!!!

  39. Pascale

    Thank God its coming back!! The powers that be should realize that this show needs to be a full spring or fall show.

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