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«Rules of Engagement» season 8: premiere date

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Will «Rules of Engagement» renewed for season 8? What is known about premiere date?

TV-channel: CBS
Pilot episode: February 5, 2007
Creator: Tom Hertz

Season 1 episode 1: 14,83 million U.S. viewers

Season 7 episode 8: 6,3 million U.S. viewers

At the start of its run the television sitcom «Rules of Engagement» attracted about 14.8 million TV viewers, but during the current Season the given amount has fallen to 6.3 million people. Reduction of the viewership interest could have been one of the reasons for the rights holders not to renew the show for Season 8, but there are also some other factors, influencing the final of the popular story. All the actors, starring at the show, were confirmed to be offered to participate in the other projects, so «Rules of Engagement» show wasn’t included in CBS list of renewed shows.

The premiere date for the final 100th episode is scheduled for May 20. After that the television series is likely to be ended. The official announcement is to come soon.

«Rules of Engagement» season 8: premiere – [Officially cancelled]

And you will be the first to know about the official confirmation! Would you like the show to be renewed?

UPDATE 1 (10.05.13): «Rules of Engagement» cancelled by CBS!

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  1. Deborah

    Dont ever cancel Rules of engagement pleeeeeease! This is one of the funniest shows on tv!! If CBS cancels Rules, I will switch to ABC =)

  2. mahmood

    plzzzzzzz don’t cancel the show……….. it’s not only funny but also very relaxing…………..don’t cancel it………. i love the show…..

  3. Janet

    God I hope there’s a season 8! Things have just started to get interesting! It’s the only sitcom I bother with.

  4. Fawn

    Please don’t cancel the show! It’s absolutely hilarious! One of the best shows on television.

  5. Sienna

    omg i used to watch it on tv all the time and now ive started watchin it from season 1 and i get upset to even hear that their gna cancel! i love the characters they suit each other so good! please dont cancel it, its just getting interesting!

  6. vs rocks

    Please save this amazing show!!!! This is the best show out there.

  7. Harry

    Them canceling the show is to be expected, this network is dedicated to promoting leftwing agenda, and propaganda, like the big bang theory, and global warming. The fact that they can get more viewers to tune into Al Gore speaking about dying polar bears, or a TV show named after Charles Darwins big bang theory proves 2 things, 1) scaring people with the fear of global warming, and slapping orginized religion is more profitable then comedy, and 2) the majority of their viewers are nescient lemmings that they placate to, because that’s where the money is, proving they are big business hiding behind liberal democrat masks. (Hypocrites) Truth hurts doesn’t it CBS. ABC, CNN, CNBC, PBS, they are all the same, their programming is based on the profits they pull in. It’s all about the benjamins, baby. Fox is to, but at least they don’t hide behind some anti big business liberal mask.

    • Jim dandy

      Gee r u a nut case conservative? At least ur trying to hit facts. Too bad u chose s thing so stupid. Let me guess, global warming is a hoax. Crackpot

    • nannuq

      Um Charles Darwin did the theory of evolution a completely different theory than that of the origin of the universe. In fact a Belgium priest named lamaitre theorized the big bang theory. Btw you’re on the internet try researching before you post next time you will appear less foolish and uneducated.

      Btw your post just gave me cancer

      • Danceswithdanger

        Smoke Cann*bis, It will cure your cancer from his post…and help you forget the bullsh*t he spread around in it.

    • chepe

      wow charles darwin has nothing to do with big bang theory.
      charles darwin is known for evolution theory.
      and global warming is real.
      you need to get out of the tv and read some books bro
      you dont even make any sense.

  8. Wan

    Can u stop canceling all the good shooww !!!!???

  9. big fan

    please don’t cancel rules of engagement….i love this show so much!PLEASE!!!

  10. Livanna

    Now i needs to know if they actually start to love each other!
    And what about Audrey being pregnant we need to know what happens!!!
    Now do a season 8 or just kill everyone in the show because you screwed us all over!

  11. jubin

    dont cancel rules of engagemet please

  12. chani

    please dont cancel rules of engagement, its very funny and i love it

  13. don


  14. Shirley

    Are you kidding me? Why would a great comedy like this get canceled? Not enough room for yet another crime scene show? Maybe there is not enough vampire type shows yet? Leave a good thing stay! There is much more story to be told on Rules of Engagement!

  15. Alex

    Please have a season 8 of Rules of Engagement. It is such a funny show all of the characters play off of each other so well like the cast if Friends. This show has so many more story lines it could do. It would be so disappointing if end this show after season 7. I hope CBS that you will reconsider and bring it back ASAP.

    • Nick Chavez II

      Wow Alex, I swear I hadn’t seen your comment until now!! Great minds think alike and appreciate a great show such as Rules of Engagement as well!!

  16. Nick Chavez II

    Please DO NOT cancel this pure genius of a show!! The characters are amazing and the screenwriting is the best since NBC’S Friends!! I just bought seasons 1-4 at Suncoast Video and already have 5-7 on order!! Please, Please, Please do not cancel this show!!!
    Sincerely, Nick Chavez II

  17. Kim

    Rules of engagement is one of the best shows EVER!!!

  18. J

    I’m very disappointed, this was one of my favorite sit coms.

  19. skyler

    please don’t cancel rules of engagement I love this show.

  20. jwatts

    I wish CBS would put rules of engagement back on… That show is one of the funniest shows you have on.. That mom show can be cancelled

  21. r.e. hobbs

    don’t cancel my favorite show

  22. Amanda and Tim

    Please keep this show going! This is one of the few things on tv worth watching anymore. My husband and I absolutely love sitting an watching episode after episode. To take this show off air is entirely insane!

  23. Halle82

    I love this show and the characters, I am a loyal viewer. Please don’t cancel would love to keep watching!

  24. Sad Sad Sad Meg

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Thats not happening!!!!!!!!!! It cant just finish on 7th season!!! go, cancel Two and a half men, but not Rules of….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so many people love this show!

  25. Unhappy girl

    They finally have a show/cast that is really funny and entertaining and they CANCEL??!!

    Makes no sense. Who ever is in charge of keeping/canceling programs for CBS, they are the ones that need to be canceled!

  26. beechy

    get season 8 going best sit com for years alot going why cancel now ?????
    and this is from across the pond (liverpool ) uk

  27. danny

    it’s right up there with all the other classics,not to have a season 8,9,10,11,12,etc, would be a huge mistake.

  28. terry dee united kingdom


  29. joeseph and leigh ann

    Jks on the death to america but serious now I never caught on to the show till season 5 and watched every episode before and after best show ever

  30. HENRIETTE Hansen

    Why would CNS cancel Rules of Engagements?? To loose 6.4 million viewers?? Crazy, specially when their other sitcoms s*cks. I guess I will be one of the peole leaving CBS

  31. JC

    Just finished watching all 7 seasons of Rules of Engagemet. The best humor sitcom in television. Love this show. Please don’t cancel it. Need a season 8. Mahalo & Aloha from Hawaii.

  32. shantee lablonk

    Start season 8 promptly

  33. Morgen Mathobela

    Season 8…plizZ…

  34. April (Unhappy customer)

    Are you completely serious, this is one of the best shows out there. It is 100% truth and real, oh my god, how does one go on about this show? It’s a completely amazing show, Audrey and Jeff just had the baby, Adam and Jennifer just got married, well soon Timmy got married to keep to Timmy in the country, and then Jeff and Audrey finding out that they’re pregnant. I could just go on and on and on of how awesome this show is. Then leave it up to the TV channels, hey if its not making billions of dollars then we just need to cancel the show, because hey you know not about what makes the world happy it’s about what makes your pockets happy. It’s sad to say this is not the first program that has been cancelled when it was a huge success, so now I’m just going to go back to satellite TV and no longer watch local broadcast channels.

  35. Gayle

    OMG…This tv sitcom is Cray Cray funny! I binge watched it. Needless to say I laughed a lot. Patrick Warburton, Megan Price, David Spade veterans in comedy. Hysterical! Adhir, Bianca and Oliver were some funny new comers. Well new to me. The sitcom reminded me a little of Sinefield. And Patrick played Putty, Jerry’s mechanic. Loved the diner scenes. How they could be insulting, back stabbers in an endearing way, and still be buds. It totally worked. Love loved it!! There could have been so many more episodes. Still could have got lots of story. From the goings on in last episode. What was CBS thinking? Cancelled? Yea, they kinda did. Haha! Well back to searching for a new comedy that can make me laugh, every episode. Thanks CBS, NOT!

  36. ROE Lover

    Im with Deborah and so many others, I absolutely LOVE this show, If you cancel this show CBS and I’ve invested in 7 seasons of laughter and joy, I will abandon CBS for good. I swear I won’t even watch CBS if you carry the Super Bowl and My Steelers are projected to win, I still will not patronize your station.

  37. tafndal

    One of the best sit coms dry humour funny the cast are fantastic. Bring it back

  38. Tammy

    My husband and I just happen to find reruns of this show a month ago and started watching it on Netflix. We have watched all seven seasons. We loved it! We think you should bring it back for another season so we can see what happens to all of them.we love all the characters.laughter fills our house when we watch it now we have to find another show to watch. Please reassemble the cast and film another season,maybe even more.Funniest show ever!!!!

  39. Veda Hoover

    please bring back rules of engagement one of the best comedies ever to hit TV

  40. ASHLEE

    please continue rules of engagement i mean how you going to cancel the show as soon as we find out Audrey is pregnant seriously and the birth of little shay is the last show oh no something has got to give … I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SHOW PLEASE BRING IT BACK IT IS A REALLY GOOD SHOW

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