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Satisfaction season 3 ?

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When will Satisfaction season 3 come out on USA Network? What we know about the premiere date in 2016? Let’s wait for the new episodes’ start!

Executive producer: Russ Krasnoff
Starring: Matt Passmore, Stephanie Szostak, Blair Redford, Katherine LaNasa…

All the fans of the television series Satisfaction know, in the current year the rights holders have provided an opportunity to watch the given drama not only on USA Network, but also online. Such step was differently evaluated by experts, as some of them believe the creators aren’t ready to renew the show for Season 3, that’s why they don’t worry about the rating of the project on USA Network.

Also it is believed that it is all done for the comfortable enjoying of the show and online broadcast should increase the number of fans.

The rights holders themselves don’t make forecast concerning (UPDATE 1) the financing of the third season, but taking into account low rating, there are small chances for the renewal. We should only wait for the official announcement of the network representatives and hope it would be positive.

Satisfaction season 3 premiere date – [cancelled] (officially)

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UPDATE 1 (February 26, 2016): Bad news. USA Network has cancelled the drama after two seasons.

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  1. Dannie Logston

    Oh I just love this show! Great cast! Will they be returning for another season? I so hope it does!

  2. Mitch

    Great show! I hope there is a season 3 planned…

  3. Mandy

    Please tell us season 3 will happen!

  4. Holly

    This show really needs to be renewed. It has a good story line & pushes the envelope without having to be a rated show. Some maybe offended but that is their choice. It needs to be seen and is entertaining. It begs for a season 3.

  5. marsha

    Very upset that the show has been cancelled – was looking forward to the show being renewed.. Loved it..

  6. sean

    so sad was a great show.

  7. randa hunter

    Another great show is cancelled…Season 3. Why didn’t USA advertise the show more…loved the actors, the story line, etc. Lots of silly, shallow shows with cookie cutter plot lines and then an imaginative adult themed show gets axed. USA you had a winner on your hands and botched it up.

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