Apr 17

«Vikings» season 2: premiere date

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Will «Vikings» return for season 2? TV show renewed or cancelled? Premiere date is known!

TV-channel: History
Pilot episode: March 3, 2013
Creator: Michael Hirst

Episode 1: 6,21 million U.S. viewers

Episode 5: 4,74 million U.S. viewers

Having become the leader among the most popular History television channel projects, «Vikings» received a prime time. Ordered 9 episodes of Season 1 with the final one at the end of April attracted more than 4.5 million TV viewers, which made the rightsholders ponder over the renewal of the show.

Soon, on April 5, Dirk Hoogstra, Vice President of History television channel, confirmed «Vikings» television series to be renewed for Season 2. The premiere date for the new 10 episodes is scheduled for February 27, 2014. Shooting process is to be started this summer.

Is it necessary to produce one more season? You can share your opinion in comments.

UPDATE 1 (March 17, 2016): History renewed Vikings for a FIFTH SEASON of 20 episodes.

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  1. Douglas

    One of the best shows ever. Can’t wait for season 2

  2. sherrod mccall

    Lets get to the end of the story. A second season is needed to get to the historical conclusion, the reaching of the New World

    • Cody

      Don’t rush it its a great show I want like 4 Seasons outs this thing idk about any more than that but ya like 4

  3. Lee

    cr*p cant believe we gotta wait till 2014 for this was looking forward to seeing it this spring but worth the wait if done right rock on Ragna

  4. Liquid Snake

    Ragnar kinda reminds me of Jax from SoA, so bring it on.
    Give us alot more vikings, i love it, and so does basicly all of my friends!

  5. Wheel horse

    This is a great show, I recorded all of them, let’s get season 2 going!

  6. rigsdog

    Game of Thrones was my favorite show, until I began watching VIKINGS. love it…

    • Robin Schoppe

      I feel the same way! Vikings is a great series and I can not wait!

  7. Rain-Marie

    i have and still am waiting sooooo long! fo season 2! never loved a show as much as this one! keep your game of thrones…I could watch Vikings every night! in truth I love love the Bible too! really you guy’s so excited to see you all back and I know it will be well worth the wait!

  8. SpoonMonkey

    This show is addictive… Makes you want to go back in time.

  9. Carolyn

    The Vikings show is among the greatest ever!! Not some silly trumped-up mess. We need more like this.

  10. Daniel

    we still waitinggggg, season 2 please, do not cancel please

  11. Delay

    Can’t wAit for Season Two!!

  12. JACOB


  13. Cathy

    I’m so glad they renewed this show. I’m a huge history buff and this is so interesting and fun.

  14. Pyroburns

    They had to think about bring Vikings back really must have had the reality jerk in charge at the time cause Vikings rocks! We definitely need more of this show and others like it get rid of the fake reality cr*p!

  15. Harriette Lakernick

    THis show is mesmerizing. Why is it taking so long for the 2nd Season to begin? It could
    easily go a 3rd season. But don’t wait so long. It’s a great way to lose an audience.

  16. Kelly

    I have never commented on a show ever! However, in the past good shows have been canceled for lack of praise from the public. Vikings is a very good depiction of history as well as drama. Outstanding at the very least would be my observation. Continue the excellent work! The cast is what makes this show! Cheers( Prost)!

  17. LYNN

    What a wonderful show. I’m looking forward to season 2.

  18. Robin Schoppe

    I look forward to this show. It is better than Game of Thrones. It was not advertized well and will need time to find its audiance.

  19. Elizabeth

    I’m looking forward to the series, but as a former archaeologist, specializing in the Iron- and Viking Age, it bears little resemblance to actual Viking culture.

  20. R

    Great series, but then so was “Terriers” (on F/X).

  21. Connie

    It’s about time The Vikings came back. I’ve been waiting for it for a long time. This is part history and I hope that it still goes on to the time and after when they came to Canada. As far as violence, there is no more in this series as there is in other series OR other shows for that matter. That is just the way life was then. I hope more people watch this series and if they can, buy the dvd’s when they come out so they can show the future children part of our history.

  22. LisaF

    This is my new fav show! Cant wait for series 2!

  23. jeff

    awesome show

  24. ondashow

    I play on the show as a reoccurring Viking extra and other roles when needed for filler , such as a villager and the like…having said that….you would not believe how close we came to being canceled…with so much crap out there its hard to believe…if you want to watch a descent Viking movie while you wait for se2 check out the 13th warrior with Antonio banderas…see you in season 2…

  25. JJ

    This is the best show! Keep up the good work! I wish there was going to be more episodes in season 2.

  26. Ragnar

    there aren’t enough good shows like this, to many reality TV shows are clogging up the channels and teaching our kids to be bimbos and what to buy. shows like this show how hard people lived and how much more people appreciated what they had and the weird things people believed in just like today

    • Lynje

      I really love Vikings, it’s been a pleasure to watch and I’m anxiously looking forward to season 2. I whole heartedly agree there are way to many “reality” shows clogging the television. What a wonderful refreshing change this show is from all that brain killing junk! I hope for many more seasons to come.

  27. Jay Zee

    Ragnar, a men with on of the biggest egos, full of himself, wanting his cake and eat it too, extremely vain…………he thinks is a direct descendent of Odin………….lmao. So much into himself; what he wants the most is fame. Yuk, yuk, triple yuk……….Time to get red of Aslaug, can’t never warm up to a home recker there is all she is going to be.

  28. Diane

    Excellent show. Wish there were more like. It. Too many reality shows. It may not be true to history, but gives an idea of what it might have been like in those times. Thank you for season 2, hope to see the show continue.

  29. Fatboy

    Love this series. I want more and more and more. Game of Thrones does not compare to real history which is tremendously superior! Love all the characters. Thank you!

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