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Defiance season 4 ?

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Will there be Defiance season 4? What about the new episodes’ start in 2016 on SyFy? We are waiting for the premiere date!

It’s not a secret the television series Defiance is one of the best projects on SyFy in the genre of science fiction. The plot focuses on the world, where humans and extraterrestrial races exist together on the planet, ravaged by years of war.

A distinctive feature of the project is a simultaneous development of multiplatform online shooter of the show, released on the most popular platforms (PC, Xbox 360, PS3) and became known among the gamers all over the world.

The success of the series let the creators produce three seasons, but according to statistics, the number of viewers reduced almost to million people within the current year, while the premiere of the second season was being watched by more than 2 million people. Critics’ reviews are ambiguous with a lot of negative ones.

SyFy is in no hurry to renew the show for Season 4, that’s why the premiere date of the new episodes is still a question. Apparently, the rights holders will make a decision concerning the future of the project taking into account the rating of Season 3. After, the fans will be informed whether the fourth season is produced.

Defiance season 4 start – [cancelled] (UPDATE 1)

Now we should only follow the announcements and support the series! Let’s wait!

UPDATE 1 (September 1, 2015): Syfy renews Killjoys and Dark Matter. The fate of Defiance has yet to be determined.

UPDATE 2 (Oct.16, 2015): Bad news… Syfy has cancelled Defiance after three seasons.

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  1. Olivia D.

    This brilliant show must be renewed! Please, SyFy!

  2. RamZZZes

    I am so hopeful for a fourth season of this awesome show!!!

  3. FaTheR80lvl

    There MUST be another season!

  4. Andrey

    I cant believe how awesome this show is. Looking forward to more of Defiance.

  5. Kristy Edwards

    Great show! Great cast! Syfy, make the Defiance season longer next time, please!

  6. braus


  7. Marika S.

    Last Friday they said “next week is the Season Finale”, it didn’t say “show finale”. Yes there will be a season four!

  8. Susanne

    I hope there will be a season of Defiance on Syfy it’s a great show. Please have a season 4!

  9. Shawn

    Please renew this show…I love it…SyFy has a habit it seems of cancellation really great shows. Please keep this one going.

    • juls

      I agree every time we get into a show it gets cancelled. I’m still waiting for the stargate movies they said were being made. By the time they make them both sc1 and the atlantis team will be going thru the gate in motorized scooters. Come on such knock it off…

  10. sandra

    Please renew for season 4 and beyond! This is the best sci-fi series that has ever been made!!!

  11. Billy

    Would love for there be a season 4, However shipping the main star off on a ship in outer space will make it hard. Still it has been a great show and I am hoping for a season 4 .

  12. Jeff

    I wasn’t enamored with it when it first came out but Amazon Prime let me binge watch the show and I couldn’t get enough. The show matured and the characters grew more and more complex. It definitely deserves a new season. Renew it SyFy

  13. pat

    you have got to renew the series for a 4th season

  14. gareth

    please renew defiance this show can and should go on for lots of season like startrek

  15. jerrod

    Bring it back I need more defiance

  16. thera

    this can’t be the end. please renew. some of us don’t have cable and can only watch online. please syfy don’t leave us hanging.

  17. Erin

    Please don’t cancel!!! This show is amazing!

  18. David

    After that season 3 finale and what all Irisa was saying there at the end it sounded pretty much like a series finale.
    With a lot of the characters gone from the show,I don’t see how they’re going to come up with Season 4 but it would be very interesting to see since they continue to improve with the show each season with it being more intense than the last one.

  19. Raptor

    Great show, I see this so often with great shows though that there is such a lull in between seasons that people either become disinterested, forgetful of why they loved the show, miss half of the new season before they realize it’s on again, or spend the first 4-5 episodes trying t catch-up/remember what happened last season.

    Here’s an idea, Let’s get back to REAL seasons of shows (24 plus episodes) per season and it will be much easier to keep interested viewers interested (unless the writers or actors are not capable of that commitment or talent)?

  20. Hartlitt

    O No!! I never get hooked on TV Shows, BUT I watched every episode!! Please, Please have a 4th Season. I will be watching the website for 2016. I loved the Series. Thank-you

  21. Larry

    Sending main character into space really opens up options for shows direction. Hate to see it end here

  22. candiapple

    Must, must, absolutely must renew for more seasons!!

  23. MIKE H

    PLEASE CONTINUE THIS SHOW GO NOLAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Patti

    Say yes for season 4….

  25. Lynn L

    I love the program, Please have a season 4, There are too many loose ends to tie up, to just stop now. Please Please Please give us another season

  26. Cass

    Season 4 is a MUST! Please don’t cancel Defiance.

  27. Rworkman

    Season 4 please. Best scifi series since Firefly

  28. anonym

    Season 3 brought back the suspense and creativity of season 1. Please continue, I need this show!

  29. troy

    season 4 YES!. luv the show.

  30. Vonnie N

    I really enjoy this show and I can’t wait for it to begin. Please bring it back for Season Four !

  31. peter

    Season 4 please… To many good shows get cut so short like star gate universe, and Tara nova don’t let defiance be one to so Season 4…

  32. Sherie

    I love this show. Defiance is one of the best series out there. And not just in the syfy genre. You should really continue to produce this series. It will not be the same without it. Please continue this series.

  33. Chris

    I enjoyed season 3 so much more than season 2…..I sincerely hope there is a season 4.

  34. Dave

    Don’t let a show of this quality go by the wayside. It needs to continue with a season 4+!

  35. Diane and jeff

    Please please this is one of the best sci fi shows in such a long time… we are die-hard sci fi star trek fans…. please don’t leave us without options!!

  36. Laura

    Please continue this wonderful show with a Season 4! Bring Nolan back to earth and go from there.

  37. chagood

    I just love this show – hoping for another season!

  38. Justin

    There must be a season 4 a great series that could become a classic with an increase of budget!

  39. john

    Please make a season 4 of Defiance

  40. Scott W.

    This show is by far the best show on Syfy… and definitely one of the best on all of tv!! So much depth to the characters, and the sets are amazing. This is a high quality show on every level. Syfy… if you read these posts: Don’t make the mistake of letting this show go. This is one of those shows that is a true gem!

  41. Dan

    Defiance is an awesome show and must be renewed for a fourth season. Preview the premiere at Sci-Fi London or similar events promote it well amongst defiance fans and other science fiction lovers and viewer numbers will get better. Support Defiance don’t let this excellent show disappear.

  42. Mike G.

    Syfy needs to take a leap of faith here. Yes, it’s a fact that the show went down in the ratings a bit. It’s a fact that it’s already done 3 seasons and doesn’t have that “new show” wow factor. It’s a fact that it isn’t cheap to produce…. but the fact is, is that Defiance has a very loyal following it seems (judging by reading the previous comments) and these fans, including myself, will continue to watch this show as long as the stellar writing continues. I believe this show will actually increase in ratings once people start realizing how truly great this show is. Syfy… don’t let this one get away.

  43. linda

    I love this show!!! I so hope they bring it back for another season!!! It’s one of the best!!!

  44. Tom M.

    It would be a mistake for syfy to cancel Defiance. It’s the best show they have had since Stargate SG-1 PLease…… DO NOT CANCEL DEFIANCE!!!!

  45. Carol

    PLEASE renew Defiance for a 4th season! MY FAVORITE SYFY CHANNEL SHOW!!! SYFY Friday won’t be complete without DEFIANCE!!!!!

  46. Michelle

    Please don’t cancel this show. You could do so much more with this than always having them fight some new kind of enemy. I love this show and have become very used to watching it on Thursday nights. Keep Defiance alive and let us have a season 4.

  47. Deb Bailey

    HANDS DOWN the BEST show on SyFy. I agree with every previous comment posted here and REALLY hope that you renew and produce a 4th Season. PLEASE listen to us, we know what we like and we LOVE <3 "Defiance" without a doubt. Life will not be the same without it 😉
    PLEASE*PLEASE*PLEASE*(pretty please with sugar on top!!) Get my drift?
    I am waiting anxiously for the news…

  48. Martin

    Syfy…. look at it this way….. shows like Game of Thrones, CSI, True Blood, Two and a half Men are all the top shows in their respective genre. To me, Defiance is that show for sci-fi. You are lucky to have this show on your network. Don’t drop it because of a little ratings issue. No show consistently stays at the first year ratings. Defiance could be the flagship show for your network if you give it more time to develop. If you promoted this show more it could do wonders. Don’t let it fade into obscurity…. it’s too good of a show!

  49. betty lamoureux

    oh please syfy please this is the best show on tv right now…

  50. Brian

    Awesome show and great season! Let’s hope we get more.

  51. Bob

    Please don’t let Defiance end! So many shows get the axe without even a chance. I know it’s been 3 seasons but this show feels like it’s just getting started. Bring it back for a season 4!!!!

  52. CC

    Please renew. Once of the few shows I like. Want season 4

  53. Marcus

    Syfy…. don’t cancel this show! it’s the only show I look forward to watching each week.

  54. Alex

    Please renew the show, it’s the only show I look forward to watching during the summer.

  55. Francine

    You need to renew this show every time we find a show we like it gets canceled this is ridiculous.

  56. Drones

    if they dnt renew it I wish they just take it to Netflix or something that will make it.

  57. Parzival

    It’s just like the walking dead, live cable T.V and over the air is coming down from a 2013 downward spiral.

    Hulu,Netflix and Amazon were the first to break ground on streaming WiFi.
    Blockbuster failed with it’s online service. Red box is gradually getting out of the box and straight to on demand.
    Actors like Kevin spacey caught the new streaming genre.
    Hulu’s picking up shows after other networks cancel them.
    And right now NBC will cut about 6 lineups by the end of this year.

  58. ArtistEye

    I am a fan of Defiance; from the very first episode, I scheduled the show into my routine. But the long breaks between seasons, and the complete lack of marketing, made it easy to miss the next start date, and hard to catch up, even on demand. It’s hard to believe that Defiance will not be renewed for a fourth season.

    Throughout the story arc the characters grew more complex, along with their relationships, making clearcut ethical choices more difficult, sometimes heartbreaking, and sometimes inspiring. The backstory became richer and stranger as we learned more about the alien races.

    While the last few episodes, especially the finale, neatly wrapped up some loose threads (with brighter horizons ahead), the introduction of a common enemy could have radically changed the prospects for peace, politics, and shared technology going forward. It is very disappointing to find out that the people of Defiance have no future, at least, none that we will share.

  59. dj wharton

    this is bulls***!!! this show needs to be renewed for another season! what can we do so it comes back?

  60. Scott



  61. rob

    Please renew Defiance!!!!!! Its a great show!!!!!

  62. SHERRY

    bring back defiance why is it when you get a great show it gets cancelled just like firefly and syfi channel always renew the most boring programes we need more series like defiance and firefly I have not syfi and I don’t watch it on the internet I like to got them on dvds so the whole family can watch it together as a family please please please don’t be a bore and ruin everybodys fun and enjoyment BRING BACK DEFIANCE JUST DONT LEAVE US FANS BITING OUR NAILS OR ON THE EDGE OF OUR SOFAS AND LEAVE US IN STATE DISPIRE

  63. RM

    Can’t believe it was cancelled. One of the very few shows I made sure to watch every time. Poor choice SyFy.

  64. Rick

    Please bring back defiance

  65. Jennifer Peoples

    At least there was some sort of an ending to this one. StarGate Universe, anyone? I still want to know what happens to Eli. /sadface

  66. Slm

    Defiance & Bitten were the two best things going for Syfy channel right now. Love my SyFy shows but there just hasn’t been enough the last few years of good quality. Others are lacking.Dark Matter and Lost Girl just don’t meet the standard. Trying to hold on, hoping for better on Hunters once people begin to get their characters down. Please please. Consider bringing Defiance back and adding good quality syfy network shows. We have lost so much since Stargate SG1 died a heroic death. Yes! Stargate was in Quality Syfy at its finest. Thank you

  67. desi

    DEFIANCE my favorite show XD c’mon I need a season 4 to see what happens next!!!!

  68. Jane h

    Defiance is a great show with very good actor’s. I’m feed up of watching a series to find out there not renewing it . Please renew your the show . Many thanks!

  69. Cher Kinney

    Syfy has a bad reputation for airing a new show, getting people really into it and then canceling! Defiance is a great show, they should keep airing it for many more seasons.

  70. jeanette strapazzon

    I love Defiance. I’ve been waiting for it to come back on. Please bring it back. I love everything about the show. The actors are awesome.Renew it seems like they always take the good shows off the air….

  71. Eileen Nickles

    I love defiance!!! I’m sorry to hear SYFY cancelled. Is it possible Netfliux will keep it going?

  72. Jocelyn Landon

    I love Defiance, it’s characters, & their brave new world. Please consider renewing it. It’s pure Syfy & a pleas to watch

  73. karen edmundson

    how is it every time a descent show comes along they cancel it mainly because the powers to be are stupid enough to pit it up against other shows they know have a long following. The syfy generation never has a chance. Hey here is a novel idea, how about showing it on off days such as idk wed or thur when dog shows are on? Oh my bad, I thought I was sending notice to intelligent producers and schedulers.

  74. WESS


  75. charlene mattingly

    True they finally get something worth watching and want to cancel it. I love Defiance.I agree no more mid season with 10 to 12 shows go back to 20 or 24 and more people will watch!

  76. Rick Feliciano

    There must be a season 4 to many questions were not answered and if not they should do a final TV movie or miniseries. bring Defiance back it is one of the best shows ever.

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